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Be Joyful (Philippians): Even When Things Go Wrong, You Can Have Joy

di Warren W. W. Wiersbe

A user-friendly, verse-by-verse commentary on the book of Philippians by Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe.

Be Resolute (Daniel): Determining to Go God's Direction

di Warren W. W. Wiersbe

Lessons from the book of Daniel on a faith that will not wane—no matter what the circumstances.

And the Lamb Wins: Why the End of the World Is Really Good News

di Simon Ponsonby

And the Lamb Wins cuts through today's confusing messages to deliver a solid, Biblically-based guide to the end times.

Utmost Living: Creating and Savoring Your Best Life Now

di Tim Storey

Our promise: By the time you’re finished reading this book, you will be well on your way to true freedom–living your utmost life. So say good-bye to regrets and wishes. It’s time to start living your dreams....

The Scientific Basis of Child Custody Decisions

di Robert M. Galatzer-Levy, Louis Kraus & Jeanne Galatzer-Levy

The legal system requires mental health professionals to provide research summaries to support their evaluations in child custody cases. Contributions from leading developmental researchers, legal professionals,...

Timeless Needs, Eternal Hope: Let the Lives of Biblical Women Speak to Your Desperate Heart

di Wanda Luttrell

Biblical women weren't so different from us, and the lessons they learned, can change lives.

Be Complete (Colossians): Become the Whole Person God Intends You to Be

di Warren W. W. Wiersbe

In his commentary on Colossians, Warren W. Wiersbe demonstrates that we can only be complete in Christ.

Answers to Pastors' FAQs

di Howard F. F. Sugden & Warren W. W. Wiersbe

If you're a pastor—new or seasoned—don't go another day without this book. You'll thank the Lord you have it.

The Wiersbe Bible Study Series: Genesis 25-50: Exhibiting Real Faith in the Real World

di Warren W. W. Wiersbe

Based on the Be Authentic commentary, this study guide to Genesis 26-50 explores the lives of Isaac, Isaiah, and Joseph.

Be a Motivational Leader: Lasting Leadership Principles

di LeRoy Eims

Being an effective leader is not just about guiding people, but helping them catch a vision bigger than their own. This contemporary classic shares how you can encourage and inspire your team.

Messy Church Enhanced eBook: A Multigenerational Mission for God's Family

di Ross Parsley

We Are the Family of God. And Family Can Get Messy.  God wants His church to function as a family—a group of real people who love each other and care for one another’s needs, no matter how messy it gets....

Gotta Have It!: Freedom from Wanting Everything Right Here, Right Now

di Gregory L. L. Jantz

In Gotta Have It!, readers are invited to discover the truth about themselves that is hiding behind their secret desires. With real-life stories and guided sections for self-reflection, Gotta Have It will help...

Be Determined (Nehemiah): Standing Firm in the Face of Opposition

di Warren W. W. Wiersbe

From the story of Nehemiah in Be Determined, you can learn how to depend wholly on God to help you accomplish the work He has called you to do.

Be the Leader You Were Meant to Be: Lessons On Leadership from the Bible

di LeRoy Eims

Be The Leader You Were Meant To Be shares a profound truth: Leading is not about what you do, but who you are. This bestseller set the standard for faith-based leadership books. In this updated release, Eims...

Albion: The Origins of the English Imagination

di Peter Ackroyd

With his characteristic enthusiasm and erudition, Peter Ackroyd follows his acclaimed London: A Biography with an inspired look into the heart and the history of the English imagination. To tell the story of...

Beside Every Successful Man: A Woman's Guide to Having It All

di Megan Basham

“There is a reason this book is titled beside every successful man rather than behind him. It is about taking the best part of the progress women have made and combining it with age-old wisdom to create a...

Free Radicals: The Secret Anarchy of Science

di Michael Brooks

The thrilling exploration of the secret side of scientific discovery --proving that some rules were meant to be broken scientists have colluded in the most successful cover-up of modern times. They present themselves...

Charlatan: America's Most Dangerous Huckster, the Man Who Pursued Him, and the Age of Flimflam

di Pope Brock

In 1917, after years of selling worthless patent remedies throughout the Southeast, John R. Brinkley–America’s most brazen young con man–arrived in the tiny town of Milford, Kansas. He set up a medical...

Sixty Miles of Border: An American Lawman Battles Drugs on the Mexican Border

di Terry Kirkpatrick

The border between the United States and Mexico is a no-man’s land. Drugs, guns, and human beings are the cargo of choice in a multi-billion dollar illegal empire dominated by powerful cartels, murderous street...

Can't Buy Me Love: The Beatles, Britain, and America

di Jonathan Gould

Nearly twenty years in the making, Can’t Buy Me Love is a masterful work of group biography, cultural history, and musical criticism. That the Beatles were an unprecedented phenomenon is a given. In Can’t...