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Andy Shane Is NOT in Love

di Jennifer Richard Jacobson & Abby Carter

On the day Ms. Janice introduces Lark Alice Bell to the class, Dolores is proud to be the new girl's helper at recess. But Dolores is not so glad to see her friend Andy scribbling LAB inside a heart in his notebook,...

My Dog's a Chicken

di Susan Mcelroy Montanari & Anne Wilsdorf

Lula Mae wants a puppy, but times are hard and she’ll just have to make do. Her family has plenty of chickens, so she decides maybe a chicken can be a dog.


Pookie, as Lula Mae names her, is an ordinary...

The Extincts

di Veronica Cossanteli & Roman Muradov

George is looking for a job in order to raise money for a new bike, so when he sees a help wanted ad for Wormestall Farm, he goes for it. Before long, he's embroiled in a madcap adventure involving creatures...

Fenway and Hattie

di Victoria J. Coe

This lovable new series introduces a little dog with a GIANT personality! 

Fenway is an excitable and endlessly energetic Jack Russell terrier. He lives in the city with Food Lady, Fetch Man, and—of course—his...

 Thief of Hearts

di Aunt Lily

Love is in the air at the Paw Haven and all dogs are excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Almost everything about Valentine's Day is celebration . . . especially for the puppy named Valentine. But adorable...

The Black Stallion Adventures

di Walter Farley

Celebrate The Black Stallion’s seventy-fifth anniversary with four of the Black’s greatest adventures!


From the moment Alec first saw the Black Stallion, he knew they were destined to be together. But...

Beatrix Potter and the Unfortunate Tale of a Borrowed Guinea Pig

di Deborah Hopkinson & Charlotte Voake

Published in time for the 150th anniversary of her birth, this story stars a young Beatrix Potter, creator of The Tale of Peter Rabbit and many other classic children’s books.


Master of the historical...

The Nine Lives of Jacob Tibbs

di Cylin Busby & Gerald Kelley

For fans of Katherine Applegate's The One and Only Ivan comes the swashbuckling story of a little cat's adventures on the high seas


Captain Natick does not want to take a kitten on board his ship when it...

Puddle Jumpers

di Anne Margaret Lewis & Nancy Côté

It’s a rainy day in the month of May and Sam spots a rainbow, and then a puddle. A perfect spring puddle. His mother warns, “No! No jumping in puddles! You must keep clean today!” but Sam can’t stop himself...

The Guardian Herd: Landfall

di Jennifer Lynn Alvarez

The gripping third book in the Guardian Herd series, perfect for fans of the Warriors, Survivors, and Guardians of Ga'Hoole series.

It has been many moons since Star received his starfire power, and now he will...

Mr. Hare's Big Secret

di Hannah Dale

Mr. Hare has a secret: there are big, juicy cherries at the top of the tree, but he needs his friends’ help to get them down. One by one, he tricks each friend into dancing with him under the tree, until all...

Pugs of the Frozen North

di Philip Reeve & Sarah Mcintyre

With a little luck and a pack of pugs, anything is paws-ible!


When True Winter comes, it’s time for the Great Northern Race! The best sled teams in the world must reach a mysterious man called the Snowfather....

A Friend for Bo

di Elisabeth Zuniga

Fans of Tad Hills’s Duck & Goose books will feel right at home with A Friend for Bo, the story of a little rabbit who makes a new friend named Rollie! The only problem is that Rollie doesn’t like doing much....

Sit, Stay, Love: A Wish Novel

di J.J. Howard

Cecilia Murray has been wishing for a dog for as long as she can remember. And when a cute pug named Potato is brought in to Orphan Paws, the shelter where she volunteers, she knows he is the dog she's been...

Puppy Pirates #3: Catnapped!

di Erin Soderberg

Ahoy, mateys! Set sail for fun and adventure on a pirate ship full of puppies.


Fighting like cats and dogs? Exactly! The puppy pirates played a prank on the kitten pirates, and meow! The kittens sure are...

Warriors: Ravenpaw's Farewell

di Erin Hunter

In this novella from the world of Erin Hunter’s #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series, follow Ravenpaw on his final adventure.

Since Ravenpaw chose to leave his life as a warrior behind, he has lived for...

The Adventures of Maya the Bee

di Waldemar Bonsels

"The Adventures of Maya the Bee" is an exciting tale for children of all ages. Themes of growth and development of courage and wisdom are found, as well as the extreme joy and satisfaction that Maya experiences...

The Cat Who Came In off the Roof

di Annie M.G. Schmidt & David Colmer

In the tradition of The Cricket in Times Square comes this charming tale of courage, friendship, and what it really means to be human. This classic, which originated in Holland and has withstood the test of...

The Dino Files #1: A Mysterious Egg

di Stacy Mcanulty & Mike Boldt

What if a fossil in your backyard . . . came to life?!


Frank’s grandma is a famous paleontologist (that’s a dinosaur scientist). But she’s also an adult who makes up rules. Rules like: no digging for...

Humphrey's School Fair Surprise

di Betty G. Birney & Priscilla Burris

Everyone’s favorite classroom pet is now starring in chapter books!

Longfellow School is having a school fair! They will have bouncy castles, bean bag games, painted faces, and delicious treats. And there's...