Justice League #11

Justice League #11

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7,044 parole (≈ 28 minuti)

Justice League: To See Tomorrow, Part Three (of Four).

Things are falling into place at a rapid pace now... for the villains! With the League stretched thin across the globe, friends come racing to the rescue and the action only heats up! Watch Hawkgirl lead the storming of the JL satellite; witness Superman confront Mon-El over his mysterious mission; and thrill to the throwdown between Wonder Woman and the Persuader, as the master villain behind it all draws closer to his goal! All this and more!

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Lingua: Inglese

Scritto in: 2008

Pubblicato: 2012-01-20

Numero di parole: 7,044 parole (≈ 28 minuti)

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Earth's Mightiest Heroes: The Justice League

This list contains all appearances of the Justice League in both the DC2/DC3/Elseworlds continuities.

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