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On Wings of Love

di Kim Watters

Ruth Fontaine's job is to deliver lifesaving organs to those urgently in need. But the gruff pilot of her charter plane has no kind words for her work. And then she discovers the heartbreaking reason why. Noah...

Pregnant Midwife: Father Needed

di Fiona McArthur

Rescue medic Angus Campbell meets every difficult situation head-on. But bonding with his newfound son will require more than his professional training--it will take his heart and his time. Angus's childhood...

Special Kind of Family

di Marion Lennox

Having recently accepted a new job and rejected a marriage proposal, Dr. Erin Carmody was already reeling. So, after crashing her car and staggering to the door of Dr. Dom Spencer, she barely knew which way...

Groom in Training

di Gail Gaymer Martin

A widow with a sad past, Steph Wright finds comfort in her faith and her adorable Border Collie, Fred. When scampering Fred becomes friendly with the neighbor's pedigreed Bouvier, Steph meets the very handsome...

Perfect Stranger

di Jenna Ryan

P.I. Damon Marlowe always found his man--or, in this case, his woman. Tracking down Darcy Nolan at his client's request was a piece of cake for the ex-cop. But there was something about this assignment that...

Dark Alliance

di Don Pendleton

From the lazy heat of Miami to the steamy Colombian jungles, Mack Bolan is on the trail of a missing American journalist. The woman was close to exposing the key players in a dangerous drug cartel, and Bolan...

Sexy Ms. Takes

di Jo Leigh

Starting off the New Year with a bang!

Ms. Cast: Actress Bella Lacarie is looking for her shot at stardom--but ends up nearly getting shot! Good thing Detective Delicious is there...especially once he pulls...

"A Vast and Fiendish Plot"

di Clint Johnson

New York City, November 25, 1864. Confederate officers attempt to destroy the city with a series of lethal fires that will forever diminish it to a mere speck of an island. What fueled these Southern patriots'...

Her Prince's Secret Son

di Linda Goodnight

Stepping into Prince Aleks's turreted castle is like going back in time. Five years ago he didn't tell Sara he was a prince, now he's wearing a crown!

Sara once loved Aleks with all her heart, and she feels like...

Valentine's Wish

di Betsy St. Amant

Unless youth pastor Andy Stewart finds a suitable wife fast, he'll lose his job. Yet the woman of his dreams is his best friend. And Lori Perkins is still smarting over a failed engagement, so he can't just...

Match Made in Texas

di Arlene James

Kaylie Chatam is a pediatric nurse--she cares for babies and children. But her new patient is a very handsome man. One with a harrowing secret. Why is Stephen Gallow recuperating from a serious injury at her...

Smokin' Six-Shooter

di B.J. Daniels

Russell Corbett was all cowboy and wasn't about to let a lady lasso him! But Dulcie Hughes had him tied up in knots from the moment she nearly collided with his combine. She rode into town with her fancy rental...

Rescued in a Wedding Dress

di Cara Colter

Charity worker Molly Michaels can't resist trying on a donated wedding dress. It's her dream to be a bride draped in satin and silk--but not for the zipper to get stuck moments before meeting her new boss!


Solemn Oath

di Hannah Alexander

Dr. Lukas Bower is the temporary director at Knolls Community Hospital, but he's a doctor first. As an E.R. surgeon he took a solemn oath to put his patients' needs ahead of anyone else's--his own, the insurance...

Magnate's Mistress...Accidentally Pregnant!

di Kimberly Lang

Ally Smith might have dumped her cheating fiancé, but she refuses to waste her nonrefundable honeymoon in the Caribbean!

Trying to embrace her freedom, Ally meets sexy stranger Chris Wells.... Not recognizing...

Pure Princess, Bartered Bride

di Caitlin Crews

As quiet and dangerous as a jungle cat, achieving the impossible is one of Luc Garnier's defining characteristics.

Princess Gabrielle is invaluable--a pearl beyond price. Yet Luc has defied the odds, and a contract...

Bought: The Greek's Baby

di Jennie Lucas

American beauty Eve Craig fell under the spell of powerful Talos Xenakis in a hot-blooded Athens encounter....

Three months later Eve has lost her innocence--and her memory!

But she has aroused Talos's desire...

Claimed: Secret Royal Son

di Marion Lennox

For just one night, sensible Lily McLachlan had thrown caution to the wind and fallen into Prince Alexandros's arms.

A year later, Alex wants to claim his secret royal son, and Lily's hand. Lily is faced with...

Lights, Camera...Kiss the Boss

di Nikki Logan

If hotshot TV producer Daniel Arnot nails this new show, a promotion's in the bag. He needs the X factor to smash the ratings, and she's just walked through the door....

Ava Lange is meant to be a gardener, not...

Daredevil Tycoon

di Barbara McMahon

A hot-air-balloon race with her daredevil boss!

What if...a conservative young woman is offered the challenge of a lifetime?

What if...she's paired with thrill-seeking sportsman Rafael Sandoval in a hot-air-balloon...