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52 Ways To Feel Great Today: Once-a-Week Tips to Energize Your life

di David B Biebel, James E Dill & Bobbie Dill

WOULDN'T YOU LOVE TO FEEL GREAT TODAY? CHANGING YOUR outlook and injecting energy into your day often begins with small steps. In 52 Ways to Feel Great Today you'll discover an abundance of simple, inexpensive,...

Second Language Creative Writers: Identities and Writing Processes

di Yan Zhao

This monograph investigates fifteen L2 creative writers' social constructive power in identity constructions. Through interviews and thinkaloud story writing sessions, the central study considers how L2 writer...

Stop-motion Animation: Frame by Frame Film-making with Puppets and Models

di Barry JC Purves

Stop-motion Animation explores how all the elements of film-making �� camera work, design, colour, lighting, editing, music and storytelling - come together in this unique art form. With tips and suggestions...

Luke Coles And The Flower of Chiloe

di Josh Walker

Luke Coles doesn't remember his past, where he's from or who he is. After the Battle of Gettysburg, he searches for a home in the old west. Eventually, he finds work as a miner in Mexico and makes a life for...

One Evening in October I Rowed Out on the Lake: En kva¨ll i oktober rodde jag ut pa° sjo¨n

di Tua Forsström & David McDuff

?Tua Forsström is a visionary Finland-Swedish poet who has become Finland’s most celebrated contemporary poet. Her poetry draws its sonorous and plangent music from the landscapes of Finland, seeking harmony...

Salamander Sun and other poems

di Pia Tafdrup & David McDuff

?Pia Tafdrup is one of Denmark’s leading poets. She has received the Nordic Literature Prize – Scandinavia’s most prestigious literary award – and the Swedish Academy’s Nordic Prize. This new translation...

Quantum Poetics: Newcastle/Bloodaxe Poetry Lectures

di Gwyneth Lewis

?In this innovative series of public lectures at Newcastle University, leading contemporary poets speak about the craft and practice of poetry to audiences drawn from both the city and the university. The lectures...

Sparrow Tree

di Gwyneth Lewis

?Roland Mathias Poetry Award (Wales Book of the Year) Gwyneth Lewis’s highly inventive Sparrow Tree puts nature writing in a spin, presenting a huge variety of birds, both British and American: blue tits,...

A Hospital Odyssey

di Gwyneth Lewis

?A Hospital Odyssey is an outrageously imaginative voyage through illness and healing. Drawing on the most recent biomedical research into stem cells and cancer, the poem is a journey through the body’s inner...

QUESTIONING THE WORD: An Atheist Confronts Faith In God

di Jack Forbes

Jack Forbes asks all the right questions in a piercing, personal examination of the content, ramifications and conundrums of a belief in God. The Word, in support of God, Christ, the Bible and other sacrosanct...

"I'll See Myself Out, Thank You": Thirty personal views in support of assisted suicide

di Colin Brewer & Michael Irwin

A series of recent landmark cases have highlighted the issues surrounding assisted suicide and may be shifting public opinion in the direction of greater freedom. These essays cover every aspect of the topic...

Myths about Russia

di Vladimir Medinskiy

Russia's rich history is full of secrets: there's not another country in the world with so many skeletons in its closet. Vladimir Medinskiy's new book offers the reader the opportunity to get better acquainted...

Granta 130: India: New stories, mainly true

di Ian Jack

The world's most complicated nation is learning ways to describe itself. The novel and the outsider's eye no longer rule.

The Fundamentals of Interior Design

di Simon Dodsworth & Stephen Anderson

The second edition of The Fundamentals of Interior Design provides a thorough introduction to the key elements of interior design and the ideas that underpin them. The book describes the entirety of the creative...

Representational Techniques for Architecture

di Lorraine Farrelly & Nicola Crowson

The techniques used to represent architectural design are examined in Representational Techniques for Architecture. A broad array of methodologies for developing architectural ideas are described, ranging from...

Perspectives on Place: Theory and Practice in Landscape Photography

di J.A.P. Alexander

Perspectives on Place navigates the rich and diverse history of landscape photography and looks critically at how contemporary photographers continue to find new and innovative ways of engaging with the landscape...

Train Your Gaze: A Practical and Theoretical Introduction to Portrait Photography

di Roswell Angier

Focusing on the presence of the photographer's gaze as an integral part of constructing meaningful images, Roswell Angier combines theory and practice, to provide you with the technical advice and inspiration...

Basics Interactive Design: User Experience Design: Creating designs users really love

di Gavin Allanwood & Peter Beare

By putting people at the centre of interactive design, user experience (UX) techniques are now right at the heart of digital media design and development. As a designer, you need to create work that will impact...

The Fundamentals of Interactive Design

di Michael Salmond & Gavin Ambrose

Examines the work flow and process of creating and exporting design across multiple media platforms in a progressive and logical way. This title takes a snapshot of the essential areas of digital design and...

Accounting & Finance in 4 Weeks: The Complete Guide to Success: Teach Yourself

di Roger Mason

Whatever your degree of prior knowledge, this 28-day course will put you on the path to business success.

It includes four tried-and-tested bestselling titles - Finance For Non-Financial Managers In a Week;...