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Sierra North: Backcountry Trips in Californias Sierra Nevada

di Kathy Morey, Mike White & Stacey Corless

Now in its 9th edition, the completely updated and revised Sierra North showcases new trips and old favorites in regions such as Desolation Wilderness, Emigrant Wilderness, the proposed Castle Peak Wilderness,...

Hiking and Backpacking Big Sur

di Analise Elliot

This is the most detailed guide to hiking and backpacking in Big Sur. Explore the endless hiking and backpacking possibilities in 76 trips (plus numerous side trips) on the rugged coastline and isolated backcountry...

60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Sacramento: Including Auburn, Folsom, and Davis

di Jordan Summers

Carefully researched on foot, hiking enthusiast Jordan Summers introduces area residents and visitors to an array of the best day hikes from casual riverside nature hikes to rugged foothill treks within roughly...

The Japan Journals: 1947-2004

di Donald Richie & Leza Lowitz

"Wonderfully evocative and full of humor, but also honest, introspective, and often poignant."--The New York Times

Maurizio Cattelan: All: Kindle Edition

di Maurizio Cattelan & Nancy Spector

Hailed simultaneously as a provocateur, prankster and tragic poet of our times, Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan has created some of the most unforgettable images in recent contemporary art--most notoriously...

When You Have Outgrown Him: Whether to Stay or Go

di Kimberly Ventus-Darks

When You Have Outgrown Him deals head-on with a major relationship issue: women who outgrow their mates. Author Dr. Kimberly Ventus-Darks unravels this taboo subject and provides a clear guide to evaluating...

Mom Loves You Best: Forgiving and Forging Sibling Relationships

di Cathy Cress & Kali Cress Cress Peterson

The bonds between siblings are the longest connections in our lives, and sibling relationships are among the most enduring ones we’ll ever have. But for many this bond has not always been smooth — many of...

Invisible Scars: How to Stop, Change or End Psychological Abuse

di Catharine Dowda

Psychological abuse between couples consists of devious mind games — creating an environment of fear, weakening the partner’s defenses, damaging their self-esteem, causing someone to feel like he or she is...

In Cold Pursuit: My Hunt for Timothy Krajcir - The Notorious Serial Killer

di Paul Echols & Christine Byers

Rookie police officer Paul Echols didn’t know, on that cold April night, that twenty-three-year-old college coed Deborah Sheppard’ s unsolved murder would haunt him and lead him on a twenty-five year chase...

CodeNotes for VB.NET

di Gregory Brill

CodeNotes provides the most succinct, accurate, and speedy way for a developer to ramp up on a new technology or language. Unlike other programming books, CodeNotes drills down to the core aspects of a technology,...

Healing Suicidal Veterans: Recognizing, Supporting and Answering Their Pleas for Help

di Victor Montgomery III

Veterans are suffering a “mental breakdown” epidemic, often linked to post traumatic stress from the terrors of combat, traumatic brain injury, and drug and alcohol abuse. The problems triggered by an excessive...

The Good Enough Spouse: Resolve or Dissolve Conflicted Marriages

di William Ward

Do you and your spouse fight endlessly or are you both silent and distant? Reasons for marital strife are endless: changes in personality, boredom, alcohol, loneliness, money issues, midlife crisis and in some...

Flying Fear Free: 7 Steps to Relieving Air Travel Anxiety

di Sandra M. M. Pollino

Air travel sends all sorts of seemingly well adjusted peopled into panics. Will the plane catch fire? Will there be a terrorist strike? Will the pilot have a heart attack and the plane go down? Will the plane...

Hey, Back Off!: Tips for Stopping Teen Harassment

di Jennie Withers & Phyllis Hendrickson

Bullying among teens is epidemic. Many teens are harassed on a daily basis by mean text messages(cyber bullying), sexual harassment, teasing (verbal) , hitting or punching (physical) and some are guilty of harassment...

Run Jane Run

di Jane Wells

Jane Wells was trapped in a nightmare. The man she married was an abusive, philandering maniac. The courts knew this, but because of a Kentucky law that forbids pregnant women to divorce, she was forced to endure...

Troubling Dreams: Unlocking the Door to Self-Awareness

di Sadie E. E. Strick

A dream that terrifies is the internal gauge that should inform the dreamer serious problems exist. However, this kind of dream can serve as a teacher/guide, revealing to the dreamer anxiety filled areas in...

The Prospective Spouse Checklist: Evaluating Your Potential Partner

di Isabelle Fox & Robert M M Fox

The institution of marriage is under quiet, but relentless, attack. Divorce now destroys 50 percent of marriages. Isabelle and Robert Fox, seek to help men and women make more intelligent selections of their...

The Historic Unfulfilled Promise

di Howard Zinn & Mathew Rothschild

Zinn’s articles for The Progressive (1980–2009) offer timeless analysis and advocacy for freedom, democracy and social change in the US.

The Bomb

di Howard Zinn

Howard Zinn's personal, historical, and political views on the significance of the US bombings of Royan and Hiroshima.

A Power Governments Cannot Suppress

di Howard Zinn

Zinn's upbeat look at our political moment and inspiring flashes of democracy, resistance, and hope.