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Drawn to New York: An Illustrated Chronicle of Three Decades in New York City

di Peter Kuper & Eric Drooker

A declaration of love to Peter Kuper’s adoptive city in which he has lived since 1977, this diary is a vibrant survey of New York City’s history. Through Kuper’s illustrations, this book depicts a climb...

Windows to the Womb: Revealing the Conscious Baby from Conception to Birth

di David Chamberlain

Windows to the Womb is an eloquent guide through the first nine months of life from conception to birth. In the past, the invisible physical processes of fetal development were mysterious and largely unexplainable,...

Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil

di Paul Levy & Catherine Austin Fitts

There is a contagious psychospiritual disease of the soul, a parasite of the mind, that is currently being acted out en masse on the world stage via a collective psychosis of titanic proportions. This mind-virus—which...

Cooperation and Collective Action: Archaeological Perspectives

di David M. Carballo

"[Cooperation research] is one of the busiest and most exciting areas of transdisciplinary science right now, linking evolution, ecology and social science. . . this is the first major work or collection to...

Came Men on Horses

di Stan Hoig

"Hoig tells this story with a sharp eye for human details--sometimes gruesome but nonetheless compelling details--that bring Coronado, Oñate, and other Spanish soldiers and priests alive in ways that I have...

Busting Out: Putting Your Best Breasts Forward

di Shirley Archer & Neryl Walker

Just in time for swimsuit season, Busting Out offers a revolutionary, all-natural program to enhance the breasts. No matter what the cup size (be it double-A or double-D) or shape (post-pregnancy or pre-bikini),...

Vintage Wedding Style: More than 25 Simple Projects and Endless Inspiration for Designing Your Big Day

di Elizabeth Demos

For every bride who dreams of making her special day exactly that—hers—this gorgeous book shows how to mix personal touches with vintage style for a truly meaningful celebration. From flea market chic to...

How to Run a Country: An Ancient Guide for Modern Leaders

di Quintus Tullius Cicero & Philip Freeman

Marcus Cicero, Rome's greatest statesman and orator, was elected to the Roman Republic's highest office at a time when his beloved country was threatened by power-hungry politicians, dire economic troubles,...

Provence for All Seasons

di Gordon Bitney

It's almost spring, and the Bitneys have returned for another season in Provence amid the olive trees, orchards and vineyards. With the renovations of their villa almost done, there is now time to learn more...

The Energy Reader

di Tom Butler, George Wuerthner & Daniel Lerch

The Energy Reader takes an unflinching look at the environmental devastation created by our thirst for energy—including supposedly “clean” renewable sources. From oil spills, nuclear accidents, and mountaintop-removal...

A Game for Life: Golf's Rules and Rewards

di Gene Westmoreland

In A Game for Life: Golf's Rules & Rewards, Gene Westmoreland imparts his wisdom and experience on how golf's treasures lie well beyond the score. In this collection of essays, Westmoreland enlivens the often-complex...

Celtic Myth & Magick: Harness the Power of the Gods & Goddesses

di Edain McCoy

Tap into the mythic power of the Celtic goddesses, gods, heroes, and heroines to aid your spiritual quests and magickal goals.

Human and divine energies complement each other; when joined, they become a potent...

Adventures of a Ghost Hunter: My Investigations Into the Darkness

di Adam Nori

Some people tell ghost stories. Adam Nori is living one.

A founding member of the Minnesota Paranormal Study Group, Adam Nori began investigating ghosts at ten years old. In Adventures of a Ghost Hunter, Nori...

Merry Meet Again: Lessons, Life & Love on the Path of a Wiccan High Priestess

di Deborah Lipp

Deborah Lipp's story is anything but ordinary. From her initiation as a third-degree Gardnerian high priestess to her marriage with celebrated Druid Isaac Bonewits to her adventures as the leader of a New York...

Your Psychic Self: A Quick and Easy Guide to Discovering Your Intuitive Talents

di Melissa Alvarez

Ever wondered if you were psychic? Your Psychic Self is designed to help you recognize your natural intuitive abilities and strengthen them to enhance your daily life.

In an easy, conversational tone, professional...

The Celtic Golden Dawn: An Original & Complete Curriculum of Druidical Study

di John Michael Greer

A century ago, groups decending from the famed Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn fused the occult lore of the Western magical tradition with the nature spirituality of the Druid Revival. They invoked Pagan Celtic...

Star Guide to Weddings: Your Horoscope for Living Happily Ever After

di April Elliott Kent

Do you want a "rock star" Leo marriage or an enduring Taurus union? Wedding planning mixes with astrology in Star Guide to Weddings — a cosmic cocktail of marriage insight based on the Sun sign of your wedding...

Plant Disturbance Ecology: The Process and the Response

di Edward A. Johnson & Kiyoko Miyanishi

The media coverage of natural disasters (hurricanes, fires, floods, ice storms, etc.) indicates the prevalence of natural disasters in most, if not all, ecosystems. In order for scientists to study, understand,...

Ecology and Classification of North American Freshwater Invertebrates

di James H. Thorp & Alan P. Covich

The First Edition of Ecology and Classification of North American Freshwater Invertebrates has been immensely popular with students and researchers interested in freshwater biology and ecology, limnology, environmental...

AIDS and Other Manifestations of HIV Infection

di Gary Wormser

Extensively revised and updated, the new edition of AIDS and Other Manifestations of HIV Infection is an essential reference resource providing a comprehensive overview of the biological properties of this etiologic...