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New Orleans: A Food Biography

di Elizabeth M. Williams & Ken Albala

New Orleans’ celebrated status derives in large measure from its incredibly rich food culture, based mainly on Creole and Cajun traditions. At last, this world-class destination has its own food biography....

The Great CoMission: Making Sense of Making Disciples

di Brooks St. Clair Morton

This book presupposes that pastors and seminarians deeply desire to answer the question of all questions: how do I make disciples of Jesus Christ? The Great CoMission is a practical guide that will be helpful...

Mediating Cultures: Parenting in Intercultural Contexts

di Tina M. Harris, Alberto Gonzalez & Carlos Aleman

This book explores how parents make sense of, and respond to, differing cultural influences within their family. Chapters identify the communication strategies employed by the parents as they strive to create...

Fashion Brands: Branding Style from Armani to Zara

di Mark Tungate

Fashion Brands explores the popularization of fashion and explains how marketers and branding experts have turned clothes and accessories into objects of desire.

Engineers and Communities: Transforming Sanitation in Contemporary Brazil

di Earthea Nance

Engineers and Communities traces the evolution of a small but important innovation in Brazil from 1980 through 2005. Through a series of grand experiments with participatory water and sanitation, coalitions...

Persuasion and Compulsion in Democracy

di Jacquelyn Kegley & Krzyszof Piotr Skowronski

The book presents a variety of philosophical and socio-political perspectives related to the relationship between persuasion and compulsion in democracy. It meets the need of the present time, in America and...

A Localized Culture of Welfare: Entitlements, Stratification, and Identity in a Chinese Lineage Village

di Kwok-shing Chan

This book presents an ethnographic account of the significance of kinship in welfare matters in Chinese society. It will be a useful reference book and secondary text for anthropologists, sociologists and university...

Missionary Impositions: Conversion, Resistance, and Other Challenges to Objectivity in Religious Ethnography

di Hillary K. Crane & Deana Weibel

The essays composed in this book encompass ethnographic fieldwork in Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, and other populations, addressing such topics as the fluidity of the anthropologist's own religious identity,...

Simplicity: A Meta-Metaphysics

di Craig Dilworth

Simplicity provides a new logic with which to approach intellectual situations. Using the simplicity way of thinking as a tool helps clarify intellectual standpoints and conceptually problematic situations in...

Taiwan and the Rise of China: Cross-Strait Relations in the Twenty-first Century

di Chung-chian Teng, Baogang Guo & Peter K. H. Yu

Taiwan and the Rise of China examines one of the fast evolving, yet very volatile, fragile and asymmetric, bilateral relations in East Asia. The insightful analyses provided by the experts of China studies should...

Re-Imagining Development Communication in Africa

di Chuka Onwumechili & Ikechukwu S. Ndolo

This book takes a new look at development communication in Africa from the perspective of experienced scholars and practitioners. The book is organized into three sections or parts, the first focusing on the...

The Pedagogy of Pop: Theoretical and Practical Strategies for Success

di Denise F. Blum, Edward A. Janak & Yvette Benavides

This book is a tool for educators at all levels to embrace infusing popular culture into their teaching in ways that both embrace and resist contemporary thinking. Its chapters provide a range of theoretical...

Soviet Society in the Era of Late Socialism, 1964-1985

di Gulnaz Sharafutdinova, Neringa Klumbyte & Kate Brown

In Soviet Society in the Era of Late Socialism, 1964–85, Neringa Klumbyte and Gulnaz Sharafutdinova bring together scholarship examining the social and cultural life of the USSR and Eastern Europe from 1964...

The Microstates of Europe: Designer Nations in a Post-Modern World

di P. Christiaan Klieger

The seven microstates of Europe are remarkable not only for their size, but their persistence as well. It is a sociopolitical phenomenon that has rarely been addressed, but this book shows how it may have clues...

Bridging the Culture Gap: A Practical Guide to International Business Communication

di Penny Carte & Chris Fox

Bridging the Culture Gap is a practical guide to international business communication. The more national boundaries a company crosses, the greater the scope for misunderstanding and conflict, especially as globalization...

Teaching in an Age of Ideology

di John von Heyking, Lee Trepanier & Leah Bradshaw

This volume explores the role of some of the most prominent twentieth-century philosophers and political thinkers as teachers. It examines what obstacles they confronted as teachers and how they overcame them...

Social Phenomenology: Husserl, Intersubjectivity, and Collective Intentionality

di Eric S. Chelstrom

Social Phenomenology offers an account of collective intentionality informed by the tradition of Husserlian phenomenology. The account argues that if consciousness and intentionality are only intrinsic to individuals,...

Getting Past Capitalism: History, Vision, Hope

di Cynthia Kaufman

Getting Past Capitalism begins with a critique of the impacts of capitalism on human society and the environment. By taking a fresh look at what capitalism is and at how it is reproduced, it is able to offer...

Refiguring Melodrama in Film and Television: Captive Affects, Elastic Sufferings, Vicarious Objects

di Agustín| Zarzosa

Refiguring Melodrama in Film and Television: Captive Affects, Elastic Sufferings, Vicarious Objects, by Agustín Zarzosa, challenges the long-standing definition of melodrama as a cultural mode that anxiously...

Words for a Small Planet: Ecocritical Views

di Nanette Norris, Eduardo Barros-Grela & Annie M. Ingram

Scholars have begun critically assessing the relationship of modern environmental science, including the study of ecology, to the creation and study of art and culture. In this volume, the voices come from around...