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Più opzioni

Exit Strategy

di Lena Diaz

Lena Diaz launches her thrilling new series featuring the undercover vigilantes of EXIT Inc. with a skilled operative putting his life—and his heart—on the line for a woman in trouble

When Sabrina Hightower...

Between Us and the Moon

di Rebecca Maizel

A luminous YA love story that evokes Judy Blume's Forever for a new generation.

Sarah—Bean to her friends and family—is an aspiring astronomer and champion mathlete. She lives behind her beloved telescope,...

The Tide Watchers

di Lisa Chaplin

In the winter of 1803, one woman stands between Napoleon and the fall of Great Britain

The free-spirited daughter of an English baronet, Lisbeth defies convention by eloping to France. When her husband abandons...

The English Spy

di Daniel Silva

The target is royal

The game is revenge

Gabriel Allon returns in the summer's hottest thriller, from #1 New York Times bestselling author Daniel Silva.

Stretched topless upon the foredeck, drink in hand, her flawless...

How Did I Get Here?

di Jesse Browner

A literary exploration that seeks to answer the question: Have I lived the life I intended?

Based on an essay he wrote for Poets & Writers magazine, Jesse Browner, a novelist who finds himself torn between his...

A Less Perfect Union

di Adam Freedman

The Constitution's stated purpose is to create "a more perfect union." but what if our union has become too perfect? what if our national government has become too powerful? what if our states are losing the...

The Mother of All Baby Books 3rd Edition

di Ann Douglas

This is the instruction manual that Mother Nature forgot to include with the new arrival--a hands-on guide to coping with the joys and challenges of caring for your new baby, featuring a non-bossy, fresh and...

A Time for Truth

di Ted Cruz

In the Senate, I've tried to do two things: tell the truth, and do what I said I would do. We should expect that from every single elected official.

Washington D.C. desperately needs leaders who aren't afraid...

Kriya Yoga

di Kriyacharya Jayadev Jaerschky

Kriya Yoga Il manuale completo per la libertà interiore Basato sugli insegnamenti di Paramhansa Yogananda Il Kriya Yoga è un’antica e potente tecnica di liberazione, trasformazione e illuminazione. È stato...

Charles Baudelaire, His Life

di Theophile Gautier

The first time that we met Baudelaire was towards the middle of the year 1849, at the Hôtel Pimodan, where we occupied, near Fernand Boissard, a strange apartment which communicated with his by a private staircase...

Hebrews Mythology

di Ignaz Goldziher

The following sheets make no claim to present a system of Hebrew Mythology. I have left out much that would necessarily be included in a system, and confined myself to a limited portion of what can be proved...

Criminal Sociology

di Enrico Ferri

A new departure in science is a simple phenomenon of nature, determined in its origin and progress, like all such phenomena, by conditions of time and place. Attention must be drawn to these conditions at the...

The Witches of New York

di Q. K. Philander Doesticks

What the Witches of New York City personally told me, Doesticks, you will find written in this volume, without the slightest exaggeration or perversion. I set out now with no intention of misrepresenting anything...

Cadet Days: A Story of West Point

di Charles King

"Pops, there's no use talking; we've simply got to send you to the Point." "I'm sure I wish you could, Colonel. Father's tried every way he could think of, but cadetships don't go a-begging—out here, at least....

Mistake Creek

di Rachel Amphlett

There’s a storm coming… When Nina O’Brien returns to the small town of Mistake Creek after ten years, she’s in a race against time to protect her father’s business from an incoming storm so it can...

Art, Psychoanalysis, and Adrian Stokes: A Biography

di Janet Sayers

Illustrated with Barbara Hepworth's abstract stone carving, with other works of art, and with fascinating vignettes from Adrian Stokes's writing, this biography highlights his revolutionary emphasis on the materials-led...

The Love She Left Behind: A Novel

di Amanda Coe

A bitingly comic exploration of an unforgettably dysfunctional family, from a writer who wields great "comic rhythm" (The New Yorker). This ferociously funny family saga journeys into the mysteries of many kinds...

Rousseau Moon

di David Cameron

These stories are pictures of contemporary life and primitive longing, peopled by characters who often seem to be moving through interior landscapes. 'It is too easy to call it escape,' the narrator of ARID...

Making Every Lesson Count: Six princlipes to support great teaching and learning

di Shaun Allison, Andy Tharby & Doug Lemov

Packed with practical teaching strategies, Making Every Lesson Count bridges the gap between research findings and classroom practice. Shaun Allison and Andy Tharby examine the evidence behind what makes great...

Healing Foods: Descriptions; Properties; Health Benefits

di Katherine Wright

Explains the health-enhancing and healing properties of a wide range of foods.