Harry Potter and the Divine Plan

Harry Potter and the Divine Plan

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284,943 parole (≈ circa 19 ore)

It is said that there is a Plan governing the workings of the world. When one being throws the Plan into chaos, it falls upon Harry Potter to set things right, or allow the world to fall into darkness. H/Hr, AU after OotP. Rated for language and violence.

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Gio 23 Feb 2012, 19:45:48 +0100

Harry potter and the divine plan is the best best best best book i ever read it is epic i read it over and over again please continue the story it is truly the best book in the world!!:).

Mar 21 Feb 2012, 20:02:23 +0100

This is my favorite book ever. I have read it twice and now reading it again for a third time. In my opinion i think this book is better than the other harry potter books, it has so much more detail than the others. Also i would like to know what happened in the four years before harry become headmaster of the school. thanks a lot again for a fantastic book!!!!!

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Numero di parole: 284,943 parole (≈ circa 19 ore)

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