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Songs of Kabir: A 15th Century Sufi Literary Classic

di Kabir Kabir

The poet Kabir, one of the most intriguing and celebrated personalities in the history of Indian mysticism, lived in the fifteenth century. He was a great religious reformer and left behind an exquisite body...

Beginner's Guide to Mediumship: How to Contact Loved Ones Who Have Crossed Over

di Larry Dreller

For centuries, people have been fascinated by the power and secrets of mediums. And today, many are interested in making contact with the spirit world themselves--either to communicate with loved ones, heal...

What Is Occultism?

di Dion Fortune & Gareth Knight

Offers the reader an in-depth look at what occultism can be to the rational and well-trained practitioner. Fortune presents a clear discussion, sweeping aside our cultural assumptions and stereotypes. She is...

The Vision of the Nazarene

di Cyril Scott

Cyril Scott felt that if the Christian religion was to survive, its esoteric aspects must be presented to the reading public and not merely remain the knowledge of a select few. The Vision of the Nazarene reveals...

The Hieroglyphic Monad

di John Dee

Written in thirteen days in 1564 by the renowned Elizabethan magus, Dr. John Dee, The Hieroglyphic Monad explains his discovery of the monas, or unity, underlying the universe as expressed in a hieroglyph, or...

The Grimoire of Armadel

di S.L. Macgregor Mathers & William Keith

The Grimoire of Armadel is a do-it-yourself book of ceremonial magic. This edition was translated by Mathers from a seventeenth-century manuscript kept at the Bibliotheque d'Arsenal in Paris. The Grimoire contains...

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

di Mukunda Stiles

This is an English rendering of the classical text on yoga and meditations that maintains the poetic forms of the sutras. Patanjali is to Yoga what Buddha is to Buddhism. His sutras-scriptural narratives sometimes...


di Sean W. Watman

Synopsis: Jack is a normal teenager, but when a fight ends his life he is spared but must live on Tereer, a world filled with magic and wonder. He soon discovers that this new world is dangerous, even deadly....

A Lifetime of Love: How to Bring More Depth, Meaning and Intimacy Into Your Relationship

di Daphne Rose Kingma

A guidebook for continuing the journey of true love, featuring sixty-five "prescriptions" for lasting love. Whether you have just fallen in love ot are celebrating your silver anniversary, A Lifetime of Love...

365 Days of Love

di Daphne Rose Kingma

In 365 Days of Love, best-selling author Daphne Rose Kingma writes with startling insight and clarity on the meaning and magic of love, offering readers a welcome opportunity to reflect each day on the love...

Basic Buddhism: Exploring Buddhism and Zen

di Huai-Chin Nan

Nan Huai Chin, a learned representative of the Chinese Buddhist tradition, explores the many different schools of Buddhism and the many stories surrounding the life of Buddha. He explains various philosophical...

The Wicca Handbook

di Eileen Holland & Raymond Buckland

The Wicca Handbook is both a tutorial for new witches and an exceptionally well-organized reference book for experienced practitioners. It guides us through the first steps in becoming a witch and explores many...

The Little Book of Life After Death

di Gustav Theodor Fechner, Mary C. Wadsworth & William James

A lost classic found, a guidebook for life's biggest adventure--death!

Gustav Theodor Fechner was a 19th-century physicist, psychologist, metaphysicist, and musician, who applied his considerable intellect to...

The Key of Solomon the King: Clavicula Salomonis

di S.L. Macgregor Mathers & R.A. Gilbert

This most celebrated of all magical textbooks, believed to be written by King Solomon himself, details the processes for summoning and mastering the spirits. Demonstrates that the usual theoretical distinction...

Sefer Yetzirah: The Book of Creation in Theory and Practice

di Aryeh Kaplan

Now in its 7th printing since republication in 1997, the Sefer Yetzirah has established itself as a primary source for all serious students of Kabbalah. Rabbi Kaplan's translation of this oldest and most mysterious...

Path to the Soul

di Ashok Bedi

Path to the Soul provides an important evolutionary leap in the rapidly evolving understanding of our psychological and spiritual essence. Drawing from Hindu and Christian spiritual wisdom, biological medicine,...

The Fifth Dimension

di Vera Stanley Alder

Vera Stanley Alder invites readers to test meditation by choosing a subject they don't know and learning about it by using the exercises and meditations in the book. Explores the variety of claims made about...

Glastonbury: Avalon of the Heart

di Dion Fortune

A description of Glastonbury that remains one of the most evocative and poignant accounts of this wild yet holy place; a power center polarizing with distant Jerusalem and linking and harmonizing the Christian...

Mara Roams

di Aedon Young

Synopsis: Fourteen-year-old Mara dreams about what her future may hold. --- Life takes an unlikely turn when she has a bicycle accident and stumbles into an alternate dimension. She meets eighteen-year-old Battery,...

Tao-Te-Ching: With Summaries of the Writings Attributed to Huai-Nan-Tzu, Kuan-Yin-Tzu and Tung-Ku-Ching

di Derek Bryce & Leon Wieger

Translated by Derek Bryce from Lao-Tzu on Wieger's 1913 French rendition of his Les Peres du Syteme Taoist. This volume also contains Bryce's summaries of writings attributed to Huai-Nan-Tzu, Kuan-Yin-Tzu, and...