This Is the Way

This Is the Way

9.99 This Is the Way

Anthony Sonaghan is hiding out in an old tenement house in Dublin: he fears he’s reignited an ancient feud between the two halves of his family. Twenty-first-century Dublin may have shopping malls and foreign exchange students, but Anthony is from an Irish Travelling community, where blood ties are bound deeply to the past. When his roguish uncle Arthur shows up on his doorstep with a missing toe, delirious and apparently on the run, history and its troubles are… (più)


Home is any place where peace of mind comes easily
Home is any place where peace of mind comes easily (12 Marzo 2013)
Intervista di Gavin Corbett di Lara Touitou

Gavin Corbett was born in the west of Ireland and grew up in Dublin, where he studied History at Trinity College. This is the Way is his second novel.

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Corbett is brilliant at creating an utterly original—and beautiful—language to portray this young man's alienation from the world. An inventive and beguiling book.

Corbett gives us language that is its own form of mysticism; as in Malone Dies this mysticism’s best use is in spinning yarns, in being mystified, in seeking peace and finding none.

In This Is The Way Gavin Corbett has created a character whose own journey mirrors the act of reading and he has done this with more than the usual cleverness.

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Editore: Faber & Faber (05 Marzo 2013)

Collezione: Faber & Faber

Format: EPUB

Protezione: DRM

Lingua: Inglese

Premio letterarios: Vincitore Kerry Group Irish Fiction Award 2013

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