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Young Titan: The Making of Winston Churchill

di Michael Shelden

In modern memory, Winston Churchill remains the man with the cigar and the equanimity among the ruins. Few can remember that at the age of 40, he was considered washed up, his best days behind him. In Young...

The Arithmetic of Life and Death

di George Shaffner

Whether you realize it or not, numbers are everywhere--and integral to almost every facet of your life . . . from your next raise in pay to the inevitable rise of inflation, your weekly family budget to your...

Texas Politics: Governing the Lone Star State

di Cal Jillson

Approaching the politics of the Lone Star State from historical, developmental, and analytical perspectives, this text avoids partisanship, ideology, and gimmicks to provide the most comprehensive, readable,...

Grand Ambition: An Extraordinary Yacht, the People Who Built It, and the Millionaire Who Can't Really Afford It

di G. Bruce Knecht

DOUG VON ALLMEN, a self-made man who grew up in a landlocked state dreaming of the ocean, was poised to build a 187-foot yacht that would cost $40 million. Lady Linda would not be among the very largest of the...

At Home in France

di Ann Barry

"As beguiling and delectable as France itself."

*Mimi Sheraton

"Ann Barry tells her tale directly and clearly, without cloying artifice or guile, so that it has the warmth, honesty, and force of a long letter...

Contemporary Indigenous Movements in Latin America

di Erick D. Langer & Elana Muñoz

The efforts of Indians in Latin America have gained momentum and garnered increasing attention in the last decade as they claim rights to their land and demand full participation in the political process. Contemporary...

Civilization and the Human Subject

di John Mandalios

Past debates have highlighted the importance of the self to a better understanding of the nature of culture and its relation to power. In his book, John Mandalios incorporates the current 'postmodern' debate...

Aspects of Enlightenment

di Thomas Osborne

Aspects of Enlightenment is an attempt to reconfigure the terrain of contemporary social theory. Critical of sociologistic approaches in that discipline and of vague concepts such as modernity and postmodernity,...

The Dead Sea Scrolls

di Peter W. Flint

An essential guide to the most significant discovery in the history of biblical studies-the Dead Sea Scrolls.

In Search of Mary: The Woman and the Symbol

di Sally Cunneen

Mary--relic of the religious past or beacon of the future?

Mary is more alive today than she was in the early Christian church, surfacing in art and worship in almost every culture on earth. Her appeal bridges...

Cor Blimey! Where 'Ave You Come From?

di Winifred Tovey & Jenny Knowles

Winifred Tovey's autobiography is packed with stories and historic photos of India after Independence. In 1951 she travelled to India with her medical missionary husband, Frank, and two small daughters, to start...

Unfinished Business: Pressure Points in the Lives of Women

di Maggie Scarf

In detailed, revealing portraits of women from their teens through their sixties, Maggie Scarf explores the core experiences of women's lives and discovers what can happen when the days and years scurry by,...

Old Man: And Other Colonel Weatherford Stories

di Gordon Grand & William J. Hayes

These warm and humorous stories are ideal for fireside reading for young and old.

My Mother's Sabbath Days: A Memoir

di Chaim Grade & Channa Kleinerman Goldstein

This tender and moving memoir by the great Yiddish writer Chaim Grade takes us to the very source of his widely praised novels and poems_the city of Vilna, the 'Jerusalem of Lithuania,' during the years before...

Lost on a Familiar Road Devotional: Allowing God's Love to Free Your Mind for the Journey

di Kimberly Sowell

Lost on a Familiar Road Devotional will teach you to submit your thinking to Jesus so you can experience a stronger, sharper, and freer mind.

Tag Against Time

di Helen Hughes Vick

The exiciting conclusion to the Walker of Time adventure trilogy follows Tag-who was zapped back to ancient times with his Hopi friend Walker-as he tries to make it home.

Feminine Ingenuity: How Women Inventors Changed America

di Anne Macdonald

"Written with clarity and a lively eye both for detail and for the progress of feminism in the United States."


In this fascinating study of American women inventors, historian Anne Macdonald...

Paul Ricoeur: The Promise and Risk of Politics

di Bernard P. Dauenhauer

Paul RicIur, with Rawls, Walzer, and Habermas as some of his main interlocuters, has developed a substantial and distinctive body of political thought. On the one hand, it articulates a rich conception of the...

All Blood Runs Red: Life and Legends of Eugene Jacques Bullard - First Black American Military Aviator

di Henry Scott Harris

Life and legends of Eugene Jacques Bullard, the first black American military aviator... from his childhood to WWI hero, 47 chapters of his life from the time he ran away from home, alone at the age of eight...

Truth for Born-Again

di Perse D. Imm

Heaven and Hell are futuristic, not currently real, but men's spirits, religion, fear, born-again and heavenly joy are. Men's spirits are dead. That's why men in general cannot have any realistic spiritual understandings...