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Tempted, Tested, True: A Proven Path to Overcoming Soul-Robbing Choices

di Arnie Cole & Michael Ross

Back to the Bible leaders reveal a proven path to breaking free from what holds believers back, making lasting changes, and winning the battle against temptation.

Angry People: . . . and What We Can Learn from Them

di Warren W. Wiersbe

A respected Bible teacher uses the lives of Moses, Jesus, David, and others to show how to deal with anger. Living Lessons from God's Word series.

Real Peace: Freedom and Conscience in the Christian Life

di Warren W. Wiersbe

Can freedom really be achieved through submission? How does conscience guard freedom? Popular author Warren Wiersbe answers these questions and more.

Finding Hope When Life's Not Fair

di Lee Ezell

For everyone who has ever faced faith-shaking events, Lee Ezell chronicles her own journey through pain and loss to hope and reassurance.

Paul Meets Muhammad: A Christian-Muslim Debate on the Resurrection

di Michael R. Licona

A creative, out of the box approach to examining the validity of Christ's resurrection from the virtual perspectives of two religious heavyweights.

Object Lessons for Children

di Luther Cross

A collection of vivid object lessons for children's sermons, Sunday school, or homeschooling that will help the children in your life learn and remember important biblical truths.

Digital Logic Design

di Brian Holdsworth & Clive Woods

New, updated and expanded topics in the fourth edition include: EBCDIC, Grey code, practical applications of flip-flops, linear and shaft encoders, memory elements and FPGAs. The section on fault-finding has...

Air and Spaceborne Radar Systems: An Introduction

di Philippe Lacomme, Jean-Claude Marchais & Jean-Philippe Hardange

A practical tool on radar systems that will be of major help to technicians, student engineers and engineers working in industry and in radar research and development. The many users of radar as well as systems...

Host Integrity Monitoring Using Osiris and Samhain

di Brian Wotring

This book will walk the reader through the process of preparing and deploying open source host integrity monitoring software, specifically, Osiris and Samhain. From the configuration and installation to maintenance,...

Demystifying Mixed Signal Test Methods

di Mark Baker

Mixed Signal Test Methods Demystified is a less theoretical, less mathematical, and more applications-oriented approach than other books available on the topic. In effect, this book will give readers a "just...

Business Skills for Engineers and Technologists

di Harry Cather, Richard Douglas Morris & Joe Wilkinson

The scope of Business Skills for Engineers and Technologists is wider than many traditional business texts, including hot topics such as e-commerce, business ethics and law, as well as fully up-to-date coverage...

Interfacial and Confined Water

di Ivan Brovchenko & Alla Oleinikova

Water in the proximity of a surface (interfacial water) is abundant on the earth. It is involved in various physical and chemical processes and crucial for biological function. Despite numerous studies of interfacial...

Handbook of Latent Variable and Related Models

di Sik-Yum Lee

This Handbook covers latent variable models, which are a flexible class of models for modeling multivariate data to explore relationships among observed and latent variables.- Covers a wide class of important...

Sacrificing Soldiers on the National Mall

di Kristin Ann Hass

For the city's first two hundred years, the story told at Washington DC's symbolic center, the National Mall, was about triumphant American leaders. Since 1982, when the Vietnam Veterans Memorial was dedicated,...

Selling: It's Personal - 49 Tips to Outsell the Competition

di Don Saracen

National sales expert Don Saracen creator of "the People Proposition Process" provides 49 proven Tips to Out Sell the Competition for the New Economy. This professional sales how-to book gives you the reader,...

EKGs for the Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant

di PA-C Maureen Knechtel MPAS

It is vital for NPs and PAs to be highly skilled in EKG interpretation to correctly identify high-risk patients and to make appropriate clinical decisions. This reference book is the first to present a comprehensive,...

Civic Responsibility and Higher Education

di Thomas Ehrlich

More than a century ago, John Dewey challenged the education community to look to civic involvement for the betterment of both community and campus. Today, the challenge remains. In his landmark book, editor...

Colonial Mentality in Africa

di Nkuzi Michael Nnam

Intended for a broad audience, Colonial Mentality in Africa explores the lingering effects of colonization in present day Africa. Despite the independence of all African nations from their former colonizers...

Psychodynamic Supervision: Perspectives for the Supervisor and the Supervisee

di Martin H. Rock

Provides first-person, subjective accounts of the supervisory process from the viewpoint of both the supervisor and the supervisee.

The Road to Science Fiction: From Gilgamesh to Wells

di James Gunn

Now in Paper! The Road to Science Fiction is a six-volume anthology of science fiction that covers the development of science fiction from its earliest prototypes in the Sumerian Gilgamesh and the Greek epics...