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The Next Time You Die

Lee Henry Oswald #2

di Harry Hunsicker

How many ways can the past come back to haunt you? Hard-nosed Dallas detective Lee Henry Oswald is about to find out.

When a bourbon-swilling Baptist preacher hires private detective Lee Henry Oswald to recover...

One Dead Drag Queen

Tom & Scott #8

di Mark Richard Zubro

A series of three bombs destroy a local health clinic, killing many and injuring many others including high school teacher and clinic volunteer Tom Mason. While Tom is hospitalized, his lover, professional baseball...

Still River

Lee Henry Oswald #1

di Harry Hunsicker

It's not easy being named Oswald, not in the city where Lee Harvey grabbed his fifteen minutes of infamy and choked it to death. It's especially hard when half the town seems determined to kill you for reasons...

In Cold Pursuit

Valena Walker #1

di Sarah Andrews

Sarah Andrews is well known for her popular mystery series featuring forensic geologist Em Hansen. With In Cold Pursuit, she builds on that foundation and introduces a new lead character in this compelling mystery...

Rendezvous at Kamakura Inn

di Marshall Browne

Detective Inspector Hideo Aoki learns that his case against ex-Governor Tamaki—one that he has been building for months— has been dismantled. Rattled by this directive, his life begins to spiral out of control,...

Faithful Unto Death

Chief Inspector Barnaby #5

di Caroline Graham

When bored young housewife Simone Hollingsworth misses bell-ringing practice-her latest effort to find something to do-no one is surprised. In fact, if old Mrs. Molfrey, her neighbor, didn't report it to Detective...

Hemingway Deadlights

di Michael Atkinson

It is 1956 and Hemingway has spent much of the year at his home in Key West, hiding from tourists and autograph hunters. But a friend's sudden death rouses Papa from his idyll. To say that the cause of death...

The Body in the Record Room

di Joe Barone

It's 1954. When a mental patient who calls himself Roy Rogers finds a body in the hospital record room, his investigation leads him to the murder of Marcia Weinhart. Twenty years earlier, authorities found her...

An Angel to Die For

Augusta Goodnight #2

di Mignon F. Ballard

Prentice Dobson has just lost her job, her boyfriend, almost everything that has until now made her feel complete. To collect her thoughts and mourn her younger sister's recent passing, Prentice leaves the city...

Air Dance Iguana

Alex Rutledge #5

di Tom Corcoran

Two men, twenty miles apart, are killed in the same strange way on a quiet summer morning in the Florida Keys. Forensic photographer Alex Rutledge finds that he may be the only person interested in pursuing...

The Birdcage

di Marcia Willett

It was Felix Hamilton who named it the Birdcage--the tall house in Bristol where Miss Pidgeon lives with her tenants, the beautiful and talented actress Angel Blake and Angel's daughter, Lizzie. Lizzie longed...

Requiem in Vienna

Viennese Mysteries #2

di J. Sydney Jones

"What Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did for Victorian London and Caleb Carr did for old New York, Sydney Jones does for historic Vienna."

Karen Harper, New York Times bestselling author of the Queen Elizabeth I mystery...

A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder

Inspector Singh Investigates #1

di Shamini Flint

Meet Inspector Singh: a fat, slightly bumbling, but truly lovable detective sure to charm readers of The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency

Inspector Singh is in a bad mood. He's been sent from his home in Singapore...

The Confidential Casebook of Sherlock Holmes

di Marvin Kaye

This long-awaited volume finally brings to light several cases of the world's most famous consulting detective that were originally suppressed to avoid scandal and embarrassment to the Crown, public figures,...


Emma Streat #2

di Eugenia Lovett West

Emma Streat is rebuilding her shattered life in Boston when she receives an SOS from Venice. She must come at once to intervene in a disastrous affair between her opera singer niece, Vanessa, and a notorious...


di Alan Littell

The Year is 1950. In the North Atlantic west of Ireland the destinies of two ships fuse. One, an English tramp, breaks apart in a winter storm. Five survivors cling to the wreckage. Chance puts the novel's central...

Schooled in Murder

Tom & Scott #12

di Mark Richard Zubro

Tom Mason, Chicago area high school teacher, has been teaching at Grover Cleveland High School for a while - long enough to loathe the faculty meetings and long enough to know that as bad as they are, they aren't...

The Water Lily Cross

English Garden Mysteries #3

di Anthony Eglin

Lawrence Kingston is asked to search for a botanist friend who has gone missing. With nothing but a scrap of paper with a bewildering cryptic message, he begins to investigate. He discovers that his friend was...

Jester Leaps In

Fools' Guild #2

di Alan Gordon

In 13th century Europe, political turmoil is the order of the day and the Fool's Guild and its agents - jesters, jugglers, and knaves to a man - works behind the scenes to manipulate events, trying to maintain...

Naked Moon

North Beach Mysteries #4

di Domenic Stansberry

Set in San Francisco in the crumbling vestiges of Italian North Beach, Domenic Stansberry's latest novel plunges once again into the noir underworld of Dante Mancuso. This new installment of Stansberry's critically...