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Promoting Cognitive Growth Over the Life Span

di Milton Schwebel, Nancy S. Fagley & Charles A. Maher

This book introduces special programs designed to enhance thinking and problem solving at the preschool, elementary, secondary, college, and graduate levels, as well as proven instructional methods to aid the...

Criteria for Competence: Controversies in the Conceptualization and Assessment of Children's Abilities

di Michael Chandler & Michael Chapman

One of developmental psychology's central concerns is the identification of specific "milestones" which indicate what children are typically capable of doing at different ages. Work of this kind has a substantial...

Philosophy and Connectionist Theory

di William Ramsey, David E. Rumelhart & Stephen P. Stich

The philosophy of cognitive science has recently become one of the most exciting and fastest growing domains of philosophical inquiry and analysis. Until the early 1980s, nearly all of the models developed treated...

Rational-Emotive Consultation in Applied Settings

di Raymond DiGiuseppe & Michael L. Bernard

For the past 20 years, rational-emotive therapy (RET) has been employed by consultants to help bring about changes not only in the way parents and teachers manage mental health and educational problems of school-age...

Theoretical Frameworks for Personal Relationships

di Ralph Erber & Robin Gilmour

The past two decades have seen a tremendous increase in research and scholarship devoted to personal relationships. From rather scattered beginnings a recognizable and recognized field has emerged, whose strength...

History and Directory: Society for Personality Assessment Fiftieth Anniversary

di Ann M. O'Roark & John E. Exner

This special fiftieth anniversary issue of the Journal of Personality Assessment provides special coverage of the Society for Personality Assessment and its history. The volume includes the 1989 Membership Directory...

Forensic Psychiatry, Race and Culture

di Dr Suman Fernando, Suman Fernando & David Ndegwa

Forensic psychiatry is the discipline which distinguishes the 'mad' from the 'bad', but are its values inherently racist? Why are individuals from non-Western backgrounds over-represented statistically in those...

Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Family Violence

di Renate C.A. Klein

This book presents a wide range of issues pertaining to conflict and violence in close, personal relationships. It crosses disciplinary and national boundaries by presenting the work of scholars in psychology,...

Analysing Identity: Cross-Cultural, Societal and Clinical Contexts

di Peter Weinreich & Wendy Saunderson

People's identities are addressed and brought into being by interaction with others. Identity processes encompass biographical experiences, historical eras and cultural norms in which the self's autonomy varies...

Sex Research and Sex Therapy: A Sociological Analysis of Masters and Johnson

di Ross Morrow

Gynaecologist William Howell Masters and psychologist Virginia Eshelman Johnson pioneered research into the nature of human sexual response and the diagnosis and treatment of sexual disorders and dysfunctions...

Depression as a Psychoanalytic Problem

di Paolo Azzone

Over the past few decades, psychoanalysis and dynamic psychiatry have been steadily stepping back from a key role in the understanding and treatment of depressive disorders. This book investigates the historical...

The Science of Superstition

di Bruce M. Hood

In The Science of Superstition, cognitive psychologist Bruce Hood examines the ways in which humans understand the supernatural, revealing what makes us believe in the unbelievable.

*Previously published as SuperSense...

On Freud's "Creative Writers and Day-dreaming"

di Servulo A. Figueira, Peter Fonagy & Ethel Spector Person

This is the fourth volume in the series Contemporary Freud: Turning Points and Critical Issues, published with the International Psychoanalytical Association. Each book in the series presents a classic essay...

On Freud's "A Child is Being Beaten"

di Ethel Spector Person

Presents a classic essay by Sigmund Freud, followed by discussions that set Freud's work in context and demonstrate its contemporary relevance. The contributors to this volume represent diverse perspectives...

The Still Small Voice: Psychoanalytic Reflections on Guilt and Conscience

di Donald L. Carveth

Whereas Freud himself viewed conscience as one of the functions of the superego, in The Still Small Voice: Psychoanalytic Reflections on Guilt and Conscience, Carveth argues that superego and conscience are...

On Freud's "Analysis Terminable and Interminable'

di Joseph Sandler

A discussion by several analysts on the length of treatment, based upon Freud's paper, which is also included. Contributors include Andre Green, Arnold Cooper and David Rosenfeld.

On Freud's "Observations On Transference-Love"

di Peter Fonagy, Aiban Hagelin & Ethel Spector Person

This is the third volume in the series Contemporary Freud: Turning Points and Critical Issues, published for the InternationalPsychoanalytical Association. Each volume presents a classic essay by Freud with...

Reshaping the Self: Reflections on Renewal Through Therapy

di Michael Eigen

Michael Eigen relates the stories of two patients reshaping their lives into something they could believe in, and examines the complex roles of the therapist and therapy, self/other and mind/body relations,...

Lifestyle Amnesia : The Brake Pedal to Mindfulness

di Dr. Bita


In this revelational book of self-discovery, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Bita introduces the concept of Lifestyle Amnesia, a state of mind and being that deprives one from experiencing beauty. According...

Helping Families to Change

di Virginia Satir, James Stachowiak & Harvey A. Taschman

With an emphasis on learning to change through other modalities than speech, this book discusses the importance of non-verbal body experience and awareness of kinetic cues in interpersonal relationships. A number...