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The Supreme Court and McCarthy-Era Repression: One Hundred Decisions

di Robert M. Lichtman

In this volume, attorney Robert M. Lichtman provides a comprehensive history of the U.S. Supreme Court's decisions in "Communist" cases during the McCarthy era. Lichtman shows the Court's vulnerability to public...

A Renegade Union: Interracial Organizing and Labor Radicalism

di Lisa Phillips

Dedicated to organizing workers from diverse racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds, many of whom were considered "unorganizable" by other unions, the progressive New York City-based labor union District...

Too Much Free Speech?

di Randall P. Bezanson

In Too Much Free Speech?, Randall P. Bezanson takes up an essential and timely inquiry into the Constitutional limits of the Supreme Court's power to create, interpret, and enforce one of the essential rights...

The Rise of the National Basketball Association

di David G. Surdam

Today's National Basketball Association commands millions of spectators worldwide, and its many franchises are worth hundreds of millions of dollars. But the league wasn't always so successful or glamorous:...

Nietzsche's Philosophical Context: An Intellectual Biography

di Thomas H. Brobjer

Friedrich Nietzsche was immensely influential and, counter to most expectations, also very well read. As scholars consider his place in European philosophy and assess how his ideas developed, much speculation...

Reversed Gaze: An African Ethnography of American Anthropology

di Mwenda Ntarangwi

Deftly illustrating how life circumstances can influence ethnographic fieldwork, Mwenda Ntarangwi focuses on his experiences as a Kenyan anthropology student and professional anthropologist practicing in the...

Community Service

di Vaughn R. Demont

Never forget what you are.

Broken Mirrors, Book 3

The King is dead, long live the King. And, uh, could you float him a couple bucks?

Life as the only human sorcerer isn't all it's cracked up to be for James Black,...

Dragon Storm

di Bianca D'Arc

Their love will span the ages...and two very different worlds.

Caught in a magical storm and deposited in modern-day Oregon, twin dragon princes Darius and Connor are looking for a way home. Instead they find...

Hotter than Texas

di Tina Leonard

Perfection takes time, but desire waits for no man. Or woman...

Pecan Creek, Book 1

With more than one skeleton rattling in her closet, Sugar Cassevechia hopes "The Most Honest Town in Texas" will be the perfect...

A Lover's Gift

di Lynn Michaels

Sometimes second chances can be murder...

Jack Draper is the last person Aubrey Nichols expects to pop back into her life. She doesn't need her heart broken again, especially by a desperate man holding a gun....

Memory Lane

di Vella Munn

One secret threatens everything she thought she knew. Another threatens her life...

When the museum in Kim Revis's small home town needs her expertise to design a security system against increasing thefts, she's...

Yellow Moon

di David Searls

When the moon rises, the monsters descend!

One day, thirty strangers arrived in the small town of Cleary, Ohio. And five boys vanished during a baseball game in the park. Bizarre tunnels have appeared under...

Hecate's Own

di Dana Marie Bell

When a wolf is hot for a witch, the sparks can be downright dangerous.

Heart's Desire, Book 2

Zachary Beckett has finally done something right. He saved his brother's life, and his reward is a ticket to Cleveland...


di Stuart Neville

Ireland 1963. As the Irish people prepare to welcome President John F. Kennedy to the land of his ancestors, a German national is murdered in a seaside guesthouse. Lieutenant Albert Ryan, Directorate of Intelligence,...

Why Is God So Mad at Me?: Dispelling the Lies Many People Believe

di Pat Schatzline

Pat Schatzline sets the record straight, introducing you to a God who accepts us, transforms us, renews us, and gives us a future filled with abundant blessing and opportunity.

Take Back The Night

di Candi Macalpine

“We have given over the nighttime to the enemy,” states Candi MacAlpine, author and intercessory prayer leader. “But I believe there are some roots we need to eradicate, and they are hidden in the night,”...

Edge Of Disaster: A Novel

di Lyle Way

Fueled by his hatred for the U.S., Iranian president Arasto Faridoon desires to resurrect the Persian Empire and rule the world. With the U.S. and their allies in his way, Faridoon devises a secretive plan to...

Holy Spirit Made Me Do It: A Christian's Guide to Spiritual Etiquette

di Laurie L Webb

Holy Spirit Made Me Do It is a how-to manual for living the Great Commission each day. Drawn from years of ministry and Bible study teaching.

Oops! Wrong Family

di Debi Toporoff

The personal story of author Debi Toporoff will help those dealing with the memory and pain of abuse, as well as those looking to understand what children suffering from abuse have experienced.

52 Little Parables From Ireland

di Sally Kennedy

An exciting new devotional concept...52 Little Parables from Ireland, by Sally Ireland Kennedy, is a unique weekly devotional with practical messages that will stir any reader to recognize and enjoy God's presence,...