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The Coyote's Bicycle: The Untold Story of 7,000 Bicycles and the Rise of a Borderland Empire

di Kimball Taylor

For readers of Jon Krakauer and Susan Orlean, The Coyote's Bicycle brings to life a never-before-told phenomenon at our southern border, and the human drama of those that would cross. It wasn’t surprising...

Living on the margins: Undocumented migrants in a global city

di Alice Bloch & Sonia McKay

Living on the margins offers a unique insight into the working lives of undocumented (or 'irregular') migrants living in London, and their employers. It offers an international context to the research and provides...

Global Heartland: Displaced Labor, Transnational Lives, and Local Placemaking

di Faranak Miraftab

Global Heartland is the account of diverse, dispossessed, and displaced people brought together in a former sundown town in Illinois. Recruited to work in the local meat-processing plant, African Americans,...

Krystyna's Story

di Halina Ogonowska-Coates

A piecing together of a Polish child's journey through Europe at war, and a young woman's bewildering encounter with rural New Zealand.'As a child I loved my mother but she seemed different from other mothers....

Precarious Lives: Forced labour, exploitation and asylum

di Carmel Smith & Peter Dwyer

Engaging with contemporary debates about precarity, unfreedom and socio-legal status, this ground breaking book presents the first evidence of forced labour among displaced migrants who seek refuge in the UK....

Chinese Education in Singapore: An untold story of conflict and change

di Zhang & Zhixiong

Strife. That’s the Chinese word tattooed on the wrist of the raised fist. The story about conflict in Singapore’s Chinese community was always told from the viewpoint of the British colonizers. The perspective...

The Cosmopolites: The Coming of the Global Citizen

di Atossa Araxia Abrahamian

The cosmopolites are literally "citizens of the world," from the Greek word kosmos, meaning "world," and polites, or "citizen." Garry Davis, aka World Citizen No. 1, and creator of the World Passport, was a...

Beautiful Wall

di Ray Gonzalez

Set in the desert Southwest, Beautiful Wall straddles current realities of immigration and border violence, and a beautiful, familial past.

Gender and Migration in Italy: A Multilayered Perspective

di Elisa, Dr Olivito & Satvinder S, Professor Juss

Recent migratory flows to Europe have brought about considerable changes in many countries. Italy in particular offers a unique point of view, since it is possible to observe not only the way migration has changed...

Migrant Friendships in a Super-Diverse City: Russian-Speakers and their Social Relationships in London in the 21st Century

di Darya Malyutina

This timely book offers an integrative and critical approach to the conceptualization of diversity of social ties in contemporary urban migrant populations. It explores the informal relationships of migrants...

Living Together, Living Apart: Mixed Status Families and US Immigration Policy

di Jodie Lawston, April Schueths & Mary Romero

Immigration reform remains one of the most contentious issues in the United States today. For mixed status families—families that include both citizens and noncitizens—this is more than a political issue:...

Translating America: An Ethnic Press and Popular Culture, 1890-1920

di Peter Conolly-Smith

At the turn of the century, New York City's Germans constituted a culturally and politically dynamic community, with a population 600,000 strong. Yet fifty years later, traces of its culture had all but disappeared....

A Nation of Nations: A Great American Immigration Story

di Tom Gjelten

The dramatic and compelling story of the transformation of America during the last fifty years, told through a handful of families in one suburban county in Virginia that has been utterly changed by recent immigration....

The Strangers We Became: Lessons in Exile from One of Iraq's Last Jews

di Cynthia Kaplan Shamash

A smart, funny, and lyrical memoir of an Iraqi Jewish girl’s experiences in five countries before settling in the United States

Informal Trade, Gender and the Border Experience: From Political Borders to Social Boundaries

di Olga, Dr Sasunkevich & Doris, Professor Wastl-Walter

Detailing the history of a well-known phenomenon of post-socialism - cross-border petty trade and smuggling - as the history of a practice in daily life from a gendered perspective, this book considers how changes...

At the Edges of Citizenship: Security and the Constitution of Non-citizen Subjects

di Kate, Dr Hepworth

Proposing a new, dynamic conception of citizenship, this book argues against understandings of citizenship as a collection of rights that can be either possessed or endowed, and demonstrates it is an emergent...

Translating America: An Ethnic Press and Popular Culture, 1890-1920

di Peter Conolly-Smith

At the turn of the century, New York City's Germans constituted a culturally and politically dynamic community, with a population 600,000 strong. Yet fifty years later, traces of its culture had all but disappeared....

Social Work with Immigrants and Refugees, Second Edition: Legal Issues, Clinical Skills, and Advocacy

di Fernando, JD Chang-Muy & Elaine P. , DSW Congress

Praise for the first edition:

"This book is an optimal tool for instructors and students of graduate classes in social work and related disciplines."

-Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health


Undocumented: A Dominican Boy's Odyssey from a Homeless Shelter to the Ivy League

di Dan-el Padilla Peralta

An undocumented immigrant’s journey from a New York City homeless shelter to the top of his Princeton class

Dan-el Padilla Peralta has lived the American dream. As a boy, he came here legally with his family....

Research Methods and Global Online Communities: A Case Study

di Alexia, Dr Maddox

This book brings into focus the technologically augmented nature of global online communities, advancing research methods that reveal the imprint of emergent social forms and characterise digital frontiers of...