From The Caves And Jungles Of The Hindostan

From The Caves And Jungles Of The Hindostan

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The book "From the caves and jungles of Hindustan" in a literature style describes the travels of H. Blavatsky and her Teacher which she named Takhur Gulab-Singh. In spite of that the book was considered as novel, Blavatsky asserted that "the facts and persons that I cited are true. I simply collected to time interval in three-four months the events and cases occurring during several years just like the part of the phenomena that the Teacher has shown".

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Lingua: Inglese

Pubblicato in: 1880

Traduttore: M.R.J.

Numero di parole: 95,363 parole (≈ circa 6 ore)


Licenza: Attribuzione (cc di)

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