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English and German Diction for Singers: A Comparative Approach

di Amanda Johnston

Often underestimated, lyric diction is a portal to powerful performance. It is through lyric diction that singers are able to communicate the wishes and desires of the poet, as well as the composer. Amanda Johnston...

The Snook Book: A Complete Anglers Guide

di Sargeant

The Snook Book is “must” reading for anyone who loves the pursuit of this unique sub-tropic species. Every aspect of Finding and catching big snook is covered, in every season and in all waters where snook...

Igniting Your Genius: The Startling Fusion of Creativity, Curiosity, Intellect, Passion, and Awe

di Curtiss DeMars-Johnson

Would you like to ignite the inquisitive nature of your students? Igniting You Genius is designed to help any learner explore creativity and imagination through original questions. By examining unconsciously...

Irish-English/English-Irish Easy Reference Dictionary

di The Educational Company of Ireland

This learner's dictionary guides students and other users through the intricacies of the Irish language.

Muleshoe and More: The Remarkable Stories Behind the Naming of Texas Towns

di Bill Bradfield & Clare Bradfield

You've always wondered about those peculiar and colorful town names. Now here comes the full and often remarkable explanantions. Perfect for new Texans, transplanted Texans, and history buffs, this book blends...

The Sages Speak: Rabbinic Wisdom and Jewish Values

di William B. Silverman

Organized by subject, this is a collection of teachings and quotations from the Talmud, the Bible, rabbinical commentaries, and ancient and modern religious and secular writings. Writers include Elie Wiesel,...

Major General Maurice Rose: World War II's Greatest Forgotten Commander

di Don R. Marsh, Stephen L. Ossad & Martin Blumenson

Major General Maurice Rose (1899-1945) is the highest-ranking American Jewish officer ever killed in battle, and the only individual casualty to spark a War Crimes Investigation. This book tells the dramatic...

Pain, Passion and Faith: Revisiting the Place of Charles Wesley in Early Methodism

di Joanna Cruickshank

Pain, Passion and Faith: Revisiting the Place of Charles Wesley in Early Methodism is a significant study of the 18th-century poet and preacher Charles Wesley. Wesley was an influential figure in 18th-century...

The Twilight Lords: Elizabeth I and the First Irish Holocaust

di Richard Berleth

A gripping chronicle of the ferocious twenty-year struggle between the English monarch and the feudal lords of Ireland.

Wireless Network Administration A Beginner's Guide

di Wale Soyinka

Learn the essentials of wireless networking

Configure, manage, and secure wireless networks using the step-by-step details in this practical resource. Wireless Network Administration: A Beginner's Guide shows...

Justinian: The Last Roman Emporer

di G. P. Baker

Infamous for corruption during his reign and for his marriage to the sexually voracious empress Theodora, Justinian lived in a remarkable age that saw the ascendancy of Constantinople and numerous wars around...

Spirited Men: Story, Soul and Substance

di Brian Doyle

This recollection of essays offers resurrections, restorations, reconsiderations, appreciations, enthusiasms, headlong solos, laughing prayers, imaginary meetings with most unusual and most interesting men.

Skills for Successful 21st Century School Leaders

di John R. Hoyle, Fenwick English & Betty Steffy

Skills for Successful 21st Century School Leaders provides a complete overview of the knowledge base and skills for successful school leaders. The publication is based on the standards developed by AASA, ISLLC,...

Backroads of Texas: The Sites, Scenes, History, People, and Places Your Map Doesn't Tell You About

di Ed Syers & Larry Hodge

This fascinating travel companion covers more than 15,000 miles of Texas roads. You can experience 71 major tours and dozens of side trips through hundreds of towns all across the state. Each tour description...

The Human Tradition in the Old South

di James C. Klotter, Gary L. Hewitt & Peter Stern

In The Human Tradition in the Old South, Professor James C. Klotter has gathered twelve insightful essays that explore the region's past and ponder its place in the broader story of the nation. This highly readable...

Paul Robeson: A Life of Activism and Art

di Lindsey R. Swindall

Paul Robeson: A Life of Activism and Art is the biography of an African American icon and a demonstration of historian Lindsey R. Swindall's knack for thorough, detailed research and reflection.

Marshal Zhukov's Greatest Battles

di Georgi K. Zhukov

The World War II commander largely responsible for Russia's victories at Moscow, Stalingrad, Kursk, and Berlin-Marshal Georgi Zhukov-describes these epic conflicts in his own words.

The Metropolitan Opera on Record: A Discography of the Commercial Recordings

di Frederick P. Fellers

This is a discography of every commercial sound recording involving the Metropolitan Opera Chorus and Orchestra, including over 900 fully annotated entries listing more than 120 complete operas. It is arranged...

The Economic Process: An Instantaneous Non-Newtonian Picture

di Carmine Gorga

This book transports the reader from the world of mainstream economics, in which the object of observation is The Market (exchange), to a world in which the object of observation is the economic process. Both...

The Redfish Book: A Complete Anglers Guide

di Frank Sargeant

The Redfish Book is an essential part of the library of any sportsman who pursues channel bass throughout the southeast. Every aspect of finding and fooling giant reds is covered, with dozens of secret techniques...