The Lady, or the Tiger?

The Lady, or the Tiger?

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Called the most famous riddle mystery of all time, this very short story poses a dilemma. A man is sentenced to an unusual punishment for having a romance with a king's beloved daughter. Taken to the public arena, he is faced with two doors, behind one of which is a hungry tiger that will devour him. Behind the other is a beautiful lady-in-waiting, whom he will have to marry if he finds her. While the crowd waits anxiously for his decision, he sees the princess among… (più)

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Lingua: Inglese

Pubblicato in: 1882

Numero di parole: 2,728 parole (≈ 11 minuti)

Fonte: Project Gutenberg

Licenza: Attribuzione in condivisione non commerciale (cc by-nc-sa)

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