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The Heart of Redness

di Zakes Mda

A startling novel by the leading writer of the new South Africa

In The Heart of Redness -- shortlisted for the prestigious Commonwealth Writers Prize -- Zakes Mda sets a story of South African village life against...

The Expediter

Kirk McGarvey #13

di David Hagberg

Late one balmy summer evening in Pyongyang, an important Chinese intelligence general on his way to a secret meeting with Kim Jon-Il is assassinated in plain sight of a surveillance camera. The two shooters...

The Man Who Ate the World

di Jay Rayner

An astronomical gastronomical undertaking —one of the world’s preeminent restaurant critics takes on the giants of haute cuisine, one tasting menu at a time


Like the luxury fashion companies Gucci and Chanel,...

The Best of the Best, Volume 2

di Gardner Dozois

For more than twenty years The Year's Best Science Fiction has been recognized as the best collection of short science fiction writing in the universe and an essential resource for every science fiction fan....

Texas Sunrise

di Elmer Kelton

In Texas Sunrise, Elmer Kelton brings together two novels that tell the story of the Texas Revolution as seen by the brothers Thomas and Joshua Buckalew who emigrate to Texas at a time when the Mexican-controlled...

Urban's Way

di Buddy Martin

“Members of the ‘Gator Nation’ are going to burn the midnight oil turning these pages because Buddy Martin will be boldly taking them where no Florida fan has gone before.”

---Tony Barnhart, The Atlanta...

Eight White Nights

di Andre Aciman


Eight White Nights is an unforgettable journey through that enchanted terrain where passion and fear and the sheer craving to ask for love and to...

Under the Knife

di Diane Fanning

Handsome, charming, and a fixture on the New York City club scene, Dean Faiello had built a thriving beauty business. But money was never enough for Faiello, whose hard-partying ways constantly left him on the...

All Mortal Flesh

Clare Fergusson & Russ Van Alstyne #5

di Julia Spencer-Fleming

One horrible murder. Two people destined for love or tragedy. Emotions explode in the novel Julia Spencer-Fleming's readers have been clamoring for.


Police Chief Russ Van Alstyne's first encounter with Clare...

Plum Lucky

Between The Numbers #3

di Janet Evanovich

Looking to get lucky?

Stephanie Plum is back between-the-numbers and she’s looking to get lucky in an Atlantic City hotel room, in a Winnebago, and with a brown-eyed stud who has stolen her heart.


Before the Big Bang

di Brian Clegg

According to a recent survey, the most popular question about science from the general public was: what came before the Big Bang? We all know on some level what the Big Bang is, but we don’t know how it became...

Secret Keepers

di Mindy Friddle

At age seventy-two, Emma Hanley plans to escape small-town Palmetto, South Carolina, and travel the globe. But when her fickle husband dies in undignified circumstances, Emma finds herself juggling the needs...

Taken From Home

di Eric Francis

Grand Junction, Colorado, 2001: When Michael Blagg’s adoring wife, Jennifer, and his six year-old-daughter, Abby, disappeared from their home, Michael led the charge to find them, even going so far as to make...

V: The Original Miniseries

di Kenneth Johnson & A. C. Crispin

Kenneth Johnson’s Warner Bros. television series V swept the nation and drew in hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide. Now, the novel V is finally back in print, with an all-new, never-before-seen revised...

Lush Life

di Richard Price

So, what do you do?" Whenever people asked him, Eric Cash used to have a dozen answers. Artist, actor, screenwriter . . . But now he's thirty-five years old and he's still living on the Lower East Side, still...

A Twisted Faith

di Gregg Olsen

New York Times bestselling author Gregg Olsen investigates the sensational  story of a minister who seduced four of his female congregants, and hatched a cold-blooded plot to murder his wife.

On December 26,...


Small Change #1

di Jo Walton

One summer weekend in 1949--but not our 1949--the well-connected "Farthing set", a group of upper-crust English families, enjoy a country retreat. Lucy is a minor daughter in one of those families; her parents...

Troubled Waters

Alan Lewrie #14

di Dewey Lambdin

The fourteenth tale in Dewey Lambdin’s classic naval adventure series

Spring of 1800, and Captain Alan Lewrie, fresh from victory in the South Atlantic, is reckoned a hero on a par with Nelson in all the papers....

The House of the Vestals

Novels of Ancient Rome #6

di Steven Saylor

It is Ancient Rome, and Gordianus the Finder has a knack for finding trouble. Stalking about the city's twisting trails looking for clues and finding bodies, Gordianus has had his share of misadventure with...

The Spirit of the Border

di Zane Grey

He was known as Deathwind to the Ohio Valley Indians, and now Lewis Wetzel must single-handedly save Fort Henry. Armed only with his long rifle and knife, he heads out on a one-man rampage to stop the bloody...