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"Carmilla" is a Gothic novella by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu. First published in 1872, it tells the story of a young woman's susceptibility to the attentions of a female vampire named Carmilla. "Carmilla" predates Bram Stoker's Dracula by 25 years and has been adapted many times for cinema.

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Momable (1 libro)
Ven 19 Feb 2010, 04:14:37 +0100

Definitely a must-read vampire book. I enjoyed the fact the the main characters were young women, although Carmilla was an ancient "young woman". It was interesting learning how Carmilla mesmerized her prey. Won't say more as I don't want to give things away.

Mer 23 Dic 2009, 04:09:37 +0100

Predating BRAM STOKER's DRACULA by a quarter of a century, CARMELLA by JOSEPH SHERIDAN LE FANU is an outstanding short read and a strangely overlooked masterpiece of Gothic horror.

In Carmilla, a young woman falls prey to a doting female vampire.

Much is made of this book as the fountainhead of a small pocket of literature and film dedicated to "LESBIAN VAMPIRES." (A fact I did not know until after reading the book.) I don't know how seriously to take this. Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu writes into the… (più)

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Lingua: Inglese

Pubblicato in: 1871

Numero di parole: 27,853 parole (≈ circa 2 ore)


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Vampires are mythological or folkloric beings that subsist on human and/or animal lifeforce. In most cases, they are reanimated corpses who feed by...

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