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The Screenwriter's Sourcebook: A Comprehensive Marketing Guide for Screen and Television Writers

di Michael Haddad

Written for both new and experienced writers, this comprehensive marketing guide offers advice and tips needed by writers to succeed in the film and television industries. Focusing on the business of writing,...


di E. Bly Beamsderfer

Are you feeling discouraged in your walk with Jesus Christ or in your church life? Are the difficulties in your experience and the dysfunctions in church propelling you toward abandoning that which you once...

A Companion to the Works of J. M. Coetzee

di Tim Mehigan

J. M. Coetzee is perhaps the most critically acclaimed bestselling author of imaginative fiction writing in English today. He received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2003 and is the first writer to have been...

Post-Wall German Cinema and National History: Utopianism and Dissent

di Mary-Elizabeth O'Brien

Since unification, a radical shift has taken place in Germans' view of their country's immediate past, with 1989 replacing 1945 as the primary caesura. The cold-war division, the failed socialist state, the...

From Mahan to Pearl Harbor: The Imperial Japanese Navy and the United States

di Sadao Asada

major work by one of Japan's leading naval historians, this book traces Alfred Thayer Mahan's influence on Japan's rise as a sea power after the publication of his classic study, The Influence of Sea Power Upon...

The American Black Chamber

di Herbert O. Yardley

During the 1920s Herbert O. Yardley was chief of the first peacetime cryptanalytic organization in the United States, the ancestor of today's National Security Agency. Funded by the U.S. Army and the Department...

Little Red: Three Passionate Lives through the Sixties and Beyond

di Dina Hampton

The compelling, interwoven life stories of three remarkable schoolmates illuminate the rise, demise, and long-lasting impact of the radical political movements of the 1960s

Mary Martha's Really Truly Stories: Book 8

di Gwendolen Lampshire Hayden

"Is it a true story?" is the perennial query of children at their mother or father's knee. These well-told thrilling tales about real children by Mrs. Hayden will fascinate both young and old through the practical...

Mary Martha's Really Truly Stories: Book 6

di Gwendolen Lampshire Hayden

"Is it a true story?" is the perennial query of children at their mother or father's knee. These well-told thrilling tales about real children by Mrs. Hayden will fascinate both young and old through the practical...

Jimbo G. and the Jada Monkey

di Alex Miozzi

Jimbo G the beaver, famous world-wide actor, has been involved to look for the legendary Jada Monkey. An adventure that begins like an old style noir, between millennial arcane mysteries, stage fiction and pop-rock...

Mario Bava - Master of Horror

di Luigi Cozzi

Luigi Cozzi -the author of this book - had the pleasure to meet Mario Bava in the most fertile period of the latters extraordinary career in the movies: therefore, this volume offers an in-depth and very personal...


di Luigi Cozzi, Federico Patrizi & Antonio Tentori

Forty years ago, in the summer of 1974, Dario Argento directed his masterpiece DEEP RED, one of the most famous and admired thrillers ever made. This volume, edited by Luigi Cozzi, analyzes the genesis and the...

Radical Abundance: How a Revolution in Nanotechnology Will Change Civilization

di K. Eric Drexler

K. Eric Drexler is the founding father of nanotechnology—the science of engineering on a molecular level. In Radical Abundance, he shows how rapid scientific progress is about to change our world. Thanks to...

Obsessed: America's Food Addiction--and My Own

di Mika Brzezinski

Mika Brzezinski is at war against obesity. On Morning Joe, she is adamant about improving America’s eating habits. She believes it’s time we all learned to stop blaming ourselves, and each other, and look...

The Little Book of Dyslexia: Both Sides of the Classroom

di Joe Beech & Ian Gilbert

A book for teachers that shares Joe Beech’s story but, more importantly, is full of practical ideas that can be used by students with dyslexia and by teachers teaching children with dyslexia.The Little Book...

The Pink Whisk Brilliant Baking Step-By-Step Cake Making: All the Essential Techniques with Foolproof Recipes

di Ruth Clemens

Ruth Clemens, finalist on The Great British Bake Off, shows, through clear step-by-step photography, how to bake successfully, whatever the occasion.

Divided into three technique sections: Creaming Methods, Whisked...

Dream Wedding Photography

di Lorna Yabsley

Create stunning contemporary wedding photography

Dream Wedding Photography is a complete guide to producing stunning photographs of the perfect wedding. Packed with exciting and original images, it will inspire...

Stitch It for Spring: Seasonal Sewing Projects to Craft and Quilt

di Lynette Anderson

A gorgeous collection of Spring-themed quilting and stitching designs from top fabric designer Lynette Anderson, including table runners, wall hangings and larger quilts, as well as smaller, quick-to-stitch...

Interpreting the Old Testament: A Guide for Exegesis

di Craig C. Broyles

A guide to essential aspects of Old Testament exegesis.

Father You've Always Wanted, The: How God Heals Your Father Wounds

di Ed Tandy McGlasson

Pastor and fatherhood expert provides a path to healing for men and women by revealing God's promise that no matter what kind of dad we had, we can have the father we've always wanted through Jesus.