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Retreat Designs and Meditation Exercises: With Guidelines for Retreat Leaders and Covenant Groups

di Suzanne G. Farnham

Offers retreat guidelines and meditation exercises that will help individuals and communities integrate the practice of discernment into their daily lives.

A Working Manual for Altar Guilds: Third Edition

di Dorothy C. Diggs

Completely updated to reflect the sweeping changes in worship patterns which began with "The Liturgical Revival" and culminated in the adoption of the 1979 Book of Common Prayer.

What Makes Us Episcopalians?

di John E. Booty

A series of brief essays, ideal for study groups, that explores the history of the Episcopal Church and its four cornerstones: tradition, experience, reason, and scripture.

Historical Dictionary of Air Intelligence

di Glenmore S. Trenear-Harvey

The Historical Dictionary of Air Intelligence relates the evolving history of air intelligence through a list of abbreviations and acronyms, a chronology, an introductory essay, and cross-referenced dictionary...

Public Libraries and Resilient Cities

di Michael Dudley

In this important book, noted urban planner and librarian Dudley shows how public libraries can contribute to "placemaking," or the creation and nurturing of vital and unique communities for their residents....

Sex, Discrimination, and Violence: Surprising and Unpopular Results in Applied Ethics

di Stephen Kershnar

This book is about how the systematic application of some basic principles of applied ethics yields some surprising and very unpopular results. In particular, Kershnar investigate three areas: sex, discrimination,...

Broken Promises?: The Argentine Crisis and Argentine Democracy

di Edward Epstein & David Pion-Berlin

This collection examines Argentina's recent economic and political crisis by looking at the events leading up to the crisis, the reaction by both security forces and the people, and the relations between Argentina...

Branding the Teleself: Media Effects Discourse and the Changing Self

di Ernest A. Hakanen

An ongoing topic of debate in our times is how exactly the media affects the public. Hakanen analyzes that debate as it has developed in media effects research in order to reveal the changes from a modern to...

British Power and International Relations during the 1950s: A Tenable Position?

di Michael J. Turner

This is an integrated international history that pays special attention to Britain's role and status. It contributes to the ongoing debate about Britain's 'decline' as a great power, and suggests that despite...

Biblical Foundations of Spirituality: Touching a Finger to the Flame

di Barbara E. Bowe

Biblical Foundations of Spirituality offers seekers guidance on what to read, how to read, and why to read the Bible as a source of spiritual nourishment. Informed by the latest scholarship, this book makes...

Thirty years of electronic records

di Bruce I. Ambacher

In this collection of essays, twelve contributors, each of whom has been involved in NARA's development, discuss the application of archival theory and practice in the National Archives and Records Administration's...

Straight Talk for Principals

di Raymond Lemley

This guide addresses the ground level, more mundane issues that confound principals daily and offers simple yet provocative answers to the befuddling things that require the principal's attention and demand...

Disarmed: The Missing Movement for Gun Control in America: The Missing Movement for Gun Control in America

di Kristin A. Goss

More than any other advanced industrial democracy, the United States is besieged by firearms violence. Each year, some 30,000 people die by gunfire. Over the course of its history, the nation has witnessed the...

Ed Bacon: Planning, Politics, and the Building of Modern Philadelphia

di Gregory L. Heller & Alexander Garvin

Ed Bacon is the first biography of the innovative and controversial urban planner who transformed Philadelphia in the mid-twentieth century.

Takedown: Inside the Hunt for Al Qaeda

di Philip Mudd

Former CIA Deputy Director of Counterterrorism and FBI Senior Intelligence Adviser Philip Mudd recounts his involvement in the fight against Al Qaeda, revealing how intelligence analysts understand and evaluate...

The SlimPreneur: How To Lose Weight While You Make Money

di Janet K Fish & Loral Langemeier

As a result of the current economic conditions, more and more Americans are joining the ranks of the small business owner, seeking to start or grow their own business. Many of these new and existing entrepreneurs...

The Lemonade Stand Millionaire: A Parents' Guide to Encouraging the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Your Kids

di Gail Haynes

Today's society is plagued with debt. Our schools are not preparing us financially to enter the world of banks, bills, credit cards and mortgages. Families tend not to talk about the real issues of money and...

Spendthrift's Guide to Teaching ESL Abroad: The Complete Guide to Teaching English Abroad

di Benjamin Jelen

Spenthrift's Guide to Teaching ESL Abroad is the complete guide to landing your first job teaching English Abroad, and developing a true career out of Teaching ESL! This book covers the best ways to find your...

Kierkegaard's Writings, VI: Fear and Trembling/Repetition

di Søren Kierkegaard, Edna H. Hong & Howard V. Hong

Presented here in a new translation, with a historical introduction by the translators, Fear and Trembling and Repetition are the most poetic and personal of Søren Kierkegaard's pseudonymous writings. Published...

How to See Fairies: Discover your Psychic Powers in Six Weeks

di Ramsey Dukes

Ramsey Dukes unleashes his formidable expertise to create perhaps the most practical book ever written on developing psychic powers. Taking the form of a six-week course, Dukes' exercises lead the reader on...