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The Horsemen of the Americas and the Literature They Inspired

di Edward Larocque Tinker

Wherever cattle have been raised on a large scale horsemen have been there to handle them; and wherever these horsemen have existed they have left an indelible mark upon the history of the land. Frequently they...

The Road to Spindletop: Economic Change in Texas, 1875-1901

di John Stricklin Spratt & Ed Bearden

"No previous study had attempted such an ambitious overview and synthesis of the events and movements which brought Texas to the threshold of the twentieth century."-West Texas Historical Association Year Book...

Medicine in Mexico: From Aztec Herbs to Betatrons

di Gordon Schendel & José|Bustamante, Migu Álvarez Amézquita

A witch doctor casting an evil spell in a steaming jungle village; a young medical-school graduate cleaning a machete wound in a rat-infested thatched hut; a world-renowned scientist doing research in Mexico...

History and Society in Central America

di Edelberto Torres Rivas, Douglass Sullivan-González & Victor Bulmer-Thomas

First published in Chile in 1969 as Interpretación del desarrollo social centroamericano, this classic is now available in English. The first attempt at an integrated analysis of modern Central America's socioeconomic...

The Regulatory Process: With Illustrations from Commercial Aviation

di Emmette S. Redford

The subject of regulation is one of the most vital and troublesome in our system of government. In this detailed study of early and mid-twentieth-century regulation of commercial aviation Emmette S. Redford...

Collected Stories

National Book Award for Fiction 1951

di William Faulkner

“I’m a failed poet. Maybe every novelist wants to write poetry first, finds he can’t and then tries the short story which is the most demanding form after poetry. And failing that, only then does he take...

Measuring Cuban Economic Performance

di Jorge F. Perez-Lopez

Analysts attempting to assess economic growth in revolutionary Cuba are faced with two formidable obstacles: (1) official macroeconomic indicators published by the government are scarce and sometimes inconsistent...

Impressions of the Big Thicket

di William A. Owens & Michael Frary

Before the establishment of the Big Thicket Nature Preserve, the Big Thicket of Texas became a symbol of nature's last stand against encroaching civilization. Here, in a mingling of ecological zones, come together...

The Bullet Meant for Me

di Jan Reid

On April 20, 1998, Jan Reid was shot during a robbery in Mexico City, where he had gone to watch his friend, the boxer Jesus Chavez, fight. In The Bullet Meant for Me, Reid powerfully recounts his ordeal, the...

Plantation Agriculture and Social Control in Northern Peru, 1875-1933

di Michael J. Gonzales

During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the social, economic, and political landscape of Peru was transformed profoundly. Within a decade of the country's disastrous defeat by Chile during...

The Unhappy Medium: Spiritualism and the Life of Margaret Fox

di Earl Wesley Fornell & Lowell Collins

"Here, Mr. Split-Foot, do as I do!" exclaimed the child, and the spirits obeyed her command. Thus, in 1848, thirteen-year-old Margaret Fox inaugurated the age of spiritualism. Those early spirit manifestations...

Judge and Jury in Imperial Brazil, 1808-1871: Social Control and Political Stability in the New State

di Thomas Flory

In nineteenth-century Brazil the power of the courts rivaled that of the central government, bringing to it during its first half century of independence a stability unique in Latin America. Thomas Flory analyzes...

Twelve Prophets of Aleijadinho

di Graciela Mann & Hans Mann

They stand on a hilltop in the mountains of Minas Gerais in Brazil-twelve dramatic figures, twelve Old Testament prophets soundlessly crying their warnings to mankind. There they have stood for over two centuries,...

Indian Tales of North America: An Anthology for the Adult Reader

di Tristam P. Coffin

This collection of folktales, originally published in 1961, presents stories from a wide range of North American indigenous peoples. The stories are grouped into three categories: "The Way the World Is," "What...

Institutional Adjustment: A Challenge to a Changing Economy

di Carey C. Thompson

This collection of essays presents a stimulating and challenging examination of the nature of institutional adjustment, its history and its future, its problems and its purposes. The focus is on the pioneer...

Marginal Workers, Marginal Jobs: The Underutilization of American Workers

di Teresa A. Sullivan

Unemployment levels have received a great deal of attention and discussion in recent years. However, another labor category-underemployment-has virtually been ignored. Underutilized or underemployed workers...

Requiem for a Nun

di William Faulkner

The sequel to Faulkner’s most sensational novel Sanctuary, was written twenty years later but takes up the story of Temple Drake eight years after the events related in Sanctuary. Temple is now married to...

Markets in Oaxaca

di Martin Diskin, Scott Cook & Sidney W. Mintz

Markets in Oaxaca is a study of the regional peasant marketing system in the Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico. It relates the marketing system to other aspects of the regional economy, to neighboring regions, and to...

Lord Byron's Cain: Twelve essays and a text with variants and annotations

di Truman Guy Steffan

Cain has been ranked as one of the two best dramatic poems written in England in the nineteenth century. Because of its religious heterodoxy, which veiled a political iconoclasm, and also because of Byron's...

The Individuality of Portugal: A Study in Historical-Political Geography

di Dan Stanislawski

Many map users have wondered why Portugal, sharing with Spain the Iberian Peninsula, ever became a separate nation. That question is answered with remarkable clarity by Dan Stanislawski. This book also presents...