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Lady Be Good

di Meredith Duran

The third searing novel in the Rules for the Reckless series by Meredith Duran, the USA TODAY bestselling author of sexy and evocative Regency romances in the tradition of Sarah MacLean.


Just One Lie

di Kyra Davis

In the instant international sensation Just One Night, sensible Kasie Fitzgerald unleashed her passions—and found herself—through an explosive affair. In Just One Lie, we meet Kasie’s wild and tortured...

Circling the Sun: A Novel

di Paula Mclain

“Paula McLain is considered the new star of historical fiction, and for good reason. Fans of The Paris Wife will be captivated by Circling the Sun, which . . . is both beautifully written and utterly engrossing.”—Ann...

Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking?

di Belle Payton

Alex and Ava try to figure out if they can read each other’s minds in the eighth book of the It Takes Two series!

Alex and Ava’s older brother Tommy always jokes that the twins can read each other’s minds....

Will You Be My Friend?

di P.J. Night

Don’t miss the frights and fun as Beth tries to unlock the mysteries of her past in this mind-bending Creepover tale.

Beth Picard has always felt a little different from her friends. For one thing, she doesn’t...

Brush Back

di Sara Paretsky

Chicago’s V. I. Warshawski confronts crooked politicians and buried family secrets in the gritty new novel from New York Times–bestselling author Sara Paretsky.


No one would accuse V. I. Warshawski of...

Skipping a Beat

di Carolyn Keene


Nancy, Bess, and George have come to the city for a weekend of shopping and a night out at Reverb, the trendy new restaurant owned by Adam Sledge,...

Under His Spell

di Carolyn Keene

A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

Betrayed by Love

di Carolyn Keene


Nancy's old friend Angela Chamberlain is getting married, and Nancy's come to her family's opulent Long Island estate to be a bridesmaid....

The Baby-Sitters Club #114: Secret Life of Mary Anne Spier

di Ann M. Martin

During a Christmas shopping spree, Mary Anne racks up a large debt on her father's credit card. Baby-sitting won't cover the charges so she takes a secret job as a department store elf to pay her father back....

An Island Like You

di Judith Ortiz Cofer

Judith Ortiz Cofer's Pura Belpré award-winning collection of short stories about life in the barrio! Rita is exiled to Puerto Rico for a summer with her grandparents after her parents catch her with a boy....

Call Me Maria

di Judith Ortiz Cofer

A new novel from the award-winning author of AN ISLAND LIKE YOU, winner of the Pura Belpre Award. Maria is a girl caught between two worlds: Puerto Rico, where she was born, and New York, where she now lives...

All We Have Is Now

di Lisa Schroeder

From the author of THE BRIDGE FROM ME TO YOU, a groundbreaking novel about what matters most -- when time is running out. What do you do with your last day on earth? There are 27 hours and fifteen minutes left...

The Baby-Sitters Club Mysteries #32: Claudia and the Mystery Painting

di Ann M. Martin

When Claudia is told that her friend Rebecca's grandmother burned all of her own famous artworks before she died, Claudia is suspicious and sets out to find the real truth.

The Baby-Sitters Club Mysteries #31: Mary Anne and the Music

di Ann M. Martin

Whiled cleaning up Granny and Pop-Pop's basement, Mary Anne stumbles upon a tightly wrapped package that contains a surprising secret from the past.

Trick or Trap

di R.L. Stine

The infamous Most Wanted Goosebumps characters are out on the loose and after you. Just in time for Halloween, a super special edition! It's Halloween and that means time for trick-or-treating. And scary parties....

The Little People

di Christopher Pike

Are there fairies and gnomes? Leprechauns and elves? Most people, including Adam, would have said no. But one day a whole herd of magical creatures invades Spooksville. At first they play childish pranks, and...

The Baby-Sitters Club #113: Claudia Makes Up Her Mind

di Ann M. Martin

November is filled with excitement, surprises, and difficult choices for Claudia, Queen of the seventh grade... and no one can make her choices for her.

The Baby-Sitters Club #111: Stacey's Secret Friend

di Ann M. Martin

Despite her busy fall schedule, Stacey takes on the project of helping the fashion clueless newcomer Tess to become better educated about clothing and makeup, but the well-meaning baby-sitter is soon frustrated...

Mission Hindenburg (The 39 Clues: Doublecross, Book 2)

di C. Alexander London

Never turn your back on the Cahills . . . The most powerful family history has ever known returns with a vengeance in The 39 Clues: Doublecross! The Cahills are the world's most powerful family, but their strength...