The Gambler

The Gambler

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The Gambler was written under the pressure of crushing debt. It is a stunning psychological portrait of a young man’s exhilarating and destructive addiction, a compulsion that Dostoevsky–who once gambled away his young wife’s wedding ring–knew intimately from his own experience. In the disastrous love affairs and gambling adventures of his character, Alexei Ivanovich, Dostoevsky explores the irresistible temptation to look into the abyss of ultimate risk… (più)

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Lun 05 Ott 2009, 17:45:15 +0200

Fixed. Added dropcaps to the new version.

Lun 05 Ott 2009, 16:49:48 +0200

Chapter 14 seems to be a duplicate of chapter 13.

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Lingua: Inglese

Pubblicato in: 1867

Numero di parole: 60,237 parole (≈ circa 4 ore)

Copyright: Pubblico dominio

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