The Day We Refused To Fight

The Day We Refused To Fight

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1,000 parole (≈ 4 minuti)

WAR! What is is good for? Absolutely nothing.

So when faced with yet another pointless conflict the junior ranks decide enough is enough.

All wars should be fought this way.

(Contains some swearing)

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SardoWeems (8 libri)
Sab 20 Dic 2014, 06:43:56 +0100

A mildly droll story of a British army in Afghanistan that up and decides to surrender to the enemy, rather than fight anymore. The kind of wishful thinking that goes on in foxholes.

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Lingua: Inglese

Scritto in: 2012

Pubblicato: 2012-03-13

Numero di parole: 1,000 parole (≈ 4 minuti)

Licenza: Attribuzione non derivativa (cc by-nd)

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Ray Daley was born in Coventry & still lives there. He served 6 yrs in the RAF as a clerk & spent most of his time in a Hobbit hole in High Wycombe. He is a published poet & has been writing stories since he was 10. His current dream is to eventually finish the Hitch Hikers fanfic novel he's been writing since 1986.



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