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The Ashgate Research Companion to Thomas Hardy

di Rosemarie Morgan

Bringing together eminent Hardy scholars, The Ashgate Research Companion to Thomas Hardy offers an overview of Hardy scholarship and suggests new directions in Hardy studies. While several collections have surveyed...

Shakespeare and Venice

di Graham Holderness

Shakespeare and Venice is the first book length study to describe and chronicle the mythology of Venice that was formulated in the Middle Ages and has persisted in fiction and film to the present day. Graham...

The Shakespearean International Yearbook: Volume 10: Special section, The Achievement of Robert Weimann

di Graham Bradshaw & Tom Bishop

This issue marks the 10th anniversary of The Shakespearean International Yearbook. On this occasion, the special section celebrates the achievement of senior Shakespearean scholar Robert Weimann, whose work...

Victorians in the Mountains: Sinking the Sublime

di Ann C. Colley

In her compelling book, Ann C. Colley examines the shift away from the cult of the sublime that characterized the early part of the nineteenth century to the less reverential perspective from which the Victorians...

The Bellum Grammaticale and the Rise of European Literature

di Erik Butler

The now-forgotten genre of the bellum grammaticale flourished in the sixteenth- and seventeenth centuries as a means of satirizing outmoded cultural institutions and promoting new methods of instruction. In...

Theatre and Culture in Early Modern England, 1650-1737: From Leviathan to Licensing Act

di Catie Gill

Framed by the publication of Leviathan and the 1713 Licensing Act, this collection provides analysis of both canonical and non-canonical texts within the scope of an eighty-year period of theatre history, allowing...

Rhetorics of Bodily Disease and Health in Medieval and Early Modern England

di Jennifer C. Vaught

Susan Sontag in Illness as Metaphor and AIDS and Its Metaphors points to the vital connection between metaphors and bodily illnesses, though her analyses deal mainly with modern literary works. This collection...

Rabelais's Radical Farce: Late Medieval Comic Theater and Its Function in Rabelais

di E. Bruce Hayes

In the first extended investigation of the importance of dramatic farce in Rabelais studies, Bruce Hayes makes an important contribution to the understanding of the theater of farce and its literary possibilities....

Literary Theology by Women Writers of the Nineteenth Century

di Rebecca Styler

Examining popular fiction, life writing, poetry and political works, Rebecca Styler explores women's contributions to theology in the nineteenth century. Female writers, Styler argues, acted as amateur theologians...

Marianne Moore and the Cultures of Modernity

di Victoria Bazin

Victoria Bazin examines the poetry of Marianne Moore as it is shaped by and responsive to the experience of being a modern woman, of living in the aftermath of the First World War, of being interpellated as...

Learning to See Creatively

di Bryan Peterson

Almost everyone can “see” in the conventional sense, but developing photographic vision takes practice. Learning to See Creatively helps photographers visualize their work, and the world, in a whole new...

The Scary Screen: Media Anxiety in The Ring

di Kristen Lacefield

In 1991, the publication of Koji Suzuki's Ring, the first novel of a bestselling trilogy, inaugurated a tremendous outpouring of cultural production in Japan, Korea, and the United States. Just as the subject...

Milton among the Puritans: The Case for Historical Revisionism

di Catherine Gimelli Martin

Solidly grounded in Milton's prose works and the long history of Milton scholarship, Milton among the Puritans: The Case for Historical Revisionism challenges many received ideas about Milton's brand of Christianity,...

Picturing Scotland through the Waverley Novels: Walter Scott and the Origins of the Victorian Illustrated Novel

di Richard J. Hill

Innovative and accessibly written, Picturing Scotland examines the genesis and production of the first author-approved illustrations for Sir Walter' Scott's Waverley novels in Scotland. Consulting numerous neglected...

Adapting King Lear for the Stage

di Lynne Bradley

Questioning whether the impulse to adapt Shakespeare has changed over time, Lynne Bradley argues for restoring a sense of historicity to the study of adaptation. Bradley compares Nahum Tate's History of King...

Verse and Poetics in George Herbert and John Donne

di Frances Cruickshank

Innovative and highly readable, this study traces George Herbert's and John Donne's development of a distinct poetics through close readings of their poems, references to their letters, sermons, and prose treatises,...

Literatures of Exile in the English Revolution and its Aftermath, 1640-1690

di Philip Major & with a foreword by Lisa Jardine

Original and thought-provoking, this collection sheds new light on an important yet understudied feature of seventeenth-century England's political and cultural landscape: exile. Through an essentially literary...

Gender and Scientific Discourse in Early Modern Culture

di Kathleen P. Long

In the wake of new interest in alchemy as more significant than a bizarre aberration in rational Western European culture, this collection examines both alchemical and medical discourses in the larger context...

Translating Women in Early Modern England: Gender in the Elizabethan Versions of Boiardo, Ariosto and Tasso

di Selene Scarsi

Situating itself in a long tradition of studies of Anglo-Italian literary relations in the Renaissance, this book consists of an analysis of the representation of women in the extant Elizabethan translations...

Roxolana in European Literature, History and Culture

di Galina I. Yermolenko

This collection is the first book-length scholarly study of the pervasiveness and significance of Roxolana in the European imagination. Roxolana, or "Hurrem Sultan," was a sixteenth-century Ukrainian woman who...