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Family Wars: Stories and Insights from Famous Family Business Feuds

di Grant Gordon & Nigel Nicholson

A compelling and revealing account of what can happen when world-famous family businesses fall out. Family Wars draws lessons from disastrous conflicts within dynasties such as Gucci and Ford and provides practical...

Making Sense of Change Management: A Complete Guide to the Models Tools and Techniques of Organizational Change

di Esther Cameron & Mike Green

Making Sense of Change Management examines managing and leading change in an organization. It covers key scenarios, including business restructure, mergers and acquisitions, cultural change and IT-based process...

You Can Do It Too: The 20 Essential Things Every Budding Entrepreneur Should Know

di Rachel Bridge

You Can Do It Too brings together the collective wisdom of successful entrepreneurs in the form of 20 essential elements to focus on when starting up a business, illustrated by real-life entrepreneurial stories....

Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers

di Clive Marsh

Unique in its clarity and breadth of coverage, Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers explains the essentials of accounting and finance for managers and professionals from non-financial backgrounds....

BrandChild: Remarkable Insights into the Minds of Today's Global Kids and Their Relationship with Brands

di Martin Lindstrom

Packed with practical advice on how to create kids' brands, including more than 50 previously unpublished case studies, BRANDchild proposes innovative ways of marketing to this young audience.

How to Get Into Oxbridge: A Comprehensive Guide to Succeeding in Your Application Process

di Dr. Christopher See

How to Get Into Oxbridge is a comprehensive guide to the whole application procedure, covering the application timeline, college choice, personal statement writing and interview advice.

The Collected Short Stories of Louis L'Amour, Volume 1: Frontier Stories

di Louis L'Amour

With more than 120 titles still in print, Louis L'Amour is recognized the world over as one of the most prolific and popular American authors in history. Though he met with phenomenal success in every genre...

Building Your Business Through Export

di John Westwood

Building Your Business Through Export is a complete resource for new exporters as well as for those with more experience who are keen to develop their strategy.

Complaint Management Excellence: Creating Customer Loyalty through Service Recovery

di Sarah Cook

Complaint Management Excellence outlines the financial and reputational benefits to be gained from improving customer service levelsand enhancing products and services via an effective system for handling customer...

Becoming the Butlers

di Penny Jackson

When Rachel Harris's mother runs off to Spain with the super of their New York City apartment building, Rachel's life takes a bizarre turn. Her eccentric father becomes obsessed with George Vasquez, the man...

Ring The Bell: The Twenty-Two Greatest Penn State Football Victories Of Our Lives

di Ryan J. Murphy

With each win, the victory bell rings for Penn State football. Ring The Bell captures the 22 greatest victories of the past four decades--remembering the greatest players, reliving the greatest plays, recalling...

Blessed with a Burden

di Anthony Chandler

I discerned very early that Dr. Anthony Chandler possessed an unusual gift for transitioning traditional churches. The unique care of the people, while at the same time providing the necessary push to accept...

The Condesa of M.

di George Szanto

The Condesa of M. is a plot-twisting tale within a tale that explores Mexico's darker religious underworld.

Bee-lieve Me, God Has A Plan For You!

di Donna Riley & Shana Arnold

Little did Meems know that when she went on her camping trip, that she would get a visitor into her camp, a large black and yellow bee. At first, Meems just wants to get rid of the uninvited pest, but the next...

Middle Ear and Mastoid Microsurgery

di Mario Sanna & Hiroshi Sunose

Based on more than 30 years' experience and over 20,000 clinical cases, the second edition of Middle Ear and Mastoid Microsurgery presents detailed, step-by-step procedures for the full spectrum of otologic...

The Director's Handbook: Your Duties Responsibilities and Liabilities

di Institute of Directors

The Director's Handbook is a practical guide for board directors, other senior decision makers and company secretaries, covering pensions, pay, corporate governance, legal obligations, best boardroom practice...

My Reality Check Bounced!: The Gen-Y Guide to Cashing In On Your Real-World Dreams

di Jason Ryan Dorsey

It’s time to cash your reality check and re-create your life on your own terms.

In your twenties you expect to finally live life on your own terms. But it can seem like the world won’t cooperate. Roommates...

The Grocers: The Rise and Rise of Supermarket Chains

di Andrew Seth

This fully updated, third edition of The Grocers portrays the growth of some of the world's most successful supermarkets, and shows how they have each responded to the significant changes in the food retailing...

Cut Costs Not Corners: A Practical Guide to Staying Competitive and Improving Profits

di Colin Barrow

Cut Costs Not Corners will give the reader a clear understanding of costs and why they always have to be driven down if a business is to remain competitive and grow

About Us

di Chester Aaron

Try as we might to deny it, we are in part what our families have made us. Set under the shadows of the Great Depression and World War II, About Us follows Benny Kahn, youngest of a Jewish family living in rural...