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Lucky Girl

di Mei-Ling Hopgood

In a true story of family ties, journalist Mei-Ling Hopgood, one of the first wave of Asian adoptees to arrive in America, comes face to face with her past when her Chinese birth family suddenly requests a reunion...

Intelligent Leadership: What You Need to Know to Unlock Your Full Potential

di John Mattone

Because organizations will be asking more of their leaders-not less.

User's Guide to Sears List of Subject Headings

di Mohinder P. Satija & Dorothy Elizabeth Haynes

This book is a companion to the 19th edition of the Sears List and a complete course in the theory and practice of the List for practitioners, teachers, and learners. The object of this small, practical introduction...

How to Form Your Own California Corporation

di Anthony Mancuso

Start a nonprofit with the forms and information you need to give back to your community! Thousands of arts groups, educators, social-service agencies and others have used How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation...

California Landlord's Law Book, The: Evictions

di David Brown

Ready to evict a problem tenant? Use the definitive step-by-step guide to evictions in California Sooner or later, every landlord is faced with handling an eviction. Don't get caught spending thousands on attorney's...

Where's Harry?: Steve Stone Remembers 25 Years with Harry Caray

di Steve Stone

A friend of the legendary sportscaster for more than 20 years, Stone regales readers with hundreds of stories about the baseball icon.

Virginians at War: The Civil War Experiences of Seven Young Confederates

di John G. Selby

Virginians at War is the tale of seven Virginians who strongly supported the Confederacy from beginning to end. Their stories illustrate how devotion to the "cause" of independence, religious faith, family and...

Texas Towns: From Abner to Zipperlandville

di Don Blevins

In Texas Towns, author Don Blevins invites you to travel with him through the many unique towns of this grand state. This exciting guidebook describes countless current counties, routes, and landmarks as well...

Getting Your Groove Back: The Sassy Woman's Guide to Recharging Your Life

di Amy Hall

This book covers everything a woman needs to know in order to get her career, relationships, and sense of self back on track by standing up to the evil forces of numbness and mediocrity that have taken root!...

Girl Food: Cathy's Cookbook for the Well-Balanced Woman

di Cathy Guisewite & Barbara Albright

Here in one book, each woman will find a voice; each woman will find a recipe.

Cathy's fights with food are legendary. She battles the bag of chips, the last piece of cake, the chocolate that calls her name....

They Changed the Game: Sports Pioneers of the Twentieth Century

di Barry Wilner & Ken Rappoport

Throughout the twentieth century, athletic heroes have altered their respective sports with spectacular achievements, renewing their fans' confidence and surpassing their expectations with pioneering fearlessness,...

Tropical Whites: The Rise of the Tourist South in the Americas

di Catherine Cocks

Tropical Whites explains how the tropical beach resort came to symbolize the iconic vacation landscape. Catherine Cocks argues that the tourism industry romanticized and commodified tropical nature in the global...

Illuminate: Harnessing the Positive Power of Negative Thinking

di David M. Corbin

Learn to create a positive work environment by accentuating the positive and illuminating the negative

Illuminate argues that we can't create positive work environments without accepting the existence of the...

Aspect Patterns in Colour

di Joyce Susan Hopewell

First introduced in Bruno and Louise Huber's Aspect Pattern Astrology, aspect patterns provide a key to understanding our inner motivation. In Aspect Patterns in Colour, the individual aspect figures from that...

The Money Flow: How to Make Money Your Friend and All, Have a Great Life, and Improve the World

di Ana Weber & Shel Horowitz

The Money Flow explores our feelings about money, how most people allow money to enslave them either by craving it or fearing it, and how it's possible instead to make money a friend and ally: a partner in achieving...

The Perot Legacy: A New Political Path

di Pat Benjamin

In The Perot Legacy, political activist and Perot campaigner Pat Benjamin takes you inside Perot's campaign and tells the story of a citizen action movement that turned everyday folks into street fighters as...

The Secret of Success in the Christian Life

di Dwight L Moody

Success in the Christian life is found in one Person: the Holy Spirit. For many followers of Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit is a secret. Evangelist D. L. Moody calls Christians to tap into the power once...

Working With LLCs & FLPs: A Practitioner's Guide to Limited Liability Companies and Family Limited Partnerships

di ChFC® D. M. Thomas F. Commito

This book is the most comprehensive, easy-to-read discussion of LLCs and FLPs you'll find anywhere. This edition will help you effectively address the insurance needs of LLCs and FLPs--from estate planning and...

Random House Guide to Good Writing

di Mitchell Ivers

Clear, concise, effective, THE RANDOM HOUSE GUIDE TO GOOD WRITING is for anyone who wishes to communicate well in writing. Mitchell Ivers shows us how to master the medium and the message with an array of features:...

The Christian After Death

di R. E. Hough

Though dreaded, there is no topic which people are so reticent to speak about as death--and nothing in life which is more certain. Man cannot postpone what he ignores nor remove the terror from what he persists...