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Intimate Partner Violence in LGBTQ Lives

di Janice L. Ristock

Queer lives remain at the margins of most academic inquiry into domestic violence. When same-sex violence is considered, it is most commonly as an "added on," without close attention to the specificity and meaning...

Team Players and Teamwork, Completely Updated and Revised: New Strategies for Developing Successful Collaboration

di Glenn M. Parker

Praise for Team Players and Teamwork

"In the new edition of Team Players and Teamwork Glenn Parker updates his landmark compendium on the essential effect of cross-functional teamwork to encompass the added complexities...

Doping and Anti-Doping Policy in Sport: Ethical, Legal and Social Perspectives

di Mike McNamee & Verner Møller

The issue of doping has been the most widely discussed problem in sports ethics and is one of the most prominent issues across sports studies, the sports sciences and their constituent disciplines. This book...

Geometry as Objective Science in Elementary School Classrooms

di Wolff-Michael Roth

This study examines the origins of geometry in and out of the intuitively given everyday lifeworlds of children in a second-grade mathematics class. These lifeworlds, though pre-geometric, are not without...

Race, Ethnicity and Football

di Daniel Burdsey

As the first edited collection dedicated specifically to race, ethnicity and British football, this book brings together a range of academics, comprising both established commentators and up-and-coming voices....

South Asia in the New World Order

di Shahid Javed Burki

Rapid changes have taken place in the structure of the global economy, and this book looks at how South Asia can take advantage of these changes. The author argues that the developing global economy will be...

Psychoanalysis in Social Research: Shifting Theories and Reframing Concepts

di Claudia Lapping

The use of psychoanalytic ideas to explore social and political questions is not new. Freud began this work himself and social research has consistently drawn on his ideas. This makes perfect sense. Social and...

Case Studies in Language Curriculum Design: Concepts and Approaches in Action Around the World

di John Macalister & I.S.P. Nation

Case studies are a powerful pedagogical tool for illuminating constructs and models in real-life contexts. Covering a wide range of teaching-learning contexts and offering in-depth analyses of ESL/ELT language...

Video in Social Science Research: Functions and Forms

di Kaye Haw & Mark Hadfield

In this digital age the use of video in social science research has become commonplace. As sophistication has increased along with usability, as spiralling staff costs push out direct observation, the researchers...

Sons of the Wind


When Arnaud got an odd letter from a stranger who claimed he was his father, he couldn’t imagine it would lead him so far away. Far away from home, of course, but from himself too, from his inherent human...

ZBrush Character Creation: Advanced Digital Sculpting

di Scott Spencer

A stunning, content-rich update to this top-selling ZBrush guide!

This second edition of ZBrush Character Creation has been fully updated for ZBrush 4, the newest version of this fascinating and popular 3D sculpting...

Cissp: Certified Information Systems Security Professional Study Guide

di James M. Stewart, Ed Tittel & Mike Chapple

Totally updated for 2011, here's the ultimate study guide for the CISSP exam

Considered the most desired certification for IT security professionals, the Certified Information Systems Security Professional designation...

Android Development with Flash: Your Visual Blueprint for Developing Mobile Apps

di Julian Dolce

The visual guide to developing for one of the world’s hottest new mobile platforms, the Android OS

The Android operating system works on phones that combine a camera, Web browser, e-mail, GPS, and mapping tool...

iPhoto 11 Portable Genius

di Brad Miser

What serious fans need to take full advantage of iPhoto

Part of the incredibly popular iLife suite that comes loaded on every Mac, iPhoto is the standard for digital photo management and editing programs. This...

Search Engine Optimization: Your Visual Blueprint for Effective Internet Marketing

di Kristopher B. Jones

A visual approach to the power of SEO marketing from a world-renowned Internet marketing expert

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an ever-growing and powerful form of online marketing that allows business to...

Desert England

di David Williams

A terrifying tidal wave was sweeping across Europe, leaving widespread devastation in its wake. But this was no natural phenomenon; this was a wholly manmade weapon of terror, dubbed by the foreign media as...

Edward's Exploits

di Jacqueline M. Wilson

Edward is a happy, young rabbit who lives in the jungle. He is forgetful which at times get him into trouble with his friends. He has many friends but there are four in particular that he has known all his life...

Architectural Graphic Standards: Student Edition

di Charles George Ramsey, Harold Reeve Sleeper & Bruce Bassler

The new student edition of the definitive architectural reference

For seventy-five years, Architectural Graphic Standards has been the go-to reference for architects, builders, and engineers. Revised for the...

The Handbook of Municipal Bonds

di Sylvan G. Feldstein & Frank J. , CFA Fabozzi

In The Handbook of Municipal Bonds, editors Sylvan Feldstein and Frank Fabozzi provide traders, bankers, and advisors—among other industry participants—with a well-rounded look at the industry of tax-exempt...

The Complete Guide to Knowledge Management: A Strategic Plan to Leverage Your Company's Intellectual Capital

di Edna Pasher & Tuvya Ronen

A straightforward guide to leveraging your company's intellectual capital by creating a knowledge management culture

The Complete Guide to Knowledge Management offers managers the tools they need to create an...