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Clergy Moms: A Survival Guide to Balancing Family and Congregation

di Allison M. Moore

Walking the tightrope of home and parish life for clergy parents is notoriously difficult in all the mainline Protestant denominations, but most books on ordination and vocation ignore the question of family...

Early Mexican Houses: A Book of Photographs and Measured Drawings

di George W. Rustay, G. Richard Garrison & David Gebhard

Here is a wonderful collection of houses from the days of Mexico's viceroys, presented in this handsomely illustrated book. Every aficionado of architecture or home design will find the patios, window designs,...

First Aid Q&A for the NBDE Part I

di Derek M. Steinbacher & Steven R. Sierakowski

Hundreds and hundreds of questions and answers to help you ace the NBDE Part I!

No other resource gives you the practice questions you need to prepare for the NBDE Part I like First Aid Q&A for the NBDE Part...

QuickBooks 2006: The Official Guide: The Official Guide

di Kathy Ivens

The only official guide to QuickBooks- the #1 small business management software

Fully reviewed and authorized by Intuit, this book shows you how to create a comprehensive small business financial management...


di Ruth E. Nemire & Karen L. Kier

The book every pharmacy student must own!

Pharmacy Student Survival Guide is a one-of-a-kind roadmap for excelling in pharmacy practice courses. A combination calculations, kinetics, drug information, medical...

The Hard Truth: Problems and Issues in Urban School Reform

di Sean Yisrael

The Hard Truth is a book written for principals and school administrators who want to implement effective change. The topics of the book candidly discuss the problems, people, and issues that get in the way...

The President and the Executive Branch: How Our Nation Is Governed

di Mark Thorburn

Learn about how the President is elected, what the Presidential duties are, and who runs the nation if the President gets sick.

The United States Constitution: Its History, Bill of Rights, and Amendments

di Karen Judson

Learn about the history and the events that led to first Constitution of the United States, and how it's been revised and amended since then.

The United States Congress and the Legislative Branch: How the Senate and House of Representatives Create Our Laws

di Tony Zurlo

Learn about the structure and responsibilities of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

The Supreme Court and the Judicial Branch: How the Federal Courts Interpret Our Laws

di PhD, Hamed Madani

Learn about the Supreme Court of the United States, the history of the federal judiciary, and its organizations and responsibilities.

The Security Agencies of the United States: How the CIA, FBI, NSA, and Homeland Security Keep Us Safe

Volunteering: A How-to Guide

di Audrey Borus

Are you interested in helping others, or are you looking for new ways to get involved in your school or community? VOLUNTEERING: A HOW-TO GUIDE is an easy-to-read introduction to the world of volunteering. Discover...

Using Technology: A How-to Guide

di Sherri Mabry Gordon

Technology is a big part of everyone's life. From cell phones to the Internet, Facebook. texting, and gaming, we're surrounded by it 24/7. In USING TECHNOLOGY: A HOW-TO GUIDE, author Sherri Mabry Gordon explores...

Getting Ready to Drive: A How-to Guide

di Eva Apelqvist

GETTING READY TO DRIVE: A HOW-TO GUIDE examines the particulars of being safe on the road. Includes taking your written and practical driving tests, getting your license, learning the rules of the road, and...

Friendship: A How-to Guide

di Jan Burns

From best friends to arguments, cliques, online friendships, and friendships between guys and girls, author Jan Burns explores the fun, crazy, and sometimes problematic world of dealing with friends in FRIENDSHIP:...

Dealing With Stress: A How-to Guide

di Lisa A. Wroble

Do you feel stressed out? Everyone does sometimes. School, extracurricular activites, and family obligations can take their toll on teens. But you can learn how to keep your life from overwhelming you. In DEALING...

Choosing a Community Service Career: A How-to Guide

di Amy Graham

Wondering about what career you might have in the future? Not sure where to get information on different jobs? This book can help you out. CHOOSING A COMMUNITY SERVICE CAREER: A HOW-TO GUIDE examines a variety...

Teacher's Guide to Effective Sentence Writing

di Bruce Saddler

This practical book provides explicit instructions for teaching sentence-level skills to students who have difficulties in this area. The author explains the key role of sentence combining in the writing process...

Handbook of Temperament

di Marcel Zentner & Rebecca L. Shiner

Timely and authoritative, this unique handbook explores the breadth of current knowledge on temperament, from foundational theory and research to clinical applications. Leaders in the field examine basic temperament...

New Strategies for Educational Fund Raising

di Michael J. Worth

In this sequel to his highly respected and practical 1993 book on fund raising, Worth and his group of authoritative contributors cover areas that did not even exist in this field in 1993, including the concepts...