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From Prophet to Printer

di Marvin McKenzie

The single most important document on the face of this planet is the Bible. It has been maligned and mistreated by commoner, kings and zealots but it has survived. What is more, it has survived, according to...

The (Recovered) StoryHouse Coffee Essays

di Michael Pollick

These microshort humor essays were originally commissioned to appear on the labels of gourmet roasted coffee bean cans. Instead, they remained tucked away for 10 years in the author's desk drawer. His instructions...

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Temmy & Venus, Episode 1 (Pilot)

di Jacquel Chrissy May

The beginning of the "Temmy & Venus" series. 12-year old Monica Bennett (a.k.a. Temmy) and her older brother, Bailey, try to survive living with their uncle and aunt, who dislike them. Temmy often dreams of...

Makebelieve Ballroom, And Other Love Poems

di Michael Pollick

"Makebelieve Ballroom, And Other Love Poems" is a collection of pieces specially selected by author and poet Michael Pollick. Each poem examines a different aspect of love, from first romance to lost love to...