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Più opzioni

Martin Eden

di Jack London

A semi-autobiographical novel, which Jack London wrote at the age of 33 at the height of his literary career. The story follows life of Marin Eden, an intelligent young man who becomes a writer through an intense...

Uncle Vanya: Scenes from country life

di Anton Chekhov

A masterpiece of modern drama, Uncle Vanya is one of the four major dramatic works by Anton Chekhov.

Sons and Lovers

di D.H. Lawrence

Sons and Lovers tells the story of Paul Morel, a young man and budding artist. A semi-autobiographical narrative, which Lawrence rewrote four times until he was finally happy with it. Now considered a masterpiece...

The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe

di Daniel Defoe

Set on a tropical island where Robinson Crusoe found himself after a terrible storm at sea, we follow his life and adventures far away from civilization. A novel which has inspired countless imitations and adaptations,...

The Grail, Arthur and his Knights: A Symbolic Jungian Reading

di Maria Zelia de Alvarenga

This book presents a broad and deep symbolic reading of the characters involved in the mythical Holy Grail. The author makes several correlations between symbolic readings of the text and the subjective nature...

The Complete Correspondence of Sigmund Freud and Karl Abraham 1907-1925

di Karl Abraham, Sigmund Freud & Ernst Falzeder

Karl Abraham was an important and influential early member of Freud's inner circle of trusted colleagues. As such, he played a significant part in the establishment of psychoanalysis as a recognised and respected...

Freud's Technique Papers: A Contemporary Perspective

di Steven J. Ellman

This landmark book is a brilliant commentary on Freud's psychoanalytic technique and how it is incorporated in contemporary clinical practice. Freud's basic technique papers are included, so that the reader...

Unrepresented States and the Construction of Meaning: Clinical and Theoretical Contributions

di Howard B. Levine, Gail S. Reed & Dominique Scarfone

In the last several decades, the analytic field has widened considerably in scope. The therapeutic task is now seen by an increasing number of analysts to require that patient and analyst work together to strengthen,...

Experiencing Endings and Beginnings

di Isca Salzberger-Wittenberg

Throughout life we undergo many changes in our circumstances, beginnings and endings of relationships, gains and losses. This book highlights the emotional turmoil which, to a greater or lesser extent, accompanies...

LIFE: Such As It Is

di Spring Wilde


In a collection of short stories composed of laments, commentaries, musings and rants, Life: Such As It Is looks with unbridled elucidation at a variety of topics. It cogitates society's newly found...

Utah's Stolen Treasures : The Ancients Are Crying

di Gene Covington


Utah's Stolen Treasures is a book that was inspired by three American Indian shields discovered by author Gene Covington's grandparents in Wayne County, Utah back in 1926.

Using the discovery of...

A Life in Orbit : A Biography in Verse

di Ken W. Simpson


In my first book of poetry and prose, The Learning Process, I explored many themes. For my second book, A Life in Orbit, I determined to try something novel and new: a biography in verse.

It was...

New Trends in Alzheimer Care : Finding the Spirit Within

di Beverly Moore


Since my book Matters of the Mind...and the Heart, the trend toward care of the person with Alzheimer's has shifted from mainly finding a cure to a focus on improving quality of life for both the...

A Spiral Way: How the Phonograph Changed Ethnography

di Erika Brady

The invention of the cylinder phonograph at the end of the nineteenth century opened up a new world for cultural research. Indeed, Edison's talking machine became one of the basic tools of anthropology. It not...

Perspectives on Cormac McCarthy

di Dianne C. Luce & Edwin T. Arnold

Originally published in 1993, this was the first volume of essays devoted to the works of Cormac McCarthy. Immediately it was recognized as a major contribution to studies of this acclaimed American author....

Praying the Gospel of John: An Illuminating Experience in the Word

di David Foster & Brett Burleson

These experiences in the Gospel of John will leave to a more intimate knowledge of Jesus and a deeper prayer life, offering surprising insights and unleashing the power of readers' faith.

Holiday Living: Using Year-Round Holidays to Build Faith and Family

di Brenda Poinsett

Covering nearly 20 holidays, Holiday Living offers easy, inexpensive, and enjoyable ideas to bring faith to the forefront of family celebrations.

The Moses Quilt

di Kathi Macias

The Moses Quilt bridges racial and generational divides as a young woman wrestles with difficult issues and finds answers from an unexpected source.

The Rosary for Episcopalians?Anglicans

Forever and Ever, Amen

di Liv Rancourt

Molly, a forty-something single mom, tangles with the wrong guy and gets a hell of a hickey. That blotch is really a demon's mark, and she'll have to face the three things that scare her most to get rid of it....