The Islands

The Islands

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Buenos Aires, 1992. Hacker Felipe Félix is summoned to the vertiginous twin towers of magnate Fausto Tamerlán and charged with finding the witnesses to a very public crime. Rejecting the mission is not an option. After a decade spent immersed in drugs and virtual realities, trying to forget the freezing trench in which he passed the Falklands War, Félix is forced to confront the city around him – and realises to his shock that the war never really ended. A detective… (più)

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Like many Argentinian films, The Islands has something of the kitchen-sink tendency about it, as it lurches from dystopian nightmares to diary accounts, from the gripping realism of fog-drenched battle to the reverse fairytale with which the book ends.

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Editore: And Other Stories (29 Maggio 2012)

Format: EPUB

Numero di pagine: 300 pagine

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Protezione: DRM

Lingua: Inglese

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