The Mason Procedure

The Mason Procedure

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1,155 parole (≈ 5 minuti)

The conveyor belt of warm bodies brings a constant stream of eager new young volunteers to fill the dangerous jobs in space.

Every day is lived on the edge of danger and the slightest slip will find them in harms way.

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Lingua: Inglese

Scritto in: 2013

Pubblicato: 2013-03-01

Numero di parole: 1,155 parole (≈ 5 minuti)

Licenza: Attribuzione non derivativa (cc by-nd)

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Ray Daley was born in Coventry & still lives there. He served 6 yrs in the RAF as a clerk & spent most of his time in a Hobbit hole in High Wycombe. He is a published poet & has been writing stories since he was 10. His current dream is to eventually finish the Hitch Hikers fanfic novel he's been writing since 1986.

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