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Gardens of the Righteous

di Muhammad Zafrulla Khan

A collection of Muslim traditions.

Elusive Justice: Wrestling with Difference and Educational Equity in Everyday Practice

di Thea Renda Abu El-Haj

Elusive Justice addresses how educators think about and act upon, differences in schools - be they based on race, gender, class, or disability - and how discourse and practice about such differences are intimately...

Practical Pneumatics

di Chris Stacey

Pneumatic power is ideal for the ever increasing range of 'light' applications in which a cheap, clean, adaptable source of power is needed. Used in conjunction with microprocessor control it forms the basis...

Fixing Families: Parents, Power, and the Child Welfare System

di Jennifer A. Reich

In Fixing Families, Jennifer Reich takes us inside Child Protective Services for an in-depth look at the entire organization. Following families from the beginning of a case to its discharge, Reich shows how...

Race Gender and the Politics of Skin Tone

di Margaret L. Hunter

Race, Gender, and the Politics of Skin Tone tackles the hidden yet painful issue of colorism in the African American and Mexican American communities. Beginning with a historical discussion of slavery and colonization...

Pledging Allegiance: Learning Nationalism at the El Paso-Juarez Border

di Susan J. Rippberger & Kathleen A. Staudt

Offering a critical ethnography of education at the U.S.-Mexico border, Pledging Allegiance explores how public schools teach cultural and national values explicitly and implicitly. Susan J. Rippberger and Kathleen...

Final Cut Pro 5 Editing Essentials

di Tom Wolsky

Digital editing gives editors far greater freedom than ever before to move scenes of information around and place them anywhere in a film's sequence. Apple's Final Cut Pro is the most widely used Mac-based digital...

Toleration and Identity: Foundations in Early Modern Thought

di Ingrid Creppell

Recently, there has been a notable rise in interest in the idea of "toleration", a rise that Ingrid Creppell argues comes more from distressing political developments than positive ones, and almost all of them...

Final Cut Studio On the Spot

di Richard Harrington, Abba Shapiro & Robbie Carman

Packed with more than 500 techniques, this book delivers what you need to know-on the spot. It is suited to editors of all experience levels, whether you are:

* Migrating from another NLE

* Upgrading to Final...

Mainstreaming Midwives: The Politics of Change

di Robbie Davis-Floyd & Christine Barbara Johnson

Providing insights into midwifery, a team of reputable contributors describe the development of nurse- and direct-entry midwifery in the United States, including the creation of two new direct-entry certifications,...

Direct Your Own Damn Movie!

di Lloyd Kaufman

Film is a visual medium, the work of Eric Rohmer and Kevin Smith notwithstanding. It is important for a director and cinemtographer to use their VISUAL EYES in order to VISUALIZE how to make their movie most...

Managing Marital Disputes in Malaysia: Islamic Mediators and Conflict Resolution in the Syariah Courts

di Sven Cederoth Cederroth & Sharifa Zaleha Syed Hassan

A trend found in many Islamic societies in recent years has been the increasing regulation of family life by Islamic law and a corresponding move away from customary law and informal conflict resolution procedures....

Folk Music: The Basics

di Ronald Cohen

Folk Music: The Basics gives a brief introduction to British and American folk music. Drawing upon the most recent and relevant scholarship, it will focus on comparing and contrasting the historical nature of...

The Language of Cells: A Doctor and His Patients

di Spencer Nadler

As a surgical pathologist for more than twenty-five years, Spencer Nadler was not content with the distance between his lab and the patient. Meeting with those whose diseased cells he has diagnosed, he offers...

Me, Myself, and I Am: A Unique Question and Answer Book: The Story of You and God

di Matthew Peters, Elisa Stanford & Multnomah Books

It’s All About You.

Open this book to any page and take a new look at you, where you’ve been on your spiritual journey, and where you’re going. Out loud, in private, in order, or backwards all the way,...

Filming the Fantastic: A Guide to Visual Effects Cinematography

di Mark Sawicki

Don't waste valuable time and budget fixing your footage in post! Shoot the effects you want effectively and creatively the first time.

This full-color step-by step guide to visual effects cinematography empowers...

Instant Encore DVD 1.5

di Douglas Spotted Eagle

Carefully detailed screen shots and step-by-step directions illustrate how to use Encore DVD software in a time-efficient way. Readers learn to harness the full scope of Encore DVD's functions, including importing...

The Business of Media Distribution: Monetizing Film, TV and Video Content in an Online World

di Jeff Ulin & Chris Simpson

Written by the insider who headed sales for Lucasfilm across distribution markets and managed the release of Star Wars Episode III, this is the first book to show how all related media distribution markets,...

Managing in the Media

di William Houseley, Tom Nicholls & Ron Southwell

Managing in the Media has been devised for a broad audience. It is based upon the perceived need for a text that amalgamates cultural theories, film and television analysis, management theories and media production...

The Technique of Film and Video Editing: History, Theory, and Practice

di Ken Dancyger

The Technique of Film & Video Editing provides a detailed, precise look at the artistic and aesthetic principles and practices of editing for both picture and sound. Analyses of photographs from dozens of classic...