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Più opzioni

The truth about death.The truth about life

di Przemek Kowal

Two my author's essays, yeah a poem and an essay can: I wanted to include in it, most briefly, as it only possible; kind of essence: about the nitty-gritty of the life and the death.



Where Were You? (2010)

di Rob Walker

The latest in an ongoing series of notations concerning high-profile or otherwise notable deaths. Since 1992 have I recorded “where I was” when I learned about such passings, along with whatever thoughts...

Unnoticed Murderer

di Qanti Quoc

This book follows several views of different characters who sit in a old subway. The ride was very dull before someone dies during a malfunction. One after another, people continued to die. But no one knows...


di Benjamin Leach

Our heart beats only so many times in our life. This is the journey of one man's life.

Right Time to Die in Manhattan

di Holden Wilde

1,000 words of fiction on dilemmas when trying to die in Manhattan




di Cay Reet

A man bent on revenge at the end of his journey.

Lethal Knowledge (Excerpt)

di P.J. Lawton

Distracted by a murder charge lodged against his daughter Jacki, semi-retired P.I. Winston Simon never expected to again find himself face-to-face with the terrorist Atesh. Now his country’s new ambassador...

The Goodbye

di Jan Gordon

A story of love and life, of war and loss, and of longing and need. This short story is made up of sixteen drabbles. A drabble is a story written in exactly one hundred words, not including the title, and cannot...

Allan Rickman Will NOT Die

di Ray Daley

On a quest to assist a famous British actor into the afterlife but he won't go gently into that good night so what are the two Hollywood "Undertakers" to do? Read on and find out!

Vengance of Joe Public

di Jond

Joe has an issue to raise with his bank, but there is a little problem, in that Joe is dead. Now some would say that death rather inhibits one's capacity to make a complaint to your bank, or indeed to anyone....


di Susan Wells Bennett

Short, prize-winning personal essay about the death of my maternal grandfather.



Marketplace for Murder

di RoseMary McDaniel a.k.a. Amy Hayle

A vintage 1830s warehouse and store for goods shipped on the river, many retail businesses located there over the next 170 years. It was a silent sentinel to many changes, including betrayal, treachery, and...

Death by Chess

di Mendel Singer

This is a love story. It's not a story of boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Then boy and girl live happily ever after. No this is the story of a Ménage à trois, of two men, life-long bitter rivals...



Do Butterflies Bleed?

di Meryl McQueen

A short short about grandfathers, grandsons, and the beauty of a dignified death. Written in the form of a one-scene play.



The Immortal

di Koruna NicMox

A story of the forever dying immortal, as he attempts to gain reason, in the world.

A Taste of Life

di Trine Daely

A small sample collection of Life Games.

Eternity of Man

di A Group of Researchers - XKP

A philosophical discourse about the nature of eternity, and regarding man's true self (the soul) necessarily subsisting eternally. Compiler: A Group of Researchers - Institute of Islamic Studies (London) Publisher:...

Someone waited for me somewhere

di Christina

What is it ? Its my life. What ? Nothing, just my life I mean, part of it... I sure hope it is not over yet, Cause I love it you know!

What You Should Do Just before Death

di Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi - XKP

Death is a reality in which all human beings believe. However, it is also a reality which most of us like to keep out of our minds. In Islam, death is not an end to our existence; it is a passage, which takes...


di Ben Alvarado

Another short story.