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Rome and the Western Greeks, 350 BC - Ad 200: Conquest and Acculturation in Southern Italy

di Dr Kathryn Lomas & Kathryn Lomas

The history of the Greek cities of Italy during the period of Roman conquest and under Roman rule form a fascinating case study of the processes of Roman expansion and assimilation and of Greek reactions to...

Louis XIV

di J. H. Shennan

Looks at the king and his beliefs, domestic problems, and foreign policy.

International Law and International Relations: Bridging Theory and Practice

di Thomas J. Biersteker, Peter J. Spiro & Chandra Lekha Sriram

This unique volume examines the opportunities for, and initiates work in, interdisciplinary research between the fields of international law and international relations; disciplines that have engaged little...

Literature, Journalism and the Avant-Garde: Intersection in Egypt

di Elisabeth Kendall

The author explores the role of journalism in Egypt in effecting and promoting the development of modern Arabic literature from its inception in the mid-nineteenth century to the present day. Remapping the...

Mary Queen of Scots: Romance and Nation

di Jayne Lewis

As an historical figure Mary Queen of Scots has been perpetually represented on canvas, page and stage, and has captured the British imagination since the time of her death in 1587. The 'real' Mary Stuart however...

They Called Me Number One: Secrets and Survival at an Indian Residential School

di Bev Sellars

One woman's account of triumph over a childhood spent in an Indian residential school.

Desperate Hours: The Epic Rescue of the Andrea Doria

di Richard Goldstein

"A stupendous feat of reportage."

-Ron Powers, cowriter of Flags of Our Fathers

Praise for Desperate Hours

"Goldstein's book is packed with detail. . . . This description of the Doria's sinking is especially moving."...

Mediaeval Islamic Historiography and Political Legitimacy: Bal'ami's Tarikhnamah

di Andrew Peacock

The Tarikhnamah is a history of the world and the oldest surviving work of Persian prose. This book examines it as a political and cultural document and why it became such an influential work in the Islamic...

Grand Illusion

di Dan Collins & Wayne Barrett

Rudy Giuliani emerged from the smoke of 9/11 as the unquestioned hero of the day: America's Mayor, the father figure we could all rely on to be tough, to be wise, to do the right thing. In that uncertain time,...

The Badlands: More Stories from Midnight in Peking (A Penguin Special)

di Paul French

More tales of intrigue in Old Peking from bestselling author Paul French

Through portraits of eight residents of Peking's infamous Badlands district, Paul French brings the area and 1930s Peking vividly to life....

Seize the Fire

di Adam Nicolson

In Seize the Fire, Adam Nicolson, author of the widely acclaimed God's Secretaries, takes the great naval battle of Trafalgar, fought between the British and Franco-Spanish fleets in October 1805, and uses it...

The Birth of America

di William R. Polk

In this provocative account of colonial America, William R. Polk explores the key events, individuals, and themes of this critical period. With vivid descriptions of the societies that people from Europe came...

Stupid Wars

di Michael Prince & Ed Strosser

When winners write history, they sometimes "forget" to include their own embarrassing misjudgments. Fortunately, this take-no-prisoners edition of history isn't going to let the winners (or the losers) forget...

Shane Comes Home

di Rinker Buck

On March 21, 2003, while leading a rifle platoon into combat, Marine Lieutenant Shane Childers became the first combat fatality of the Iraq War. In this gripping, beautifully written personal history, award-winning...


di Paul Johnson & Paul M. Johnson

A fascinating portrait of the minds that have shaped the modern world. In an intriguing series of case studies, Rousseau, Shelley, Marx, Ibsen, Tolstoy, Hemingway, Bertrand Russell, Brecht, Sartre, Edmund Wilson,...

The Last Alchemist

di Iain McCalman

Freemason ... Shaman ... Prophet ... Seducer ... Swindler ... Thief ... Heretic

Who was the mysterious Count Cagliostro?

Depending on whom you ask, he was either a great healer or a dangerous charlatan. Internationally...

Island Refuge: Britain and Refugees from the Third Reich 1933-1939

di A.J. Sherman

The acrimonious debate over British policy towards refugees from the Nazi régime has scarcely died down even now, some 60 years later. Bitter charges of indifference and lack of feeling are still levelled at...

Contemporary Piracy and Maritime Terrorism: The Threat to International Security

di Martin N. Murphy

This Adelphi Paper attempts to answer the question of whether piracy and maritime terrorism, individually or together, present a threat to international security.

The Search for Security in Post-Taliban Afghanistan

di Cyrus Hodes & Mark Sedra

This paper charts the evolution of the security environment in Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban, deconstructing both the causes of insecurity and the responses to them. Through this analysis, it offers...

The United Kingdom and Nuclear Deterrence

di Jeremy Stocker

This Adelphi Paper argues that it makes sense to remain a nuclear power in an uncertain and nuclear-armed world. Given that deterrence needs are now less acute, but more complex than in the past, it asserts...