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Più opzioni

Blue Beetle #1

di Chris Paugh

Blue Beetle, Issue 1 (of 4): Lessons of the Past. When archaeologist Daniel Garrett disappears in a recently discovered ancient city, it's up to his former student and friend Ted Kord to find him. But before...

Armageddon and Potato Chips

di William Hrdina

A dark comedy about the end of the world... and potato chips.

The Power of Love

di Alexandra

After his mother attempted to kill his dad, King Vixzeron, Prince Avalian grew to never trust a woman. Now he finds himself in an arranged marriage with a girl who isn't having success in getting pregnant with...



MAKE HER YOURS: A Mans Guide To Dating Women

di Nathan James

A short guide that provides five simple steps that will get her to notice you and win her heart. I must read for every guy that is finding themselves unlucky in love.



Rain Rain Once Again

di Vishnu

A story I wrote in 7th grade. The original was in Hindi but I translated it some years later.



Present Indian: Indian Citizenship, Indian Passport and Visa free travel

di Abhay Adil

This free ebook is a conversion of an article on Indian citizenship, Indian passport and visa free travel posted in “Present Indian” blog.

Jesus for Jews

di Duncan Heaster

Jesus for Jews considers orthodox Jewish objections to Christianity and provides Old Testament evidence that Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah of Israel

A Black Comedy

di nonjon

Disclaimer: This story is not mine. it belongs to nonjon. Check the author's website:



Closeness in Love

di Lovers in Training

Free ebook about closeness in love relationships. We enter into love relationships because we want to be close. Or so we say. Learn about a deeper understanding of closeness, different kinds of closeness, the...



Messages in Matthew: Volume I

di Marvin McKenzie

You will find here a collection of messages I have preached over the thirty years of ministry. Thirty three messages, taking us through chapter eight, are here committed.

Janice - Robot Maid

di Mike Deering

Lonely man buys female robot for 'personal' use, but she may have her own ideas.



The Science of Being Great



Messages in Matthew: Volume II

di Marvin McKenzie

You will find here a collection of messages I have preached over the thirty years of ministry. Volume two takes us through chapters nine to sixteen.

A Soul Winning Plan

di Dr. Roger Holmberg Pastor/Evangelist

A booklet on how to win soul to Christ.

The world’s most outstanding Lady: Fatima az-Zahra’

di Ayatullah Makarim Shirazi - XKP

The historical proceedings of the Prophet's (s) daughter Fatima Az Zahra, from childhood until marriage. Then an account of the sufferings and hardships after the martyrdom of the Holy Prophet (s), till the...

Narcissism Book of Quotes

di Sam Vaknin

The Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and relationships with abusive narcissists and psychopaths: the point of view and lessons of the victims.



The Tragedy of Macbeth, Part II: The Seed of Banquo

di Noah Lukeman

Ambition, intrigue, betrayal, murder. In 1610 The Tragedy of Macbeth was first performed . . . now 400 years later, the sequel. Ten years dead, Macbeth may lie in an uneasy grave, but the three witches who led...

Why Catholics Pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary, by Monsignor Canon Moyes, DD


A simple, clear explanation of the scriptural and traditional basis for asking for the prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and why it's no different than asking your family, friends or a congregation to do the...



The Stovepipe

di Bonnie Virag

Bonnie, age four, along with four of her siblings, was taken by force from her home in rural Canada and placed in the care of the Children's Aid Society. Over the next fourteen years, the children are split...

Car Accident Checklist

di Direct Paint & Collision

While you never know when you’ll end up in a car accident, it’s always important to be prepared. Americans, on average, end up in some type of motor vehicle related accident every seven years. It’s a scary...