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Advancing Your Career: Getting and Making the Most of Your Doctorate

di Michael Brubaker & Dale Brubaker

Advancing Your Career aims to help readers look more broadly at the doctoral experience from choosing a program to coursework to passing your comprehensive exams to doing dissertation research and writing to...

Pragmatics for Language Educators: A Sociolinguistic Perspective

di Virginia LoCastro

Making pragmatics accessible to a wide range of students and instructors without dumbing down the content of the field, this text for language professionals:

  • raises awareness and increases knowledge and understanding...

Considering Emotions in Critical English Language Teaching: Theories and Praxis

di Sarah Benesch

Groundbreaking in the ways it makes new connections among emotion, critical theory, and pedagogy, this book explores the role of students' and teachers' emotions in college instruction, illuminating key literacy...

The Engaged University: International Perspectives on Civic Engagement

di David Watson, Robert Hollister & Susan E. Stroud

The Engaged University is a comprehensive empirical account of the global civic engagement movement in higher education. In universities around the world, something extraordinary is underway. Mobilizing their...

The transformation of children's services

di Joan Forbes & Cate Watson

Can we imagine different ways of working together to secure better outcomes for children and families? What are the complex issues that underlie the apparently simple call for 'joined-up' services?


Beginning Interpretive Inquiry

di Richard E Morehouse

Beginning Interpretive Inquiry importantly makes the distinction between the use of 'inquiry' rather than interpretive research or interpretive evaluation. Richard Morehouse explores how inquiry is a far more...

A Practical Guide to Shakespeare for the Primary Classroom

di John Doona

Shakespeare is one of our key historical figures but so often he remains locked behind glass and hard to reach. The purpose of this book is to unlock Shakespeare, to remove the tag of 'high art' that has surrounded...

Improving Quality in Education

di Bert P.M. Creemers & Leonidas Kyriakides

This book explores an approach to school improvement that merges the traditions of educational effectiveness research and school improvement efforts. It displays how the dynamic model, which is theoretical and...

Knowledge Mobilization and Educational Research

di Tara Fenwick & Lesley Farrell

How can educational research have more impact? What processes of knowledge exchange are most effective for increasing the uses of research results? How can research-produced knowledge be better 'mobilized' among...

The Trouble with Maths

di Steve Chinn

Now in a second edition, the award-winning The Trouble with Maths offers important insights into the often confusing world of numeracy. By looking at learning difficulties in maths from several perspectives,...

Teaching for Understanding: What It Is and How to Do It

di Douglas P Newton

Why does understanding really matter?

Why do some learners fail to understand?

At a time when league tables can be everything, examination grades matter.  Perhaps more than many would admit, the cost is a lack...

Appropriate Environments for Children Under 3

di Helen Bradford

It is widely known that babies and infants will flourish in an environment that supports and promotes their learning and development. But what constitutes an appropriate environment for children under three?...

Turning Pupils on to Learning: Creative Classrooms in Action

di Rob Elkington

Turning Pupils on to Learning documents and makes visible how creative learning approaches can engage and motivate children in their learning.

The book features six case studies of creative learning projects...

Teaching Fractions and Ratios for Understanding: Essential Content Knowledge and Instructional Strategies for Teachers

di Susan J. Lamon

For over a decade, Teaching Fractions and Ratios for Understanding has pushed readers beyond the limits of their current understanding of fractions and rational numbers, challenging them to refine and explain...

Teaching, Learning and Education in Late Modernity: The Selected Works of Peter Jarvis

di Peter Jarvis

Professor Peter Jarvis has spent over 30 years researching, thinking and writing about some of the key and enduring issues in education. He has contributed well over 30 books and 200 papers and chapters in books...

Teaching Music Musically (Classic Edition)

di Keith Swanwick

'There are countless gems within these pages ... Swanwick seems to write from more experience as a musician and teacher than most others who write for this audience. There is a real sense of his having been...

Autism and Learning (Classic Edition): A Guide to Good Practice

di Stuart Powell & Rita Jordan

Autism is a complex and often puzzling disorder in which pinning down a set of rules surrounding the teaching of children with it is almost impossible to do. Many theories and approaches claim to have the solution...

An Introduction to Classroom Observation (Classic Edition)

di Ted Wragg

How does classroom observation support your professional development?

How can you observe as effectively as possible?

Highly regarded as one of the most widely used and authoritative texts on this topic, An...

Beyond Testing (Classic Edition): Towards a Theory of Educational Assessment

di Caroline Gipps

'It is an exceptionally thoughtful assessment of assessment, and I am (along with anyone else who broods about education) much in your debt.' Jerome Bruner, personal communication with the author

When this award-winning...

A Guide to Effective School Leadership Theories

di Matthew Lynch

Educational administrators know that leadership requires hundreds of judgments each day that require a sensitivity and understanding of various leadership strategies. Bridging the gap between the academic and...