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Rethinking the Sales Force: Redefining Selling to Create and Capture Customer Value

di John DeVincentis

In today's markets, success no longer depends on communicating the value of products or services. It rests on the crucial ability to create value for customers. Sales forces need to retool current strategies...

Project Management Pocketbook

di Keith Posner

The Project Management Pocketbook is a practical, step-by-step guide to managing a project through to completion. It looks at each key stage and identifies the management techniques that can be applied. From...

Assertiveness Pocketbook

di Max A. Eggert

This handy pocketbook looks at the reasons for non-assertive behaviour and the differences between assertive, aggressive and passive behaviour. It contains advice on how to overcome self-defeating beliefs and...

Cultures and Organizations: Software for the Mind: Software for the Mind

di Geert Hofstede & Gert Jan Hofstede

The landmark study of cultural differences across 70 nations, Cultures and Organizations helps readers look at how they think-and how they fail to think-as members of groups. Based on decades of painstaking...

How to Trade In Stocks

di Jesse Livermore

The Success Secrets of a Stock Market Legend

Jesse Livermore was a loner, an individualist-and the most successful stock trader who ever lived. Written shortly before his death in 1940, How to Trade Stocks offered...

Grow Small, Think Beautiful

di Stephen Harding

Schumacher College, based near Totnes in Devon, England, opened its doors in the early 1990s and is now an internationally-renowned centre for transformative learning on all aspects of sustainable living. James...

Unstoppable Success: A Proven System for Reaching the Top 1% in Everything You Do

di Mike Mason

Unstoppable Success is a motivational book that could be used for athletes, academics or businessmen / (women) to help them reach their maximum potential.  The system contained within the pages of this manuscript...

Differentiation Pocketbook

di Peter Anstee

A glance at the history books or the pages of a Dickens novel reminds us how far education has come since the days when pupils sat silently in rows memorising knowledge imparted by the teacher. Learning was...

ASDA Magic

di David Smith

This book charts the turnaround of the Asda business, from the perspective of culture and people. The author discusses 7 principles which businesses can use as practical tools to generate high performance through...

The Man In The Seventh Row

di Brian Pendreigh

The Man in the Seventh Row tells the deeply affecting story of Roy Batty, a film fan who loves the cinema just a little too much. No matter the movie - The Graduate, Brief Encounter, The Magnificent Seven -...

The Five Minute Coach

di Lynne Cooper & Mariette Castellino

The Five-Minute Coach offers a simple, step by step guide to how to coach - quickly and effortlessly - to get amazingly better results at work. Short, punchy and easy to read, the user can swiftly learn this...

The Bluffer's Guide to Management

di John Winterson Richards

From 'Delegation' to 'Deadly Sins', and from 'Planning' to 'PEST Analysis', The Bluffer's Guide to Management offers everything you need to know to be perceived as knowing it all.

Eureka!: Discover and Enjoy the Hidden Power of the English Language

di Walker Royce

Eureka!  illuminates the oddities, the amusement, and the communications power to be found in the English language. Instead of highlighting all the mechanics and hairball rules of English, Walker Royce leads...

Hullawrerr China!

di Rikki Fulton & Stan Mars

Francie & Josie began their incredible career at the Alhambra Theatre in Glasgow in 1958. Originally brought to life by Stanley Baxter, it was to be the partnership of Rikki Fulton and Jack Milroy that brought...

Authenticity is a Con

di Peter York

The idea of authenticity - deliciously vague and as ubiquitous as Starbucks - has hit the spot in almost every sector of 21st-century life. But can we trust the authentic image of Nigel 'man-of-the-people' Farage,...

The Green Book

di Duncan Brack, Neil Stockley, Paul Burall & Mike Tuffrey

Leading Liberal Democrats and policy experts re-examine their political approach and propose a radical new direction for the party, setting the agenda for the next election and beyond. The Green Book cogently...

George Osborne

di Janan Ganesh

"Ganesh's dissection of what has driven the intellectual and political revival of the Tories is forensic and incisive."- Anne McElvoy, Mail on Sunday"A lively account of the Chancellor's career ... contains...

Everybody's Business

di Jon Miller & Lucy Parker

Sometimes it seems as if business exists purely to enrich a small elite. While the world is facing unprecedented challenges, it appears that businesses are only interested in making profits or paying bonuses....

Seller Beware

di Denise Barnes

Denise Barnes was seven years old when she first realised she had a gift for selling. After a stellar career building her own business from the ground up Denise finally decided the time was ripe to enjoy her...

When Reporters Cross the Line

di Stewart Purvis & Jeff Hulbert

When Reporters Cross the Line tells the true story of moments when the worlds of media, propaganda, politics, espionage and crime collide, casting journalism into controversy. Its pages feature some of the best-known...