Growing Pains: New Pleasures X

Growing Pains: New Pleasures X

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14,725 parole (≈ circa un'ora)

This follows on directly from the previous chapters on Feedbooks; they are all around 10,000 words (an hour's reading) and are released on a weekly basis.

Andy and Sarah row, Rhea is plays a nasty trick on her brother and Grace has a good chat with her son. Meanwhile, Abi refuses to relent to Andy’s wishes and there is a familiar face amongst the new starters in the stripclub.

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Lingua: Inglese

Scritto in: 2012

Pubblicato: 2012-07-27

Numero di parole: 14,725 parole (≈ circa un'ora)

Licenza: Attribution non commerciale e derivativa (cc by-nc-nd)

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