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Christmas Harmony

di E.A. West

After a long semester, college student Tawny Beschen is more than ready for a relaxing winter break. Hanging out at rehearsals for her dad’s metal band is just what she needs. Familiar people, familiar music,...

Flirting with Mistletoe

di Dora Hiers

Free spirit Tori Stremme's only goal each day is to capture perfect photo opps…and to torment Brody Rockford, the man who broke her heart with flimsy excuses of her missed dates and competitive spirit. Now,...

Southeast Asian Migration: People on the Move in Search of Work, Refuge, and Belonging

di Khatharya Um

Southeast Asia has long been a crossroad of cultural influence and transnational movement, but the massive migration of Southeast Asians throughout the world in recent decades is historically unprecedented....

A Mummy for Christmas

di Clare Revell

Father Christmas can't grant this request... Stan Fuller juggles a full time job as an airline pilot, along with being a single father to eight-year-old Haley-Jo. When he becomes a reluctant Father Christmas...

The Side of Evil

di Peter David, Greg Schauer & Danielle Ackley-McPhail

Everyone loves a hero....but sometimes you can't help but root for the villain. Turn your allegiance for the other side's story. We bring you seven stories of mayhem and machinations by Peter David, James M....

You Don't Have to Die to Go to Heaven: How to Find Guidance and Healing in the Spirit Realms

di Susan Allison

What if we really didn't have to die to go to heaven? What if we could prove to ourselves through direct experience that spirit worlds exist, that there is no death, that we all are immortal, and that our departed...

Not Afraid: On Fear, Heartbreak, Raising a Baby Girl, and Cage Fighting

di Daniele Bolelli

This book is a meditation on facing fear, heartbreak, and mortality. In his own irreverent and inimitable style, Daniele Bolelli tells the story of his courtship and marriage, which would have been a sweet story...

Alive, Alive Oh!: and Other Things that Matter

di Diana Athill

In this sequel to Costa Biography Award Winning Somewhere Towards the End, Diana Athill writes vivaciously, poignantly, and with extraordinary clarity about what really matters in the end, from the remarkable...

Christmas Rescue Route

di LoRee Peery

On her way home for Christmas during a blizzard, college student Izzy hurdles down an embankment. Her worst nightmare is being trapped. Brock comes to her rescue, but after a night in the hospital, the roads...

The Christmas Bells of Cavazzale

di Marian P. Merritt

When Charleston “Charly” Maynard loses her job just weeks after her fiancé calls off the wedding, she decides to visit the cottage in the quaint village of Cavazzale, Italy she’s inherited from her grandmother....

A Semi-Precious Christmas

di Jan Elder

On a bright, crisp December morning, jewelry store manager, Peridot Keaton-Jones, arrives at work expecting to find her beloved uncle, Marty. Instead, she’s greeted by the muzzle of a gun pressed to her temple....

The Volk Advent

di Kristen Joy Wilks

An orphaned Siberian teen loses her job and home on Christmas Eve. Left on the streets to freeze, Faina flees to an abandoned castle for shelter. At the castle, she discovers the animal-torn body of a local...

Plum Pudding Bride

di Anne Garboczi Evans

Patience Callahan is twenty-five and fast becoming an old maid. But she’s spent most of her life dreaming over romantic European literature and wants a dashing d’Artagnan, not a bookish Bob Cratchit. Alas,...

Today Is Day One: A Devotional

di Matthew West

Today is Day One of the rest of your life.

In this gift book devotional, contemporary singer and songwriter Matthew West reminds you that God’s mercies are fresh every day. Yesterday’s failures, losses, and...

Ten Days in May

di Ted Hovey

As German armed forces invade Norway in 1940, six Americans are stranded as the bombs drop around them. Their lives get more complicated when a wounded British soldier arrives on their doorstep. He desperately...

Wedding Tales: Book Two: Honeymoon Caper

di Mary Sullivan Esseff

Wedding Tales, Book Two: Honeymoon Caper, brings together all the Tales that were not told in their entirety in Wedding Tales, Book One: Love's Journey.

Married during the Blizzard of 1966, newlyweds, Rebecca...

The Book of Practical Candle Magic: Includes Complete Instructions on CandleMaking, Anointing, Incense, and Color Symbolism, as well as a Selection of

di Leo Vinci

Candle magic is a simple but effective magical technique, involving a minimum of equipment and experience. In this complete manual are instructions for making, dressing, and anointing candles and for using them...

Soup & Comfort: A Cookbook of Homemade Recipes to Warm the Soul

di Pamela Ellgen

Soup & Comfort: A Cookbook of Homemade Recipes To Warm The Soul

The answer to your dinnertime dilemma. Family-friendly soups to satisfy your soul-and stomach.

To close the coldest, bone-chilling day or soothe...

The Side of Good

di Bryan J.L. Glass, Danielle Ackley-McPhail & Greg Schauer

Once upon a time, in a century not too long ago, we all recognized what a hero looked like. What they did. Why they did it. Once upon a time, we were more concerned with discovering the secret of who they were,...

In the Company of Wolves

di Paige Tyler

He opened his mouth to order her to drop the MP5 she had aimed at him, but nothing would come out. It was like she'd robbed him of the ability to speak. Shooting her wasn't an option, though. And the idea of...