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Physics and Biology: From Molecules to Life

di Jean Fran¿¿ois Allemand & Pierre Desbiolles

Do you often lose your keys? You will find in this book the best strategy to find them, or at least the one deduced from statistical physics. What is the link with biology? Some proteins use the same strategy...

An Exponential Function Approach to Parabolic Equations

di Chin-Yuan Lin

This volume is on initial-boundary value problems for parabolic partial differential equations of second order. It rewrites the problems as abstract Cauchy problems or evolution equations, and then solves them...

Evolution Equations with a Complex Spatial Variable

di Ciprian G Gal, Sorin G Gal & Jerome A Goldstein

This book investigates several classes of partial differential equations of real time variable and complex spatial variables, including the heat, Laplace, wave, telegraph, Burgers, Black–Merton–Scholes,...

Linear Algebra with Applications

di Roger Baker & Kenneth Kuttler

This book gives a self- contained treatment of linear algebra with many of its most important applications. It is very unusual if not unique in being an elementary book which does not neglect arbitrary fields...

Advanced Calculus

di Lynn Harold Loomis & Shlomo Sternberg

An authorised reissue of the long out of print classic textbook, Advanced Calculus by the late Dr Lynn Loomis and Dr Shlomo Sternberg both of Harvard University has been a revered but hard to find textbook for...

Inverse Problems: Tikhonov Theory and Algorithms

di Kazufumi Ito & Bangti Jin

Inverse problems arise in practical applications whenever one needs to deduce unknowns from observables. This monograph is a valuable contribution to the highly topical field of computational inverse problems....

Quantum Fractals: From Heisenberg's Uncertainty to Barnsley's Fractality

di Arkadiusz Jadczyk

Starting with numerical algorithms resulting in new kinds of amazing fractal patterns on the sphere, this book describes the theory underlying these phenomena and indicates possible future applications. The...

Peculiar Dynamics of Corruption: Religion, Gender, EU Membership, and Others

di Omer Gokcekus

Drawing from theories in economics, sociology, and psychology, Peculiar Dynamics of Corruption examines how gender, religion, culture, and history affect corruption. It asks and answers many questions such as,...

Syntheism - Creating God in the Internet Age

di Alexander Bard, Jan Soderqvist & John Wright

Internet as a religion – A thought-provocing analysis of our times and an inspiring insight into tomorrow.

Caillou Learns to Recycle: Ecology Club

di Eric Sévigny & Kim Thompson

The children at Caillou’s day care are curious about the new recycling bin—it has four openings, what are they for? Ms. Martin has an activity planned to demonstrate recycling plastic, glass, metal, and paper....

Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Compliance Management Cookbook

di Baumgarten Andreas & Isherwood Ronnie

Whether you are an IT manager, an administrator, or security professional who wants to learn how Microsoft Security Compliance Manager and Microsoft System Center can help fulfil compliance and security requirements,...

Learning AngularJS Animations

di Keller Richard

If you are a developer who is new to AngularJS or is experienced with the AngularJS framework, this book is intended for you. If you want to provide a better user experience on your web app, this book is also...

Untangle Network Security

di El-Bawab Abd El-Monem A.

If you are a security engineer or a system administrator and want to secure your server infrastructure with the feature-rich Untangle, this book is for you. For individuals who want to start their career in...

Proxmox High Availability

di Cheng Simon M.C.

If you want to know the secrets of virtualization and how to implement high availability on your services, this is the book for you. For those of you who are already using Proxmox, this book offers you the chance...

Maven Build Customization

di Anardu Lorenzo & Baldi Roberto

This book is for developers and delivery managers who have some experience with Maven and Java, but want to extend their knowledge to automate the building process, thereby reducing human errors.

Highcharts Essentials

di Shahid Bilal

If you are a web developer with a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and want to quickly get started with this web charting technology, this is the book for you. This book will also serve as an essential...

Lego Mindstorms EV3 Essentials

di Mujtaba Abid H.

If you are a robot enthusiast who wants to quickly get the most out of Lego Mindstorms EV3, this is the book for you. Prior programming experience is useful to get the most out of this book, but not necessary....

WCF Multi-layer Services Development with Entity Framework - Fourth Edition

di Liu Mike

If you are a C#, VB.NET, or C++ developer and want to get started with WCF and Entity Framework, then this book is for you. Competence in Entity Framework will be needed to follow the examples in the book, but...

PhoneGap and AngularJS for Cross-platform Development

di Liang Yuxian Eugene

This book is intended for people who are not familiar with AngularJS and who want to take their PhoneGap development skills further by developing apps using different JavaScript libraries. People with some knowledge...

Splunk Operational Intelligence Cookbook

di Diakun Josh & Johnson Paul R

This book is intended for users of all levels who are looking to leverage the Splunk Enterprise platform as a valuable operational intelligence tool. The recipes provided in this book will appeal to individuals...