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Quest'opera è disponibile unicamente nei Paesi in cui il copyright è Life+50.

This is Metropolis, the novel that the film's screenwriter -- Thea von Harbou, who was director Fritz Lang's wife, and a collaborator in the creation of the film -- this is the novel that Harbou wrote from her own notes. It contains bits of the story that got lost on the cutting-room floor; in a very real way it is the only way to understand the film.

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Sylvia Bagaglio
Sylvia Bagaglio
Sab 02 Mag 2015, 19:39:33 +0200

This book is written masterfully. If words can be said to be Art Deco, these are. I don't know how von Harbou managed to write archetypes that weren't cliches, but she managed the trick. You should see the film, especially the recently restored version, but you should read the book too.

Momable (1 libro)
Ven 19 Feb 2010, 04:10:19 +0100

This book is fabulous!!!!! The writing is exemplary. The descriptions and emotions described really make it hard to put the story down. A definite must-read.

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Copyright: Quest'opera è disponibile unicamente nei Paesi in cui il copyright è Life+50.

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