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Your Pregnancy Quick Guide: Women of Color

di Glade B. Curtis & Judith Schuler

By the best-selling authors of the Your Pregnancy series, medically sound and succinct information for the woman who needs detailed information on a specific concern

Trail of Feathers: Searching for Philip True

di Robert Rivard

When a reporter disappears in Huichol Indian territory in Mexico's forbidding Sierra Madre, newspaper editor Robert Rivard goes on his own long journey to discover what happened to him — and why.

The Fourth Horseman

di Robert Koenig

Modern germ warfare began in 1915 in the basement of a modest cottage six miles from the White House…

The First Year: Heart Disease: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed

di Lawrence D. Chilnick

By the co-creator of the New York Times-bestselling The Pill Book-key medical, diet, and lifestyle strategies for managing cardiovascular disease in the year post-diagnosis

Japan Rising: The Resurgence of Japanese Power and Purpose

di Kenneth Pyle

After more than a half century of withdrawal from international politics, Japan is back. What are the implications for the United States?

Billie Holiday: Wishing On The Moon

di Donald Clarke

Based on unrivaled access to archival interviews with those who knew her at every stage of her life, the most revealing biography of the incomparable Lady Day

We Survived: Fourteen Histories of the Hidden and Hunted in Nazi Germany

di Eric H. Boehm

First published in 1949 and now brought up-to-date, We Survived offers a dramatic and historical documentation of personal survival under the terror and persecution of the Third Reich

Divided Soul: The Life Of Marvin Gaye

di David Ritz

Named the #1 Rock Biography of All Time in The New Book of Rock Lists: "You won't find a more fascinating rock bio."-Village Voice

International Jobs: Where They Are, How to Get Them

di Nina Segal & Eric Kocher

The newest edition of a classic: the definitive guide to researching and launching an international career

All His Jazz: The Life and Death of Bob Fosse

di Martin Gottfried

"All His Jazz practically dances off the pages."Harper's Bazaar

Battle: A History Of Combat And Culture

di John A Lynn

A noted military historian offers a cultural approach to the history of warfare, insisting that we understand combat best when we study the beliefs, values, and expectations of the adversaries

Einstein, Picasso: Space, Time And The Beauty That Causes Havoc

di Arthur J. Miller

"Miller is an excellent historian...and a fine biographer.... [His] artful arrangement of his conclusions...makes the book something of an intellectual thriller."-New York Times Book Review.

Reading Comics: How Graphic Novels Work and What They Mean

di Douglas Wolk

The first serious, readable, provocative, canon-smashing book of comics theory and criticism by the leading critic in the field

NBA List Jam!: The Most Authoritative and Opinionated Rankings from Doug Collins, Bob Ryan, Peter Vecsey, Jeanie Bu

di Pat Williams & Michael Connelly

Featuring 150 entertaining and enlightening ranked lists covering the NBA past and present, and including 20 big-name guest lists.

The Motherland Calls: Britain's Black Servicemen & Women, 1939-45

di Stephen Bourne

During the Second World War, black volunteers from across the British Empire enthusiastically joined the armed forces and played their part in fighting Nazi Germany and its allies. In the air, sea and on land,...

The Fulham FC Miscellany

di Alex White

The Fulham FC Miscellany is a gem of a book, packed with facts, stats, trivia, stories and legend. This is the ultimate book of trivia on the club and a treasure trove of information that you can dip in and...

The QPR Miscellany

di Ash Rose

The QPR Miscellany is the definitive set text for every fan of the world famous Rangers. Packed with facts, fun, gossip, nostalgia and conjecture, it looks back over their glorious history to celebrate the personalities,...

All the Countries We've Ever Invaded

di Stuart Laycock

Out of 193 countries that are currently UN member states, we've invaded or fought conflicts in the territory of 171. That's not far off a massive, jaw-dropping 90 per cent. Not too many Britons know that we...

You Won't Believe It's Salt-Free: 125 Healthy Low-Sodium and No-Sodium Recipes Using Flavorful Spice Blends

di Robyn Webb

The ultimate cookbook for the 70 percent of Americans who need to follow a low sodium diet

The Resilient Child: Preparing Today's Youth for Tomorrow's World

di Joanne A. Joseph

If you try to identify the basic qualities of a child "most likely to succeed" as an adult, what words might first come to mind? Independent? Likable? Creative? Disciplined? According to Dr. Joanne Joseph, the...