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di Tara Loughead

Ministry intelligence suggests a Karshi raiding party has an interest in an ancient object on Skathi, a small moon of Saturn. Bulays and Ghaavn will need to learn how to fight flying aliens from the ground,...

Lead Valentines for Wang: A Dick Burns Minit Mrdr®

di William Garner & monkeyrotica

It's Othello in a kilt meets a sumo Farewell, My Lovely in this action-rimmed tale of jealously, retribution, and self-abuse.



The Chickasaw Gravelpacker: A Dick Burns Minit Mrdr®

di William Garner & monkeyrotica

A hermaphroditic Chinaman takes the Speaker of the House hostage in a hideously perverted plot to change his gender.



The Bank Job

di Vanity Fair

One of the biggest disconnects on Wall Street today is between the way Goldman Sachs sees itself (they’re the smartest) and the way everyone else sees Goldman (they’re the smartest, greediest, and most dangerous)....



Green Lantern #18

di Daniel Palmer

Green Lantern: Storm Warning. SPECIAL GREEN LANTERN CORPS: LIBERATION TIE-IN! See how Hal and his newly-minted sector partner, Hank Henshaw, play their part in turning the tide as the battle on Oa rages! Plus,...

Teen Titans #15

di Mark Bowers

Teen Titans: Titanic Days, Part 2. Roy Harper gets a glimpse of tomorrow's Titans... but, if the Fearsome Five have their way, that tomorrow will never come.


di John Smolens

"What if your dad killed JFK and you'd spent your adult life trying to pin the murder on him? That's the juicy premise here," and the underlying quest involving the assassin's son and sister "proves achingly...



Maximum Catwoman #5

di Jayson Morriseau-Lussier

Maximum Catwoman: That Cat Brought it Back, Part One: 'Rumble in Rio' Rio de Janeiro! Selina has taken her act on the road in an attempt to revitalize as the world renown thief she is known as... What will become...

Titans #3

di Boris Mihajlovic and Brian Burchette

Titans: Everything Old... After the startling discovery at the end of last issue, The Titans must face their past demons while still moving forward to stop a fiendish plot that involves old friends - and past...

Growing Pains: New Pleasures XVIII

di John D

This is the next part of my epic New Pleasures book with each chapter designed to be around an hour's reading Andy experiences an unbelievable blowjob while he also has a date with a girl from the football team,...



The Wisdom of Soul Winning

di Dr. Roger Holmberg Pastor/Evangelist

What the Bible says about soul winning




di Nancy Brauer

Strandline is a web serial and possibly a novel about the new teleporting subspecies Homo sapiens nictans. Why am I not sure if it’s a novel? Because I’m writing this sucker by the seat of my pants and looking...

The Necessity of Prayer

di E M Bounds

The Necessity of Prayer will help today's Christians to rediscover the power and blessings of prayers.



Deus Caritas Est

di Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI's first papal encyclical speaking of the love God has for us and the love that we must share with others.

The Dragon and the Virgin

The Rising: Fall of Hysteria

di Crystal Rodriguez

Three years after the Risers took over cities and people, the military has finally started to begin rebuilding after some of the infection seems to be controlled. But how controlled has it become? Tony, now...

Growing Pains: New Secrets VIII

di John D

This is the eighth part of nine of the New Secrets series. Rhea’s ulterior motives for being a referee become apparent, Andy spends some time with Scarlet and he gets a bit of help when doing a personal favour...



Turnscrew - a short story of DOOM

di Scott R Davis

It's been in my pocket the entire time. Lending me a comfort the origins of which I had temporarily forgotten. I remember it now, and slowly, I begin to realize I might live.




di Kristina Howells

This short story is about a young women who falls for a hoodie. Only to find that she was subjected to violence...



Watson's Finances

di Cress Roylott

A brief speculation on how Watson supported himself before he was a famous author.