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Wisdom for Living the Final Season

di Kathy Kalina

Even those with a strong faith in God’s limitless mercy and may fear the process of dying. In this book, hospice nurse Kathy Kalina helps us find peace and solace so that we can live fully the end of our lives....

Walk with Me the Way of the Cross

di J. Francis Sofie

Walk with Me the Way of the Cross includes the Stations of the Cross in a traditional format, with the addition of Jesus and/or God the Father speaking directly to the reader. This personal approach provides...

Women, Sex, & the Church

di Erika Bachiochi

The contributors to Women, Sex, and the Church challenge the common misconception that Catholic teachings are anti-women and anti-sex. Instead, these women explore how controversial teachings on abortion, sex,...

The Saints Pray for Us (Ess)

di Christina Miriam Wegendt FSP

This stunning book features intercessory prayers to help children pray to their favorite saints! Each prayer offers comfort, inspiration, and a moment of reflection, Complete with full-color illustrations, The...

Tender Mercies

di Mary Peter Martin FSP

Tender Mercies is a beautiful collection of prayers and Scripture passages for anyone struggling through particularly difficult circumstances—grief and loss, post-partum depression, anxiety, depression, stress,...

The Domesday Quest

di Michael Wood

In 1086, Domesday Book, perhaps the most remarkable historical document in existence, was compiled. This tremendous story of England and its people was made at the behest of the Norman king William the Conqueror....

Theology of the Body in Context

di William E. May

The zenith of John Paul II’s thought on the human person, marriage, and the family is found in his “theology of the body.” For the first time, William E. May provides a comprehensive yet readable overview...

The Theology of the Body Made Simple

di Anthony Percy

This is a simple introduction to the basic premise of the theology of the body. It explains how our bodies are symbolic, free, meant for love, and redeemed by Christ. It presents unambiguous reasons for the...

Teens Share the Word

di Maria Grace Dateno FSP & Emily Marsh

The Word of God can touch us like no other book can. And once we have been touched by it, we cannot keep to ourselves how it has changed us. We want to testify to the power and love we have experienced. The...

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha: Courageous Faith (ESS)

di Lillia M. Fisher & Barbara Kiwak

Uncover the “sunshine” of a Mohawk-Algonquin girl who experiences loss, ostracism, and religious persecution, yet courageously holds on to her faith. Perfect for ages 9–12, this 31st volume in the Encounter...

Saint Juan Diego

di Josephine Nobisso

It was to Juan Diego—a humble Aztec farmer living in 16th century Mexico—that Mary, the Mother of God, first introduced herself to the world as Our Lady of Guadalupe. He spent much of his life in prayer...

Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini

di Marylou Andes MSC

The inspiring story of “Mother Cabrini,” the first American citizen to be declared a saint! As a child growing up in Italy, Frances dreamt of becoming a missionary to China. But it seemed that God wanted...

Saint Faustina Kowalska

di Susan Helen Wallace FSP

Growing up in war-torn Poland, Faustina felt the calling to give her life to God as a religious sister. As Jesus’ “secretary,” she carried out the important mission of teaching the world to trust in the...

Saint Edith Stein

di Mary Lea Hill FSP

Transforming suffering into sainthood, Edith Stein lived in the complexities of modern political situations with the simplicity of one who is confident in God’s ultimate reliability. A Jewish convert to the...

Saint Bakhita of Sudan

di Susan Helen Wallace FSP

The name “Bakhita,” which means “fortunate,” was sarcastically bestowed upon this young child when she was kidnapped into slavery. After being taken to Italy and put into service as a nanny, she was...

Surviving Depression: A Catholic Approach

di Kathryn J. Hermes FSP

Embark on a journey of faithful hope and spiritual healing with best-selling author Kathryn J. Hermes, FSP. Updated contemporary international, national, and ecclesial acknowledgements provide a grounded reality...

St. Gianna Beretta Molla

di Susan Helen Wallace FSP & Patricia Edward Jablonski FSP

As a mother, wife, and doctor St. Gianna Molla is not your typical saint. She loved fashion, being outdoors, and traveling in her native Italy. Children will enjoy learning about her life’s journey and how...

Secrets of the Spirit: Wisdom from Luis Martinez (Cwc)

di Luis Martinez

How do I develop a deep, loving relationship with God? Martinez, author of The Sanctifier, encourages us to trust in the love and concern God has for us in all that we do. Without glossing over the reality of...

Solace in Suffering

di Thomas à Kempis Mary Lea Hill FSP

Does suffering have meaning? Drawing from the timeless spiritual classic The Imitation of Christ, this book helps the reader discover the meaning of suffering in everyday life and how these trials can lead him...

Saint Damien of Molokai

di Virgina Helen Richards FSP

Joseph De Veuster was an ordinary boy growing up in Belgium, planning to take over the family farm as he grew older, until he was called to a new vocation—the life of a priest. Joseph became Father Damien...