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Five Loaves, Two Fishes, and Six Chicken Nuggets: Urinations from Inside the Fast Food Tent

di Barry Gibbons

Everybody likes to take pot shots at the world of Big Food - particularly Big Fast Food. It's making everybody fat. It's making our children diabetic. It's an agent for sinister globalism. It exploits labour....

A Future Perfect: The Challenge and Promise of Globalization

di John Micklethwait & Adrian Wooldridge

A Future Perfect is the first comprehensive examination of the most important revolution of our time—globalization—and how it will continue to change our lives. Do businesses benefit from going global? Are...

The State of the Earth: Environmental Challenges on the Road to 2100

di Paul K. Conkin

The present era of staggering scientific and technological innovations, with major changes in agriculture, manufacturing, commerce, and communications, seems to document unparalleled human achievement. Yet when...

The Apple Experience: Secrets to Building Insanely Great Customer Loyalty

di Carmine Gallo


"There are three pillars of enchantment: likability, trustworthiness, and quality. The Apple experience is the best modern-day example of all three pillars. Carmine's book will...

The 2-Hour Job Search: Using Technology to Get the Right Job Faster

di Steve Dalton

A job-search manual that gives career seekers a systematic, tech-savvy formula to efficiently and effectively target potential employers and secure the essential first interview.

The 2-Hour Job Search shows...

7 Deadly Scenarios: A Military Futurist Explores War in the 21st Century

di Andrew Krepinevich

A global pandemic finds millions swarming across the U.S. border. Major American cities are leveled by black-market nukes. China’s growing civil unrest ignites a global showdown. Pakistan’s collapse leads...

Forex Made Simple: A Beginner's Guide to Foreign Exchange Success

di Kel Butcher

Forex Made Simple is the essential guide for anyone who wants to make money trading foreign exchange, without all the fuss

You don't need to be a financial wizard or spend all day glued to a computer screen to...

Storytelling for Grantseekers: A Guide to Creative Nonprofit Fundraising

di Cheryl A. Clarke

Grantwriters often have little or no training in the practical task of grantseeking. Many feel intimidated by the act of writing, and some don't enjoy writing. In Storytelling for Grantseekers, Second Edition,...

Beating the Street

di Peter Lynch & John Rothchild

Legendary money manager Peter Lynch explains his own strategies for investing and offers advice for how to pick stocks and mutual funds to assemble a successful investment portfolio.

Develop a Winning Investment...

The New Job Security, Revised: The 5 Best Strategies for Taking Control of Your Career

di Pam Lassiter

Take Control of Your Career


Job security used to mean counting on a company to support you until retirement. Well, the rules have changed—companies downsize, jobs are outsourced, and pensions are eliminated...

Cracking the Japanese Market: Strategies for Success in the New Global Economy

di James Morgan

Global business today is played by new rules -- many of which are being written by the Japanese and their remarkably successful companies. Because the Japanese are redefining business as we know it, Western...

Star Trek: Make It So: Leadership Lessons from Star Trek: The Next Generation

di Bill Ross & Wess Robertson

T he fast-changing business world of today is far different from just a few years ago. Success in today's marketplace requires new leadership techniques, new thinking, and an eye on the future . . . .

In Make...

All Quiet on the Realty Front

di John Hepburn

The author spent a thirty plus year career in the real estate industry. The book is an easy to read collection of seventeen short stories or vignettes. Some certainly are sad, while others are humorous, and...

Lean Sustainable Supply Chain the: How to Create a Green Infrastructure with Lean Technologies

di Robert Palevich

Lean, green supply chain management combines the efficiency that lean technologies deliver with the environmental and cost benefits of sustainability. The Lean Sustainable Supply Chain illuminates the business...

Shaking the Globe: Courageous Decision-Making in a Changing World

di Blythe J. McGarvie & Robert Kraft

We live in a highly interdependent world where 95 percent of the world's consumers live outside the U.S. Two-thirds of the world's purchasing power is also outside the U.S. Shaking the Globe guides everyone...

Internal Audit: Efficiency Through Automation

di David Coderre

Internal Audit: Efficiency Through Automation teaches state-of-the-art computer-aided audit techniques, with practical guidelines on how to get much needed data, overcome organizational roadblocks, build data...

The Marketing Accountability Imperative: Driving Superior Returns on Marketing Investments

di Michael Dunn & Chris Halsall

Making accountable marketing decisions to improve the efficiency of spending

In this practical guide, Prophet CEO Michael Dunn teams up with marketing effectiveness expert Chris Halsall to help marketing managers...

The Silent Salesmen: Guaranteed Strategies for Increasing Sales and Profits Using Promotional Products

di Mitch Carson

How to create a successful promotional product campaign for any business

According to award-winning direct marketer Mitch Carson, business owners and marketers should understand the value of using promotional...

Third World America: How Our Politicians Are Abandoning the Middle Class and Betraying the American Dream

di Arianna Huffington

It’s not an exaggeration to say that middle-class Americans are an endangered species and that the American Dream of a secure, comfortable standard of living has become as outdated as an Edsel with an eight-track...

The Fearless Fish Out of Water: How to Succeed When You're the Only One Like You

di Robin Fisher-Roffer

Everyone's felt out of place at some point - be they female, minority, a geek, a non-conformist, or just boldly individual. Fearless Fish will show readers how to stay connected while maintaining a unique identity,...