Blasphemy: New and Selected Stories

Blasphemy: New and Selected Stories

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10.49 Blasphemy: New and Selected Stories

Sherman Alexie’s stature as a writer of stories, poems, and novels has soared over the course of his twenty-book, twenty-year career. His wide-ranging, acclaimed stories from the last two decades have established him as a star in contemporary American literature. A bold and irreverent observer of life among Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest, the daring, versatile, funny, and outrageous Alexie showcases all his talents in Blasphemy, where he unites twelve… (più)

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Blasphemy, a collection of 15 new stories and 16 previously published works, is a timely reminder of Alexie's genius.

Blasphemy is blasphemous only in disrespecting the boundaries that many would place on those who mine otherness. In seeking or claiming a post-racial society, it’s far too easy to silence those whose stories need to be heard.

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Editore: Grove Press (02 Ottobre 2012)

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