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Setting Performance Standards: Foundations, Methods, and Innovations

di Gregory J Cizek

Setting standards of performance is a ubiquitous task in education licensure, certification, and credentialling. It is found in elementary schooling, the professions, commercial applications, and governmental...

Bridging the Transition from Primary to Secondary School

di Alan Howe & Val Richards

The transition from primary to secondary school can often be a difficult time for children, and managing the transition smoothly has posed a problem for teachers at both upper primary and lower secondary level....

How to Use Technology Effectively in Post-Compulsory Education

di Alan Clarke

The use of technology within the lifelong learning sector brings many benefits to learners, teachers and managers. Aimed at trainee and practising teachers, this book contains clear, practical guidance on how...

Global Learning and Sustainable Development

di Helen Gadsby & Andrea Bullivant

Global learning and sustainable development encompass some of the key ideas and challenges facing the world today: challenges such as climate change, globalization and interdependence. Schools increasingly recognize...

Handbook of Asian Education: A Cultural Perspective

di Yong Zhao, Jing Lei & Guofang Li

Comprehensive and authoritative, this Handbook provides a nuanced description and analysis of educational systems, practices, and policies in Asian countries and explains and interprets these practices from...

Learning Outside the Classroom: Theory and Guidelines for Practice

di Simon Beames, Pete Higgins & Robbie Nicol

Learning Outside the Classroom outlines theory and practice that will enable and encourage teachers to systematically and progressively incorporate meaningful outdoor learning opportunities into their daily...

Ict for Teaching Assistants

di John Galloway & Hilary Norton

The role of ICT in enhancing both teaching and learning in classrooms continues to develop, no more so than when in the hands of effective practitioners. This easy-to-use book outlines the many ways in which...

Critical Curriculum Studies: Education, Consciousness, and the Politics of Knowing

di Wayne Au

Critical Curriculum Studies offers a novel framework for thinking about how curriculum relates to students' understanding of the world around them. Wayne Au brings together curriculum theory, critical educational...

Educational Experiences of Hidden Homeless Teenagers: Living Doubled-Up

di Ronald E. Hallett

Homeless youth face countless barriers that limit their ability to complete a high school diploma and transition to postsecondary education. Their experiences vary widely based on family, access to social services,...

Keywords in Youth Studies: Tracing Affects, Movements, Knowledges

di Nancy Lesko & Susan Talburt

With recent attention to issues such as youth social exclusion, poverty, school underachievement, school violence, gang activity, sexuality, and youth's interactions with media and the internet, youth studies...

Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Community Activism as Curriculum

di Celia Oyler

How do educators engage students in community action projects without telling them what to think, how to think, or what to do? Is it possible to integrate social justice organizing into the curriculum without...

Curriculum in Early Childhood Education: Re-Examined, Rediscovered, Renewed

di Nancy File, Jennifer J. Mueller & Debora Basler Wisneski

Curriculum in Early Childhood Education: Reexamined, Rediscovered, Renewed provides a critical examination of the sources, aims, and features of early childhood curricula. Providing a theoretical and philosophical...

The Education of Eros: A History of Education and the Problem of Adolescent Sexuality

di Dennis L. Carlson

The Education of Eros is the first and only comprehensive history of sexuality education and the "problem" of adolescent sexuality from the mid-20th century to the beginning of the 21st.  It explores how professional...

The Impact of Technology on Relationships in Educational Settings

di Angela Costabile & Barbara A Spears

As the linguistic, cognitive and social elements of our lives are transformed by new and emerging technologies, educational settings are also challenged to respond to the issues that have arisen as a consequence....

The Arts in Education

di Mike Fleming

Do the arts improve academic achievement? What does it mean to 'teach' art? What should the balance of classic and pop be in the music curriculum? Should we encourage young children on the stage? How do we judge...

Handbook of Multicultural School Psychology: An Interdisciplinary Perspective

di Giselle B. Esquivel, Emilia C. Lopez & Sara Nahari

This comprehensive handbook offers a beautifully balanced view of the emerging field of multicultural school psychology. The opening section provides an historical overview of how the field has developed, and...

The Supreme Court and the NCAA

di Brian Porto

Two Supreme Court decisions, NCAA v. Board of Regents (1984) and NCAA v. Tarkanian (1988), have shaped college sports by permitting the emergence of a supercharged commercial enterprise with high financial stakes...

Geometry as Objective Science in Elementary School Classrooms

di Wolff-Michael Roth

This study examines the origins of geometry in and out of the intuitively given everyday lifeworlds of children in a second-grade mathematics class. These lifeworlds, though pre-geometric, are not without...

Islamic Education and Indoctrination

di Charlene Tan

Islamic schools, especially madrasahs, have been viewed as sites of indoctrination for Muslim students and militants. Some educators and parents in the United States have also regarded introductory courses on...

School Psychology for the 21st Century, Second Edition: Foundations and Practices

di Kenneth W. Merrell & Ruth A. Ervin

A leading introductory text, this authoritative volume comprehensively describes the school psychologist's role in promoting positive academic, behavioral, and emotional outcomes for all students. The book emphasizes...