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di Mel Friesen

Adoptive parents share the difficulties, motivations, and blessings of adoption.

Firebird Sweet Canto Sybilla: Book 2

di Rachel V. Olivier

Nicole, guitarist for Canto Sybilla and a senior at University of Southport, can't seem to settle down and concentrate on anything - school, work, the band. She's restless and can't figure out why. It could...

Fanatical Betrayal

di KJ Hamilton

Callison Joseph is a thirty-year old web designer from Kentucky who migrated to Boston to escape her former life, which consisted of fanaticism and admiration of the world's most popular musical group, Forgotten...

The Complete Guide to Fujifilm's X-t1 Camera

di Tony Phillips

Love your new beautifull-designed wonder camera, but having a hard time configuring it or understanding all of its functions? Then this book is for you. Written for the advanced user (with tutorials and easy...

Taming the Bent Press: A Guide to the King of Lifts Digital

di Iron Tamer Dave Whitley

A complete guide to learning the bent press, the old school method for putting maximal weight overhead with one hand. Whether you are an experienced bent presser or brand new to it, this book has got you covered....

The Place of Handwriting In the Age of Pcs, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones

di Harrison Agosa

The book justifies the importance of handwriting in brain development. For this reason, handwriting as educational objective is more than a means of expression, notes taking, writing assignment, and writing...

20 Yummylicious Christmas Treat Recipes

di Charlene Little

These 20 Yummylicious Christmas Treats will have your guests in awe. These simple, delicious, elegant Christmas recipes will have you making them all year long.

Madmen Have No Ears

di J. Aldric Gaudet

Madmen Have No Ears is a fresh look at an old story beloved by millions. It is the story of Romeo and Juliet as Shakespeare presented it, written in prose form, using language adjusted for four hundred years...

Dead Aim

di Iris Johansen

The #1 New York Times bestselling author Iris Johansen returns with an electrifying and all-too-plausible thriller that pushes the level of suspense to the maximum and never lets up. From the tense opening scene...

Angel Kitty

di Kristal E. Lynn

It has been 12 years since the Hart family had a cat and they decided it was time to get another one. They went online and were attracted to the different types of tiger cats. They got together and made a list...

The Spirit of Fear

di Poetic Praize

The Spirit of Fear is a collection of poetry that showcases a journey of two young adult and the problems they face as they come together as one in Christ.

Responsibilities of Not for Profit Boards

di Ginette Johnstone

Learn about the roles and responsibilities of not-for-profit boards of directors. Easy and quick to read, this book will clarify the who what where and how of directorship for charity, commnunity, sports and...

The Secret Change: Escaping the Lies

di Allyson Emshaw

Sammy tries to stay safe as she searches for answers. With the police and Dr. Patel looking for her, she struggles with her pregnancy. The more the baby in her womb grows, the stronger her telepathic abilities...

Officers' Handbook

di United States Maritime Service

US Maritime Service Officers' Handbook originally published in 1944 detailing service etiquette and customs, commission requirements, rank insignia, uniform wear and care, decorations and regulations for their...

The Calling

di R. E. Kendall

Quinn McAlister woke up floating above her bed on her eighteenth birthday. For this shy introverted girl this is the worst thing that could ever happen. She learns that she is a "Miles Dei", a soldier of God...

Christian Letters

di Benny Tucker

Follow through the beginning with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. How God planned from the beginning the coming of Jesus to redeem the world of their sin. Looking deeper into some areas of science and scripture...

Us Awakening¿¿ Our Power ¿As One - A Shared Reality

di Benoit Le Chevallier

Human, I am, like you. I summarize in 9 steps the 9 major steps of my own self acceptance process. I believe that together we all go through an awakening, and that our individual awakenings lead to our awakening...

Duckie Happy, Duckie Sad.

di Charles Reeves-Thacker

There Is 1 Duckie! Duckie Will Feel All Sorts Of Feelings And Do All Sorts Of Stuff!

A First Course In Ethical Hacking

di Herman van Heerden

As a youngster, the romance of hacking took hold of my imagination.  Computers were always my passion, and the myth (legend?) of kids who moved a satellite by messing around were well known and the subject...

My Mom Is a Marine - (Girl)

di Clifford Chen

This book explains who Marines are and what they do. Simple yet accurate illustrations depict Marine Corps' custom and traditions and the wars Marines have fought through history. Pages show examples of the...