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Language and Citizenship in Japan

di Nanette Gottlieb

The relationship between language and citizenship in Japan has traditionally been regarded as a fixed tripartite: 'Japanese citizenship' means 'Japanese ethnicity,' which in turn means 'Japanese as one's first...

Curriculum as Institution and Practice: Essays in the Deliberative Tradition

di William A. Reid

This volume brings together a collection of essays by William A. Reid that present and elaborate the deliberative tradition of curriculum theory, and examine the implications of a deliberative perspective for...

Principles and Practices of Performance Assessment

di Nidhi Khattri, Alison L. Reeve & Michael B. Kane

This volume explores the recent national trend toward adoption of performance assessments. Embraced at all levels of educational decision-making--state, district, school, and teacher--the shapes these assessments...

The Economics of Unemployment

di J. A. Hobson

First published in 1922, Hobson's study of the depression and resulting unemployment in the aftermath of the First World War is a far-sighted analysis which looks beyond the consequences of the war itself, at...

The Handbook of Work Analysis: Methods, Systems, Applications and Science of Work Measurement in Organizations

di Mark Alan Wilson, Jr., Winston Bennett & Shanan Gwaltney Gibson

This new handbook, with contributions from experts around the world, is the most comprehensive treatise on work design and job analysis practice and research in over 20 years. The handbook, dedicated to Sidney...

Adaptive Collaborative Approaches in Natural Resource Management

di Hemant R. Ojha, Andy Hall & Rasheed Sulaiman V

The purpose of this book is to showcase a range of approaches that consider learning and collaboration as central processes in agriculture and natural resources governance and management. These include four...

Communication in Eastern Europe: The Role of History, Culture, and Media in Contemporary Conflicts

di Fred L. Casmir

This volume represents a clear attempt to learn something from the events in Eastern European countries. It does not start with simplistic or old assumptions based on convenient Western communication models,...

Cognitive and Instructional Processes in History and the Social Sciences

di Mario Carretero & James F. Voss

This volume is a direct result of an international conference that brought together a number of scholars from Europe and the United States to discuss their ideas and research about cognitive and instructional...

Interaction of Media Cognition and Learning

di Gavriel Salomon

The educational use of television, film, and related media has increased significantly in recent years, but our fundamental understanding of how media communicate information and which instructional purposes...

Windows Onto Jewish Legal Culture: Fourteen Exploratory Essays

di Hanina Ben-Menahem, Arye Edrei & Neil S. Hecht

This book opens windows onto various aspects of Jewish legal culture. Rather than taking a structural approach, and attempting to circumscribe and define 'every' element of Jewish law, Windows onto Jewish Legal...

Careers without Borders

di Cristina Reis & Yehuda Baruch

Careers without Borders analyzes the challenges, debates and developments in global careers using a critical management perspective. Starting in the early nineties, the flow of information became more fluid,...

Goal-focused Coaching

di Yossi Ives & Elaine Cox

This book offers a comprehensive, practical guide to goal-focused coaching. Addressing a significant gap in the literature, Ives and Cox contextualize goal-focused coaching within the broader coaching framework...

AIDS: A Communication Perspective

di Timothy Edgar, Mary Anne Fitzpatrick & Vicki S. Freimuth

Prevention through appropriate behavior is the best weapon available to fight further spread of HIV infection. However, individuals take necessary actions to prevent diseases such as AIDS only when they are...

Teaching Thinking: An Agenda for the Twenty-First Century

di Cathy Collins & John N. Mangieri

Comprehensively addressing the development of thinking from a wide variety of perspectives, this volume presents original work from cognitive psychologists, curriculum specialists, federal government and business...

Water Policy, Tourism, and Recreation: Lessons from Australia

di Lin Crase & Suzanne O'Keefe

This book explores the complicated interrelationships between freshwater resources and tourism and recreation. The focus is on Australia, but comparisons with the experience of other countries are also made...

Ties That Blind in Canadian/American Relations: The Politics of News Discourse

di Richard L. Barton

This volume explores the political impact of journalistic discourse on international -- and especially Canadian/American -- relations. In so doing, it provides a comparative analysis of American and international...

Diaspora and Class Consciousness: Chinese Immigrant Workers in Multiracial Chicago

di Shanshan Lan

This book is an ethnographic study of the multi-linear process of racial knowledge formation among a relatively invisible population in the Chinese American community in Chicago, namely the working class. Shanshan...

Team Physician Manual: International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS)

di Lyle J. Micheli, Fabio Pigozzi & Kai-Ming Chan

The FIMS Team Physician Manual is the official sports medicine handbook of the International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS), the world's oldest sports medicine organization. Now in a fully revised and...

The Role of Science for Conservation

di Matthias Wolff & Mark Gardener

The book integrates the knowledge and reflections of 30 scientists, of which many have dedicated a substantial part of their professional life to the Galapagos archipelago, to the conservation of its biodiversity...

Effects of and Interventions for Childhood Trauma from Infancy Through Adolescence: Pain Unspeakable

di Sandra Hutchison

Successfully reach out and help children through the worst times of their young lives!

Effects of and Interventions for Childhood Trauma from Infancy Through Adolescence: Pain Unspeakable explores an array...