3 Till Midnight

3 Till Midnight

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4,763 parole (≈ 19 minuti)

Thank you for downloading this eBook. This contains three short stories that I have written. I hope that you will enjoy reading these stories.

Each chapter is actually a different story. They are as follows:

June's Room - Told from a child's perspective and explores a child's fear of things that go bump in the night.

Smile - A story about a victim of life long bullying who finally gets the last laugh in the most dark way possible.

12:34 - Its 12:34, time to make a… (più)

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Lun 14 Mar 2011, 11:21:30 +0100

Wow... really tragical...
The end wasn't surprisingly, but I hope the last pages it wouldn't be like it came. Good story! Really appreciated!

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Lingua: Inglese

Scritto in: 2010

Pubblicato: 2010-05-23

Numero di parole: 4,763 parole (≈ 19 minuti)

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