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Più opzioni

Concentration And The Acquirement Of Personal Magnetism



The Hare In The Hat

di Pete Donald

Another great short story for the kids by Pete Donald.



The Hilarious Adventures of the Home Handyman

di Jerry Hibbs

The Hilarious Adventures of a Home Handyman is a comical, true to life, oops, we mean fictional, look at the ups and downs of home ownership. Follow the Home Handyman on his life changing and hilarious adventures...

Wish World

di Tom Lichtenberg

We all have dreams. We pray, we hope, we buy lottery tickets and wish on falling stars. We know this isn't the most practical way to get things done, but our hearts tell us a different story. We want to believe....

Contending For The Faith

di Marvin McKenzie

Four sermons from Jude.



It's The Content That Counts

di Marvin McKenzie

A message from 1 Chronicles 17. Meant to encourage during those times of trial.



The Voice Inside My Head

di Ray Daley

As the darkness of a dystopian night creeps in around you, you hear a mysterious voice, calling out to you. Could it be? Could it really be?


di John Benedict

ADRENALINE Murder is the ultimate rush When patients start dying unexpectedly in the O.R. at Mercy Hospital, anesthesiologist Doug Landry finds himself the focus of the blame. Is he really incompetent or is...

Letter from Freedom

di Roberta Grimes

Jack Richardson carries himself as though he owns the world. In reality, he is laying claim to an increasing portion of it. A thirty-six-year-old multibillionaire, he has purchased a tiny island, Atlantica,...

Trulah (Sample)

di Green Apples

This is a sample story. If you like it leave a comment and I will continue the story. It may have some errors and I am sorry, but it will be fixed in the final edition. This story was written by a 14 year old....

Brother's Keeper

di Mike Ramon

A short story. While searching for his wayward, addict brother, the narrator remembers how that brother was once a hero to him who showed great promise.

Sherlock and Moriarty Fanfiction

di Evanlyn R.

A short fan fiction about Sherlock holmes and moriarty, written in the view of Sherlock. This is one of my first stories in english. Critisism is welcome ;)

The Four Tales

di David Harding

Four tales of myth and legend in modern transcription for 21st century application and use.

The Face in the Pane

di RoseMary McDaniel a.k.a. Amy Hayle

What better way to spend an October evening than taking a class to make a do-it-yourself Halloween painting in a spooky old mansion, my friend Lucy insisted. I agreed to go along and found it wasn't just a painting...

Alban Forge. Viking

di Froggie

Viking invasion of Britain. The downfall of the Norse Gods

The Story of Baptist Diversity

di Marvin McKenzie

Why are there so many groups all calling themselves Baptists? Is this an indication of something wrong among them? Should we just ignore the differences for the sake of unity? What causes such diversity among...


di Andre Gal

“Peary”, is the tenth story in a series At the Crossroads. What you should do when a real nymph will come to your room at night? If you don't know, you could be in a big trouble...

Sugar the Robot and the race to save the Earth

di Ryan Cartwright

Imagine you are ten years old and love robots. You manage to fix the old toy robot your Grandad gave you only to find it is a lot more than just a robot. Tim and his friend Priya find themselves in a race to...

Breton Ridge

di G J Saunders

A tale of love and heartbreak played against the intrigue of a compelling mystery as young English woman Willow finally meets her destiny on a windswept New Zealand beach.




di Andre Gal

“Metamorphosis”, is the ninth short story in a series “At the Crossroads”. Story is about what can happen when you meet an ordinary country frog on your way and how careful must you be while dealing...