Border Run

Border Run

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11.99 Border Run

From the author of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize—nominated Bad Traffic, a fast-paced adventure novel about two young backpackers who find themselves in serious trouble in the jungle of Southeast Asia

On the Burmese border, two naïve backpackers, Will and Jake, follow a tour guide into the jungle, tantalized by the possibility of dalliances with the tribal women who live there. At an idyllic waterfall, they discover that nothing is as it seems and their guide… (più)

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Kirkus Reviews : BORDER RUN (15 Marzo 2012)

A novel that sets itself apart from most noir fiction with its lighter and looser feel.

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Editore: Scribner (24 Aprile 2012)

Collezione: Scribner

Format: EPUB

Numero di pagine: 240 pagine

Dimensioni del file: 3.5 MB

Protezione: DRM

Lingua: Inglese

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