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The Way Into Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World)

di Elliot N., PhD Dorff

An accessible introduction to the Jewish concept of our responsibility to care for others and repair the world. For everyone who wants to understand the meaning and significance of tikkun olam (repairing the...

The Jewish Journaling Book: How to Use Jewish Tradition to Write Your Life & Explore Your Soul

di Janet Ruth Falon

From the Kabbalist mystics who recorded their practices of reaching altered states of consciousness, to the more recent journals of those who lived during the Holocaust, to the spiritual precedent for Jewish...

Spiritual Community: The Power to Restore Hope, Commitment and Joy

di David A., PhD, Rabbi Teutsch

Belonging to a strong spiritual community-not just a collection of individuals but a dynamic, integrated congregation linked by commitment to a vision and sustained by friendship-is essential to our universal...

The Dance of the Dolphin: Finding Prayer, Perspective and Meaning in the Stories of Our Lives

di Karyn D. Kedar

Like the dolphin who exists in both water and air, so must we learn to live and thrive in two conflicting worlds-the rational, material, everyday craziness of life versus the still, spiritual soulfulness of...

The Self-Renewing Congregation: Organizational Strategies for Revitalizing Congregational Life

di Isa, PhD Aron & Ron, Dr. Wolfson

Combining expert advice and experience garnered from congregations throughout North America, The Self-Renewing Congregation shows us how transformative change is possible. A complete resource full of ideas,...

Broken Tablets: Restoring the Ten Commandments and Ourselves

di Rachel S. Mikva, Lawrence Kushner & Arnold Jacob Wolf

Twelve outstanding spiritual leaders from across the spectrum of Jewish thought bring us to the life and soul of the Ten Commandments' unusual power. In voices that are personal and diverse, they help us take...

Spiritual Activism: A Jewish Guide to Leadership and Repairing the World

di Avraham, Rabbi Weiss & Alan M. Dershowitz

With easy-to-follow steps, accessible explanations of the principles of spiritual activism and an exploration into the foundations of spiritual activism as rooted in the Torah, Rabbi Avi Weiss offers more than...

A Heart of Many Rooms: Celebrating the Many Voices Within Judaism

di David Hartman

With clarity, passion, and outstanding scholarship, David Hartman addresses the spiritual and theological questions that face all Jews and all people today. From the perspective of traditional Judaism, he helps...

The Way Into Encountering God In Judaism

di Neil Gillman

For everyone who wants to understand how Jews have encountered God throughout history and today, this book shows the way into an essential aspect of Judaism, and allows you to interact directly with the sacred...

Six Jewish Spiritual Paths: A Rationalist Looks at Spirituality

di Rifat, Rabbi Sonsino

Offers a candid, comprehensive discussion of the major paths to spirituality within the framework of Judaism, and the differing way each path can help us on our quest to nourish the soul and enlighten the mind....

The Women's Haftarah Commentary: New Insights from Women Rabbis on the 54 Weekly Haftarah Portions, the 5 Megillot & Special Shabbatot

di Elyse, Rabbi Goldstein

In this first-of-its-kind volume, more than eighty women rabbis from the Reform, Conservative, and Reconstructionist movements offer fresh perspectives on the beloved texts that make up the Haftarah-the Prophets...

How the Kingdom of God Is Manifested On the Earth

di Kenneth B. Alexander & Sherry Mobley

Jesus said: "Pray this Way... [the Father's Kingdom] come, His will be done, On earth as it is in heaven" (Matthew 6:10). Long have Christians struggled to do "good" so they could die and go to Heaven, thinking...

The Passivity of the Current Christian Church

di Kenneth B. Alexander & Sherrie Mobley

The time has come to call things as they are in the world of most of Christianity. Mainline Christianity and religion in general is missing the mark so far as God is concerned. Christian churches throughout...

An Unstoppable Force: Daring to Become the Church God Had in Mind

di Erwin Raphael McManus

Cited by Rick Warren and Leonard Sweet as a must-have addition to any church leader’s library, An Unstoppable Force embraces the beauty of change and growth in the life and history of the church. Leaders and...

Keys to Unlocking Your Destiny

di Aaron D. Lewis

You're too fat, too thin, too short, too tall, too white, or too black. You've heard it all your life... You're just not good enough! Break out of the mold that people's words have made for you, and journey...

Even with My Issues

di Wanda A., Dr. Turner

The enemy will try anything to prevent you from moving beyond your issues, just as he did with the woman with the issue of blood. This woman of determination, willing to fight her way through any obstacle standing...

Shine: Make Them Wonder What You've Got

di The Newsboys

See the Newsboys in a way you have never seen them before-not just as performers but as Christians. Rediscover the dynamics of a living faith!

The Secret Place

di Dale Fife

You desire to live in the presence of God, and you yearn to know the Father's heart in an intimate way. The Secret Place will draw you in and change your life!

A Divine Revelation of Angels

di Mary K. Baxter

Best-selling author Mary Baxter describes dreams, visions, and revelations of angels that God has given her.

Natural Religion and the Nature of Religion: The Legacy of Deism

di Peter Byrne

This study offers students of religion and philosophy introductory chapters concerning the concept of natural religion. It holds that we can't engage in useful discussion about the present concept of religion...