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The Radical Question and A Radical Idea

di David Platt

Challenge the Status Quo                    


The Radical Question offers a compelling introduction to Radical’s challenge to the contemporary church. In this concise message, Platt asks,...

Finding a Job God's Way: Moving into the HOV Lane of Your Career

di David Rawles

Like having your personal career coach at your side . . .. What does the Bible have to say about job-hunting? Everything you'd ever want to know, contends David Rawles, whose CAREERWORKSHOPS, Inc., have encouraged...

God of Dirt: Mary Oliver and the Other Book of God

di Thomas W. Mann

In this engaging study, the author compares Mary Oliver's poetry and traditional religious language and provides a fresh perspective from which to enjoy her work.

The Jewish Phenomenon: Seven Keys to the Enduring Wealth of a People

di Steve Silbiger

With truly startling statistics and a wealth of anecdotes, Silbiger reveals the cultural principles that form the bedrock of Jewish success in America.

Discovering Girard

di Michael Kirwan

Discovering Girard is the first book to present Rene Girard's work in an accessible format. It explains and appraises Girard's mimetic theory, shows its impact on theology and other disciplines, and manages...

Feeding the Five Thousand: Studies in the Judaic Background of Mark 6:30-44 par. and John 6:1-15

di Roger David Aus

This book explores the many facets of early Palestinian Judaism which inform the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand. Aus describes motifs in the narrative, as well as the Markan and Johannine redaction,...

God and the Scientist: Exploring the Work of John Polkinghorne

di Fraser Watts & Christopher C. Knight

This book presents a celebration, survey and critique of the theological work of arguably the most important and most widely-read contributor to the modern dialogue between science and theology: John Polkinghorne....

A Test of Faith?: Religious Diversity and Accommodation in the European Workplace

di Katayoun Alidadi, Marie-Claire Foblets & Jogchum Vrielink

Issues of religious diversity in the workplace have become very topical and have been raised before domestic courts and the European Court of Human Rights. Examining the controversial and constantly evolving...

Dying to Self and Detachment

di James Kellenberger

Exploring the religious category of dying to self, this book aims to resolve contemporary issues that relate to detachment. Kellenberger explores the key issues that arise for detachment, including the place...

How Survivors of Abuse Relate to God: The Authentic Spirituality of the Annihilated Soul

di Susan Shooter

Grappling with theological issues raised by abuse, this book argues that the Church should be challenged, and ministered to, by survivors. Shooter brings the survivors' narratives into dialogue with the story...

Barth's Interpretation of the Virgin Birth: A Sign of Mystery

di Dustin Resch

This book offers a comprehensive account and analysis of Barth's interpretation of the doctrine of the virgin birth. Setting the doctrine in the context of the western Christian tradition, Resch examines it...

The Blessing of Waters and Epiphany: The Eastern Liturgical Tradition

di Nicholas E. Denysenko

This book examines the historical development of the blessing of waters and its theology in the East, with an emphasis on the Byzantine tradition. Exploring how Eastern Christians have sought these waters as...

The Art of Religion: Sforza Pallavicino and Art Theory in Bernini's Rome

di Maarten Delbeke

Bernini and Pallavicino, the artist and the Jesuit cardinal, are closely related figures at the papal courts of Urban VIII and Alexander VII, at which Bernini was the principal artist. The analysis of Pallavicino's...

Ranger Kids Handbook

di GPH Gospel Publishing House

Designed for boys and their parents. Provides uniform information and requirements and check-off lists for all Ranger Kids Advancement Trails and achievement awards. Also features a chapter summarizing the story...

A Guy's Journey to Manhood: Today's Boy, Tomorrow's Man

di Doug Marsh

American author and philosopher Henry David Thoreau wrote, "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation."  God placed with you the strength to make you come alive.  The world needs your contribution -...

Expedition Rangers Handbook

di GPH Gospel Publishing House

The Expedition Rangers Handbook provides a complete picture of the Expedition Rangers program, including advancements and uniforms. There are even pages that show how patches and pins are to be worn on the uniform....

Adventure Rangers Handbook

di GPH Gospel Publishing House

The Adventure Rangers Handbook provides a complete picture of the Adventure Rangers program, including advancements and uniforms. There are even pages that show how patches and pins are to be worn on the uniform....

Discovery Rangers Handbook

di GPH Gospel Publishing House

The Discovery Rangers Handbook provides a complete picture of the Discovery Rangers program, including advancements and uniforms. There are even pages that show how patches and pins are to be worn on the uniform....

On the Shoulders of Hobbits: The Road to Virtue with Tolkien and Lewis

di Louis Markos

Professor and author Louis Markos helps us rediscover the virtue of great storytelling and see that fantasy worlds like Tolkien's land of hobbits and wizards have the power to transform our reality.

Spiritual Theology: The Theology of Yesterday for Spiritual Help Today

di Diogenes Allen

The author turns to the great teachers of the past-Augustine, Maximus the Confessor, Bonaventure, Hugh of St. Victor, Calvin and Luther, George Herbert-to recover a spirituality that is rich with the doctrines...