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What are the consequences when an angel falls in love with a demon? Phaedra knows her place as an angel messenger in training. But when passion develops between Phaedra and Erebus - a demon prisoner under her watch - the angelic Council must decide their fate.

Awarded 3rd Place in the 2008 Gimme Credit Short Screenplay Competition for the script version of this story, 'Forbidden' is a tale taken from the 'From Elsewhere' collection - six short stories of unearthly visitors.

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Lingua: Inglese

Scritto in: 2012

Pubblicato: 2013-01-10

Numero di parole: 4,538 parole (≈ 18 minuti)

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Mark Knight grew up in Massachusetts, USA. Settling in the UK, Mark continued to write novels of differing genres, including horror and television scripts. Mark has scripted two horror scripts for Hollywood’s Little Slices of Death production company and one for Illusion Studios. He also won several short story competitions, and has had his work featured in published anthologies. Mark concentrates now on Young Adult urban fantasy novels.

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