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Imagining Organizations


Organizations rely extensively upon a myriad of images and pictorial representations such as budgets, schedules, reports, graphs, and organizational charts to name but a few. Visual images play an integral role...

Fighting Market Failure: Collected Essays in the Cambridge Tradition of Economics

di Maria Cristina Marcuzzo

This collection brings together fifteen essays published between 1994 and 2008 which all look into the contribution of a remarkable group of economists known as the "Cambridge school" or the "Cambridge Keynesians"....

Towards a Socioanalysis of Money, Finance and Capitalism: Beneath the Surface of the Financial Industry

di Susan Long & Burkard Sievers

The current global financial crisis has raised awareness of the impact the world of finance has on the economy and the future of democracy. Following the crisis, this book aims at a deep understanding of the...

Nepotism in Organizations

di Robert G. Jones

There is a huge elephant in the room: organizational decisions are often based on family relationships, rather than on the 'rational' approach advocated by many professionals. Textbooks on Human Resources, Management,...

Tourism Supply Chain Management

di Haiyan Song

Fierce global competition in the tourism industry is now focused on integral parts of supply chains rather than on individual firms. The highly competitive environment has forced tourism firms to look for ways...

China's Role in Global Economic Recovery

di Xiaolan Fu

This book presents a wide-ranging assessment of the current state of China's economy in relation to the global international economy. It discusses the role China has played in responding to the economic crisis;...

Behavioral Business Ethics

di David De Cremer & Ann E. Tenbrunsel

This book takes a look at how and why individuals display unethical behavior. It emphasizes the actual behavior of individuals rather than the specific business practices. It draws from work on psychology...

The Political Economy of the Chinese Coal Industry

di Tim Wright

Coal mining is one of China's largest industries, and provides an excellent case study through which to consider the broader issues of China's transition from socialism to capitalism, focussing on the shift...

China-India Economics: Challenges, Competition and Collaboration

di Palit Amitendu

A review of the existing literature on the China-India comparative theme conveys the distinct impression that the literature largely projects China and India as intrinsically competitive entities. While much...

Strategic Leadership in the Public Services

di Paul Joyce

In turbulent times, strategic leadership of public services becomes ever more important. Strategic leaders are steering their organizations into a new relationship with the public, often in conditions of intensified...

Law and Negotiating Power in Foreign Investment

di Lorenzo Cotula

In the world's developing countries, foreign investment in natural resources brings into contact competing interests that are often characterised by unequal balances of negotiating power - from multinational...

Routledge Handbook of Political Marketing

di Jennifer Lees-Marshment

With the Obama campaign universally acknowledged as the most successfully marketed presidential campaign of all time, the future of political marketing is fiercely contested, provoking a wealth of high quality...

Trade Infrastructure and Economic Development

di David Olusanya Ajakaiye & T. Ademola Oyejide

There is growing consensus in the literature that trade and trade policy matter for a pro-poor growth and development strategy. Therefore, policies that are consistent with this strategy feature increasingly...

Corporate Political Strategies of Private Chinese Firms

di Hao Ma, Shu Lin & Neng Liang

This book is about how Chinese entrepreneurs deal with China's most important institution-the government-in their struggle to survive and even prosper in China's transitional economy. It takes an "inside look"...

The Impact of China on Global Commodity Prices

di Masuma Farooki & Raphael Kaplinsky

Drawing on a large number of diverse sources, How China Disrupted Global Commodities comprehensively and systematically evidences the trends in the prices of different sets of commodities, analyses the drivers...

Social Failures of EU Enlargement

di Guglielmo Meardi

Is the EU enlargement the success EU institutions proclaim? Based on fifteen years of fieldwork research across Central and Eastern Europe and on migrants in the UK and Germany, this book provides a less glittering...

Energy Security for the EU in the 21st Century

di José María Marín Quemada, Javier García-Verdugo & Gonzalo Escribano

Recent developments like the rising trend in crude oil price, the international economic crisis, the civil revolts in Northern Africa and the Middle East, the nuclear threat in Japan after the tsunami, the oil...

Transforming Museums in the 21st Century

di Graham Black

In his book, Graham Black argues that museums must transform themselves if they are to remain relevant to 21st century audiences - and this root and branch change would be necessary whether or not museums faced...

Marketing Management and Communications in the Public Sector

di Martial Pasquier & Jean-Patrick Villeneuve

The fields of marketing and communication have become increasingly important for modern public administrations in recent years but the focus on these subjects has been geared mainly towards the generation of...

Rising China in the Changing World Economy

di Liming Wang

China's rapid and sustained growth over last thirty years has propelled it to become the world's second largest economy today and potentially the largest in the foreseeable future. As one of the first major...