Socrates: A Man for Our Times

Socrates: A Man for Our Times

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12.99 Socrates: A Man for Our Times

A brilliant portrait of the Greek philosopher who personified philosophy.

Socrates was undeniably one of the greatest thinkers of all time, yet he wrote nothing. Throughout his life, and indeed until his very last moment alive, Socrates fully embodied his philosophy in thought and deed. It is through the story of his life that we can fully grasp his powerful actions and ideas.

In his highly acclaimed style, historian Paul Johnson masterfully disentangles centuries… (più)

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Editore: Penguin (13 Ottobre 2011)

Format: EPUB

Numero di pagine: 224 pagine

Dimensioni del file: 221 KB

Protezione: DRM

Lingua: Inglese

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