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Anti-Libertarianism: Markets, Philosophy and Myth

di Alan Haworth

Free marketeers claim that theirs is the only economic mechanism which respects and furthers human freedom. Socialism, they say, has been thoroughly discredited. Most libertarians treat the state in anything...

Genetic Counselling: Practice and Principles

di Angus Clarke

Contributions to this study are drawn both from health professionals engaged in genetic counselling and from observers and critics with backgrounds in law, philosophy, biology, and the social sciences. This...

Managing the Secondary School

di Mrs Joan Dean & Joan Dean

This new edition of Managing the Secondary School brings up to date the consideration of the talks and skills of the headtecher which was a feature of the first edition. The book deals with all aspects of the...

The Japanese and the Jesuits: Alessandro Valignano in Sixteenth Century Japan

di Mr J F Moran & J. F. Moran

The Japanese and the Jesuits examines the attempt by sixteenth century Jesuits to convert the Japanese to Christianity. Directing the Jesuits was the Italian Alessandro Valignano, whose own magisterial writings,...

Ethics, Reproduction and Genetic Control

di Ruth Chadwick

In this revised edition with a new preface from the editor, leading scientists explain the nature and goals of `test tube' reproduction and genetic engineering, and their eugenic implications. In contrast to...

Knowing the Difference: Feminist Perspectives in Epistemology

di Kathleen Lennon & Margaret Whitford

Including contributions from an international list of renowned authors, this text seeks to address the controversial issue of difference in feminist philosophy, using approaches from both analytic and continental...

Reading the Vampire

di Ken Gelder

Insatiable bloodlust, dangerous sexualities, the horror of the undead, uncharted Trannsylvanian wildernesses, and a morbid fascination with the `other': the legend of the vampire continues to haunt popular imagination....

Readings from Emile Durkheim

di Prof Kenneth Thompson

Emile Durkheim is regarded as a "founding father" of sociology, and is studied in all basic sociology courses. This handy textbook is a key collection of translations from Durkheim's major works.

Gender Planning and Development: Theory, Practice and Training

di Caroline Moser

Gender planning is not an end in itself but a means by which women, through a process of empowerment, can emancipate themselves. Ultimately, its success depends on the capacity of women's organizations to confront...

The Spenser Encyclopedia

di A.C. Hamilton

'This masterly work ought to be The Elizabethan Encyclopedia, and no less.' - Cahiers Elizabethains

Edmund Spenser remains one of Britain's most famous poets. With nearly 700 entries this Encyclopedia provides...

Ethics & Biotechnology

di Anthony Dyson & John Harris

The development of biotechnology has produced nothing short of a revolution, both in our capacity to manipulate living things from single plant cells to human nature itself, but also to manufacture brand new...

Managing Museums and Galleries

di Michael Fopp

The current economic climate, coupled with an all embracing desire for museums to be respondent to 'the market' make a proper grounding in management essential. The 'bottom line' is one of the most powerful...

Feminist Review: Issue 43: Issues for Feminism

di The Feminist Review Collective

In this issue each article addresses a topical and controversial theme in contemporary feminist debate: pornography, the veil, HRT, disability and the Inkatha Women's Brigade.

Feminist Review: Issue 44: Nationalisms and National Identities

di The Feminist Review Collective

Feminist Review is the UK's leading feminist journal. It has a unique place in the women's movement internationally. This issue focusing on Nationalism and National Identities features articles by Nahid Yegeneh...

The Political Thought of Karl Popper

di Jeremy Shearmur

The Political Thought of Karl Popper offers a controversial treatment of Popper's ideas about politics, informed by Shearmur's personal knowledge of Popper together with research on unpublished material in the...

Social Class in Modern Britain

di Gordon Marshall, Howard Newby & David Rose

The book incorporates three alternative conceptions of class. Erik Olin Wright's structural Marxist account is set alongside John Goldthorpe's occupational class schema, and the Registrar-General's prestige...

Archaeology and Language III: Artefacts, Languages and Texts

di Roger Blench & Matthew Spriggs

Archaeology and Language III interprets results from archaeological data in terms of language distribution and change, providing the tools for a radical rewriting of the conventional discourse of prehistory....

Psychology for Social Workers: Black Perspectives

di Lena Robinson

Psychology for Social Workers is designed to help qualifying and practising social workers to understand and counteract the impact of discrimination, work in an ethnically sensitive way and demonstrate an awareness...

Really Raising Standards: Cognitive Intervention and Academic Achievement

di Philip Adey, Dr Michael Shayer & MICHAEL Shayer

Written by experienced teachers and educational researchers Phillip Adey and Michael Shayer, Really Raising Standards analyses attempts to teach children to think more effectively and efficiently. Their practical...

Managing Water as an Economic Resource

di James Winpenny

Water, already a scarce resource, is treated as though it were plentiful and free. The task of supplying enough water of the required quality to growing populations is straining authorities and governments to...